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  1. Don't worry, they will have another cover option when they release the rest, BUT, do you/we have the patience . . . no, is my answer?
  2. They are all so different & unique, hard to put them in the same ring together, but point taken . . . although getting 9/28 and possibly 24th someday is huge, since those past recordings are nowhere near the sound quality as what we had prior w/the others. It'll be a massive upgrade!
  3. I agree, but to add to that, each night the Whole Lotta Love medleys just kept getting better and tighter! I would be shocked if we'll ever see those as part of the new soundboards being released. I have to say I've been anticipating updates any day now as to what songs are covered in those new tapes--praying the last half of the show is included.
  4. Welcome, you arrived at a good time, there's been many new releases in the last few years and more coming out very soon.
  5. Interesting, I followed you the whole way. The speculation is a little fun I'd say. I always hoped this show would emerge after hearing Black Dog, better sounding than 9/29 board I think, and intensely played too. Here's hoping!
  6. Hello, I might be able to help, but what is this "X" title you are referring to?
  7. Probably right, but we've been surprised before, but who the hell knows what they'll do, having the patience to sit on these for so long is beyond my comprehension. I couldn't do it.
  8. Wishing for more, Lets hope EV releases the rest of Sept 28 to coincide with it as well . . . most likely next year on its anniversary if the rest does exist.
  9. Sly and the Family Stone might be up there too, just saw a really good documentary (relatively new) on Woodstock on PBS. They had that farm land quakin'!
  10. . . . like the '70s versions myself, they had slightly different lyrics, especially the famous Montreux concert's version.
  11. 4/8 Raleigh, NC, is great, such a shame its incomplete. good luck
  12. Hello There, From what I have read Empress Valley's Thunder Down Under box set has the most complete and best sounding version of this show, although I have not compared their's to previous releases . . .
  13. The best is the '72 San Bernardino (no vocals) in my humble opinion, very tight . . . and loose!
  14. Yes I agree. On par are also my favorites . . . the Adelaide Australia '72, Japan 28--sbd version that came out not too long ago--Page is in creative spirits, and finally '71 Leicester are particularly aggressive versions with great vocals by Plant!
  15. Just want to add, he played and copied that because it was a powerful groove, at the start of the 7:45 mark of the '73 MSG solo, it sounds very similar to me, which has always been my favorite Moby Dick segment/groove! Check it out
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