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  1. Deb I am so relieved you're back. You were missed. with much gratitude, Bob K. ps: i have a gift for you from Roger. lets talk.
  2. Very cool Steve!! As always, Thanks for sharing. Beautiful scans!
  3. WOWZA...!! very exciting times for zep mag fanatics like ME!! Fantastic!!
  4. thank you steve! very cool. this is rock spanish magazine has a cool jp cover this month too. bk
  5. hi deb, thinking about you out here in the wild west. i have a lot of catching up to do. i can hardly wait. xo bk
  6. looking for the date, location, and photographer contact info for this photograph:
  7. F A N T A S T I C . . .thank you
  8. Thank you Deborah J. for keeping this Led Zeppelin forum interesting and alive with positive energy!!
  9. Great show in Oakland, CA last night!! Thank you Mick for all these years of rockin & rollin.
  10. i"m looking and i love this thread. your efforts are greatly appreciated. warm regards, bk
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