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Hi. My name is jimi. Been a drummer since I was 4. Father was a drummer, so I started young. Ever since the first time my father got me led Zeppelin one on LP for Christmas, I've never been the same!! Besides my dad... Bonzo is, and always will be my hero!!! I have studied his drumming almost my whole life! And I have dedicated myself to carrying on his unmatched sound and technique through my own playing. I have the same exact drum set that he used: ( 1971 Ludwig maple, except mine are blue sparkle, instead of green... But the exact same set up. Minus the tyampani drum. Also, my hardware is mostly Ludwig and Tama. Bonham used a combination of Ludwig and Rogers hardware. Besides that... Everything else is the same! I would never play any other brand!!! Cause that's what Bonham played, and they're the best sounding drums anyway!!) I also have almost every live and studio recording of Led Zeppelin that exists... 213 out of 240, to be exact! I am a true ZEP head!! I have all four members and their symbols tattooed on me!! Just their faces!! Lol!! What can I say! I love led Zeppelin, more than the average bear! Hey hey hey, haha!! I listen to them everyday, and I'm happy to be a part of this wonder site, to carry on their legacy with fellow fans!! Nice to meet you all!! 


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