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  1. They got me into rock music in general, i listened to some of the classics already within rock, but fell in love with led zeppelin music, which did make me appreciate a lot of other bands more. But they are so far ahead of any other band that no one comes close for me!
  2. LZ

    Average top 30 songs

    Yer im surprised too really, which is why i thought I would ask in the forum, as i think a lot of true zeppelin fans do like a lot more of the as you say, quirkier, songs as well, and didnt expect to see such an overriding group of songs.
  3. LZ

    Average top 30 songs

    Thanks guys! And not looking for an average song, looking to see what songs are ranked the highest on average. For example i have not initially got 11 rankings, and as shown 4 songs are ranked in the top 30 by every list. and another 6 songs which are ranked all but once (which actually are all by Kiwi_Zep_Fan87) which therefore shows them the songs they specifically dont listen to as much. which others rank high when looking at the overall stats. I have also shown the initial top 30 based on if a song gets given a rank of 31 where not ranked in a list
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums here, so not sure if anyone has done this, or where to post it. I though a cool idea would be if we got a good group of people to post their top 30 led Zeppelin songs from the 9 original studio albums in order. My list constantly changes, as I guess so do many people's, so it is a general idea. But what I can then do is make a spreadsheet to work out the average rank each song gets which you can then compare your own choices to. I did this against some of the top lists I found online, and found it very interesting to see which songs I seemed to over and underrate. Think would be good to do amongst true led Zeppelin fans, the more that do it the better obviously. The only thing is I don't know what seems the best value to give a song that you have not ranked in your top 30, but others have, ie do we give them all 31 as any way will seem to skew the results, as everyone is not going to pick the same 30 songs.
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