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  1. Thanks for the welcome, guys.
  2. I believe I was listening to it with only one headphone on.
  3. The Lemmy and B.B. King tributes were really cool. Yay for Alabama Shakes and Ghost for the Grammys!
  4. Can't wait to see the old geezers for the first and last time next summer. I was supposed see Heaven and Hell in 2010, but that got cancelled due to Dio's (R.I.P.) health . Really psyched about Rival Sons as the supporting band, too.
  5. Guitar. I also play a bit of bass, drums, keyboards, harmonica and mandolin. I also sing a bit.
  6. I have the same one as you, but in the blonde finish. Really nice playing guitar and sounds great, especially the bridge pickup. The neck is a bit too thin for my hands, though. I'm thinking of selling it and getting a different tele. I'd like to keep the bridge pickup for myself, though, because I really like it.
  7. 1) Physical Graffiti 2) Led Zeppelin IV 3) Led Zeppelin II 4) Led Zeppelin 5) Houses of the Holy 6) Led Zeppelin III 7) Presence 8) In Through The Out Door 9) Coda
  8. In Stairway To Heaven at around 3:29 there is a muted note on the right side (electric) guitar.
  9. Hey, what's up. I'm Andy, an 18 year old from the cold north. Love Zeppelin, they're one of my personal Big 3. I also love playing guitar, Whole Lotta Love was one of the first riffs I learned. Anyway, this seems like a cool place and I'm looking forward to interesting conversation and fun times. Cheers!
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