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  1. Wow this is news to me.. I have been slowly working on something different, but its only been shared with a few friends. What the heck does ookini mean in Japanese?
  2. I would recommend WLL from this one - "Live in Japan 1971" 6CD - No Label, 2019. It's the tape source used by Wendy without any noise reduction.
  3. I've always heard Millard hated boot labels. So who came up with the title in the first place? I would guess its the first boot label that named it LTTE. I don't think Millard told them what title to use. For the researchers out there.. what was the first boot of this show using the title LTTE? and which boot label?
  4. Even with them being cheap, get them online for free , buy a pizza instead.
  5. The one dedicated to Dalia
  6. Oh yeah.. I know .. I have no rights to any of it.. At least when Tarantura 2000 was doing the same thing they kept my name off it. I posted on some Moonchild threads on Dime my wish that they keep my name off their releases... Hoping whomever is behind Moonchild would see it. That sure worked well Sue already has a neat name.. Pseudonym Remaster .. I Highly recommend them.
  7. 100% Absolutely Not. WR is and always will be a FREE alternative to Bootlegs. These Dumb ass Moonchild are now putting out shows I never did .. Copenhagen 79. Never did it. So buyer beware.
  8. The only info I have.. Eddie did the vinyl transfer of For Badge Holders Only. He did a extremely meticulous job to clean up all the vinyl noise, Patched it with a "low gen" Millard source. Not sure if he altered the sound. Hope that helps. WR
  9. Hey Everybody, Just wanted to pop in and say all the "Winston Remasters" were posted online for free. I can't control what happens after that. "Winston Remasters" was started kinda in protest of the Bootleg labels that charged a lot of money for inferior products. It started as a hobby and remains so, and will forever remain free. WR
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