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  1. You know, Not everyone is as big as a fan as most of you here. It's a shame to see the tickets goto waste, but lets face it.. it's their hard earned buck................... .. what the hell am I saying? OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!
  2. http://www.flickr.com/photos/21790793@N03/2106871042/ Is that drool? Hell yea!
  3. You have to take into consideration that many of these fans are kids/teens. They might have went, but they probably thought this was the 'greatest concert ever' because of one thing.. they're Led Zeppelin. They would probably still think it's the greatest show even if it was the worst.. but I can't give my opinion, as I didn't see it.
  4. There's just one little problem with what you said... Roger Waters wants to tour.
  5. I hardly doubt there is going to be a tour, just take a look at the Pink Floyd/Live 8 gig. They do one reunion, and all their naive fans just think they'll be back together to do a tour. Sorry, but it doesn't work that way.
  6. Hey, you're supposed to throw the ball back into the crowd! You don't keep it for yourself
  7. EDIT: Whoops, how in the world did I post that in this thread? Oh well, amazing pics! Awesome seats!
  8. Oh god, I hope not.. what a huge let down. If anyone is a fan as much as they pretend to be, they would all know that these rumors never come true. A perfect example is what you just mentioned, the Pink Floyd reunion. They do one gig, and they all think they'll do a tour cause of it..
  9. Don't see how it would be lame.. It's not like it'll be a sing-a-long with the bouncing ball on each word. If that were the case, then you would have a point. Besides, almost everyone forgets their own words to whatever they wrote. Even if they been doing it for years..
  10. It would have been nice to say "I might not have been there live in person, but at least I saw it live!" Except the fact that there is always the 5-30 minute delay I hope they put on one mean show, and all of the guests have a hell of a time!
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