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  1. Agreed on June '77 . . . That opening salvo is so damn intense it sounds like the entire arena is about to explode, and sonically it does! Bonzo played out of his mind the full 3 hours.
  2. My apologies for veering slightly off topic, but what release of the 28 show is a good one, as I have last year's T2000 of both nights and there's something muffled about it that makes it difficult to commit to for very long? Thanks in advance.
  3. One of all time favorites is from Whole Lotta . . . Japan 24, '71, sound isn't so great, but oh man is Plant's voice strong and they include some rarities as well!
  4. They are, coming in the next few weeks I've heard . . .basically upgrading the 12th show with the better sounding sources that aren't so bass heavy or boomy as used in Bootleg License.
  5. Is that in connection to the upcoming Bootleg License upgrade coming out soon maybe? Hmmm
  6. The '73 European run is the most intense series of concerts they played throughout their careers, AND Offenburg (in my opinion) is the best from those 5-6 shows. Page, Bonham, and Jonesy are just ferocious during that run, especially Page in the show you mention; and Plant sounds better too, compared to the previous nights. I don't know which bootleg you have, but there are some excellent sounding releases of this night. I've never heard of any soundboard for Offenburg, but many of the previous nights have partial soundboards---(give a listen to Vienna's Heartbreaker intro for a sample in-case
  7. I could come up 10 easily, but they are all mentioned many times already above. I would only add that the '71 LA Forum shows are exceptional, outstanding, and in my opinion the best of the 1971 tour, minus a few from Japan, . . . oh how I wish another better sounding source would pop out of the ground soon. The singing, Page's playing, the medleys are first rate, and Bonham's drums sound absolutley thunderous in the sources we already have. That's all I have to say about that . . .
  8. You can do whatever you want, but unless you have a problem with science and the long history of human created vaccines/cures (small pox for instance) and the advance of medicine especially over the last 100 plus years, it seems a no brainier. If you trust engineers to build a plane that can take off, fly, then land safely, then you should have no trouble trusting the field of medicine. There are no guarantees in life, but hedge your bets and go with the option that gives you a little extra insurance.
  9. My favorite from the '73 tour is Kezar, SF, Bonham keeps a cool groove on his high-hat that I have yet to come across in any other version. . .
  10. Mick F. said something very similar in his book that came out in the early '90s, that their (he believed) success was on par with early Zeppelin and might have continued along the same trajectory. Jeremy Spencer was outstanding player in his own right too, his slide playing and signing Elmore James songs live was bombastic and top-notch! So strange how the guiratists all veered off on confused paths.
  11. A great run indeed, was it one or two nights of playing in Boston? During these recordings in Boston and of course others too, he was able to play so sweet and gentle, BUT when he decided to cut loose and dig in deep he was out of this world!!! Some of the most biting, raw powerful playing I've ever heard! He was good at leaving people wanting more, very selective and careful not to overdo it. Does anyone know during the live performance of Green Manalishi, is that Green playing bass before and after the long drum/congo section, or is that him on guitar playing the lower registers--sorry
  12. Hello Folks, Many probably know by now but Peter Green passed away a few days ago and would like to say what an amazing guitarist we lost. His influence was tremendous especially considering the short time he played. The rare live performances that were recorded for posterity are a true testament to his wizardry and interpretation of the blues and rock guitar! He was and is one of my favorite guitarists/song writers and singers! The shortage of live recordings as well as film of Green and Fleetwood Mac is a shame indeed, hopefully more will surface and give people a new look at one of the
  13. Oh man, space coke, and this whole time I thought it was qualudes, thanks for setting me "straight"!
  14. Yes indeed, Bonzo's entrance into Song Remains The Same is nothing short of explosive, the entire concert he is a madman, how he maintains that speed and energy for almost four hours is unreal!
  15. Can you two please pull each other's hair somewhere else, good lord, enough already!
  16. I very much agree, impressive how dimensional it sounds to all other releases, especially the bass end. The same goes for Texas Pop, I didn't think that previous release could get much better . . . it was; and any day now I will get to hear the Vienna '73 matrix, that should be stellar as well!
  17. I believe Its a new remaster of Detroit 1973, the first night, w/ two separate sources, 6cd
  18. I have had the opinion that the Empress Valley Christmas Edition was still the best, but I quit collecting all the Eddie releases of this show for the last 5-8 years, but hard to believe anything would be significantly better than that one . . . but would like to know if I'm wrong.
  19. Ok, I change my mind now! Thanks man.
  20. Thanks for putting this out to us, I'm not a huge fan of the '75 tour, but agree on most, I think the Feb 14th Valentine's concert is easily in the top 5 though, one of the better ones for sure, other than the Seattle show, Long Beach 12 is without a doubt GREAT, but is hard to listen to from start to finish due to the overloading bass (unless I missed out on hearing about a newer/better source) aside from the Mike the Mike getting the last few songs. The Vancouver and LA shows just don't get me fired up though, although I know many love them, funny how the works from person to person. Cheers!
  21. Yes, I have thought about this too, probably more than I should have. My latest hunch is they will re-release the rest of 9/29 show on the 50 anniversary 9/29/2021 along with the rest of 9/28 in some mega expensive box set. They teased us w/ 9/29, by showing us they have bits scattered from all over the show, and then went the conservative route w/ 9/28 making us think "that's all folks". How long did they have just Black Dog out before this most recent release, was it 3 years or more? They are crafty bastards and I would'nt put it past them and their ability to wait it out a few more years.
  22. Ahh thanks buddy, love it, this is the song I am most looking forward to hearing from this release, and now I just heard it! Even though that temporary pause from Page was most likely a mistake, I liked hearing just the rhythm section there for that second, and then, SLAM! here comes Page again! Then ending is vicious too.
  23. Interesting, didn't know he's been around for so long. In the late 1980s through the early 1990s--(year I graduated HS) I used to have to go to many record shops in and around Minneapolis asking and begging for them to acquire these shows after accidently coming across the Smoking Pig label (2 sets of '69 shows in soundboard quality), after that I was hooked. Now a days I bounce back and forth from airraid, eric, and ebay. But never did those Tarantura shows ever turn up in those smoky record shops around 1990. Eric has received a bad rap sometimes Ive noticed on this site, but he's always bee
  24. Been mailing them (fishheads) out last few days, has already sent a batch a few days ago. Just has to cross ocean . . . it been a tough wait for those us with the "disease"!
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