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  1. Fabulous!!! I was at the show on the 30th
  2. Tomorrow, Memorial day, will be 42 years to the day that I saw Led Zeppelin in Landover, MD. Advertized as Washington DC of course the concert was at the old Capital Centre.
  3. They suck like my team sucks and Striders team sucks. I just bet against the Angels. 16-3 Twins in the 9th. Come out and wave the bloody white flag and end this fiasco so I can collect. One bright spot for the Orioles, is Means. That guy is pitching great. Bundy is pictching pretty good too. And Cashner not too bad but Means is a keeper.
  4. OK Fonzerella. your mine punk!!!!
  5. The Blues will beat them in Boston. You will be sitting their looking stupid Your Bruins come off of a sweep of an upstart, young Carolina team, having dodged the Tampa Lightning by sheer luck, after Columbus did the real work for them. Columbus had them on the ropes. If that puck does not hit the post in game 5 Columbus would have been up 3-2 and likely won the series The Blues had to beat Bishop, a very daunting task in itself, beat San Jose, a team that really believed this was their year, and a team that was experienced and battle tested. These Blues are battle tested vs stiffer competition. Including a Winnipeg team some thought could win the Cup Ill take pleasure in guttin you boy!!!!
  6. Blues in 6 or less
  7. Boston best get ready for war. Its a comin!!!!! GO BLUES!!!!!
  8. What a great song and performer. So the Blues have use her song as a fight song after their wins. Good to remember her, quite a singer was she and a tragic end
  9. Play this tribute when the Blues win!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. OK, Preakness today. I like 4,7 box and a 4 over 12,13 exacta. If you want to take a shot at the pick 4 in race 10, .50c (cent) combo, 8 with 7 with 8,11,12 with 4
  11. Yes, down in Maryland at Pimlico race track. I am going with the 4 horse that was 5th in the Derby. I like an exacta of 4 over 7, 12,13 and a 4,7 box. Other good races on the card. So you must have lived near Utica? That is where the jillopy that is posted from my concert is from. May 30 1977 on the time line you might see the old car from Utica NY
  12. 2-0 so far its going well. Need this
  13. The Blues got totally fucked in game 3. Bad enough letting them tie it with seconds left on 6 attackers but then the winning goal was illegal and Colin Campbell admitted it the next day. Said the 4 refs blew it. Should have blown the whistle as the winning goal was scored on a hand pass. Total bullshit. Blues need to tie it up tonight They are the better team. SJ has been lucky as hell. Vegas got the shaft in game 7 with a 5 minute major that never should have been called. The NHL apologized to them after the game. Big fucking deal. It cost them the series
  14. Oh Ive been there, but i have never gone for the live racing. Buffalo or Batavia is a bit better IMO but I do not bet the harness as much as thorobreds/ Finger Lakes race track is here but its declined in recent years. The old days were good. I have made the trip to Saratoga and Del Mar both. Del Mar in San Diego CA. Love that place. Saratoga is great too. The oldest in North America and known as the "playground for millionaires" in August Was last at Turning Stone when the Eagles beat NE in the Super Bowl last year. They opened Del Lago just up the thruway if I ever want to go to the casino. I am more a sports gambler and its coming. Its going to be goodbye to the off shore accounts in the fucking carribean Islands
  15. I never liked quarter horse racing much myself Like at Sunland Pk. But I really liked Sportsman park
  16. Well Durant is out. Golden st are 7 1/2 point favs. I think they are ripe to be upset tonight. Taking a small shot with Portland. 76ers got screwed, blued and tattoed on that jive ass fucking prayer that Leonard hit. It bounced off the rim 4 times and dropped ending the 76ers season. Sucks. Better team lost
  17. It will never be banned. The sport of kings will survive. So did you go to Sportsmans Pk too? I used to like that track. They had those ratings horses to the right of the horses in each race and they were pretty good handicapping tool.
  18. He was totally gassed. What a turnaround and coaching adjustment by Barube. It was just great coaching. He shut them down like turning off a light switch. Their free wheeling fast break bullshit was stopped cold and they went like 15 minutes without a shot on goal. How about that goal that the Blues took the lead for good on? A thing of beauty. Bortuzzo came out of no where and played a game like Parayko played in game 7. Just a beast. Fucking beast mode. Scores a beauty on a great set up and then blocks a huge shot later. The put the clamps on the Sharks. Now if they can play like they did vs Dallas? Yikes. No Bishop to worry about. Kick Ass Blues!!!!!
  19. So Norwich and Sheffield will be thrown to the wolves? Placed in the premier league? I cant wait for those juicy lines. MC and Liverpool and even Leicester City will maul them
  20. You let me know if Robert hits you back Sean.
  21. Well there has to be change on teams of some sort. Trades must happen? And contracts run out so players are signed to different teams I would imagine. And there are many players that are not from England. Players from all over the world. So August it starts again? Wow. I thought baseball and hockey were long here. they are but so is the Premier league. I guess you do not have to suffer for too long. So do you think its going to be between MC and Livverpool again next year? If the squads do not change much, why would one expect much different of an outcome given the talent on those two teams? I know Leicester City played well down the stretch. So 3 teams get knocked out of the Premier league and 3 get a chance to play in the bigger league? Strange way to go about things IMO. Norwich and Sheffield I will be bettering against on a regular basis.
  22. When do they start the next season? Is there a playoff? If so how many teams qualified? I would imagine Liverpool and MC are in and maybe 4 others? The way the other poster said there are 6 games? Also, over here after a season and playoff, there is what is called Free agency and a draft. Do you have that? Or just a reshuffling of players if you will? I would think changes would be made especially with teams that did not do well?
  23. Its only one game and its the first in the series and their first bad game. And they still almost came back with the 6th attacker Adjusting to California is not always easy on short notice. They will show up tomorrow, count on it
  24. Leonard throws up a prayer at the buzzer that bounces off the rim 4 fucking times and drops. Kills my two teamer of Portland and Philly money line. That shot cost me $100 at least.
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