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  1. Those filthy pretenders the Steelers. Bitchs Miami defense played pretty well. We do have things to clean up but get the weaker part of schedule coming up. So glad Rams won and Raiders beat Steelers. I want this shutout . Mainly for a fantasy game I’m in on DraftKings. Matt Millen is a moron. Are we supposed to fear Redskins without Fitzpatrick? Sorry.
  2. For those that were here for the O2 reunion, I mean also the time leading up to it and the hope of getting what was called then, that "magic email", telling you that you had won the chance to buy two tickets. While guys like McCartney and Jagger and starts as such walked in laughing it up. I never got the letter. Probably just as well as back then getting a passport quickly was tough. I have one now but LZ is not going to play in London or anywhere else. I often think of the craziness leading up to that infamous night. There were members here never to be heard from again. One that I will never forget was GOTDASHAKES. LOL. Oh man is that guy funny. From what I remember he was fishing off the 2nd story balcony of some run down hotel overlooking the Thames River. I wonder if he ever caught anything? I never heard from him again. Tried to find him here in vain. But maybe you that were around, and many are gone, have some story? I could run off a list of missing in action, many likely due to no chance of a reunion? But some maybe gone from this life and on to another? Will probably never know. Anyway, its a topic of great interest to me. I mean the entire thing. The dreams of getting a ticket, and all of the back and forth about whether they would tour after. That thread was just too nasty to bring back so I started a new one in memory of that night. My own timeline entry was 14 years ago. About a dozen usernames ago. My first was Icantquityoubabe. Sorry folks, I burned up that one. So if you have any memories of the weeks leading up or the event itself, please post.
  3. The Lions furious comeback had to be one of the better back door covers in sports history? 49ers had them dead and buried and they really made a rally of it. I am not sold on Green Bay one bit now. They have major problems starting with motivation and Aaron Rodgers. You should actually hope the Lions win. I believe they have a shot in this game if they believe a little. Minnesota is nothing to fear nor are the Bears. I have a $2 ticket with a division parlay on it. Bills, Chargers and Lions. Its worth $564 if it wins. The Lions are obviously the real stretch here I also bet the Chargers win a wild card. I like that one. I hope Geoff proves the haters wrong and the Lions win
  4. Oh here we go. I really hope the Redlegs beat your slimey weasel ass Cardinals for that wild card. You are fortunate to have the free falling Padres who should have had a wild card sewed up by now given their talent. But they have messed things up big time. I believe the Orioles had a season even worse than this years back? Who cares, we have zero pitching and its due to being small market and robbed by greedy teams like the Yankees. Britton long gone. Gausman now in the starting rotation on a very good Giants team. One that would make short work of your shit bags should they suck out a wild card. My money is still on the Redlegs. Great season by Cincy. If you are going to stink up the site with your posts, try posting about your red birds rather than constantly bashing my team. The Orioles have a very rich history believe it or not. They were the best team in baseball from the mid 60s to mid 70s while I was a kid. They have some talent. Just no pitching other than Means. Not sure about the manager. Not too high on him now.
  5. Pete Prisco, leading CBS capper picks the Bills to win the Super Bowl. That plus the lack of activity on this thread tell me we have a legit shot. Never seen the NFL thread get to page 2 a day before the kickoff.
  6. NO. And Geoff has a big chip on his shoulder and the Lions defense actually had their moments last year. Some nice upsets they pulled. At Arizona was one. Early before the Cardinals fell apart after the Hail Mary trash game vs us. I tell you Paul, I have no idea in the world why Miami are 3 point dogs to this NE team with a rookie QB? I took Miami at my sportsbook on parlay. I like Miami to win this game. And I am picking them for 2nd place and possible Wild card. I have the Chargers to get a WC as I bet a future on it. I bet some division winner parlays. Like the Bills with Tampa and the Rams. I know there is a ton of love for the 49ers. Just not from me. Ill take Matt Stafford and the Rams over Jimmy G and the 49ers who have no depth at all. One major injury and they are toast. I like the Browns to win the division over the Ravens. Want to check me into an asylum? I bet a $2 parlay, (cant believe they took it), $2 to win $564. 3 teamer to win divisions. Buffalo, LA Chargers and Detroit Lions. Yes. Why not. They have to win someday and the Rogers situation is bad. I also took Indy . I am not a believer in Wentz at all. But if he sputters I believe Frank Reich will pull him fast. I think he is on a short leash and Reich could game manage that team easily. Tennessee has no defense. I have my money on the Washington Redskins to win the East. I have Bills and Rams going to the Super Bowl. And flat bets on each to win their conferences. If Matt Stafford stays healthy, look out
  7. I think they might surprise. Their defense showed some life last year and they pulled a couple upsets. Rogers has really caused some trouble in GB. I’ll take the over on Lions and Geoff
  8. Today is my 15th anniversary!! Yes. 2nd marriage!!! Not an easy thing to do. A buddy of mine who fought in the Iraq war, is home now. I grew up with him. After two divorces, both after 6 year marriages, he went out, with total disgust for women in general, and bought a guitar a month for 30 months!!! Because he was " not having a woman tell him he couldn't buy something ever again". LOL> Nice motive. Am I jealous. Hell yes. But he was nice enough to let me borrow a Gibson Les Paul. Oh yeah. Been getting back into shape. Regret putting it down. Sure I have a very nice Taylor, mint condition, but playing electric is a different ball game. You guitar players out there know what i mean. To get back in the swing I played a LZ riff medley. Songs like Rock n Roll, Misty Mountain Hop, When the Levee Breaks, Kashmir, Custard Pie and so on. Of course on some of these you must change the tuning and leave standard. So once I get the anniversary card and such, I may play some more. Working on lead around pentatonic and major scales. My fear is, not my guitar so eventually, poof. I am going to go see what a Mandolin will cost me at the House of Guitars. The best place in our area. Guitar Center sucks. Rip off. Not that the House is giving anything away. But at least its a quality place.
  9. Well I do not see this thread surviving much longer with all the fighting and some based on left and right views. Let me go on record that I cant stand the right in this country. That said, there is a fear that the vaccine might not be enough lately I can see. The same stores, like Wegmans, for a while you saw the masks come off. Now I am seeing them on again. I myself still do not wear it in light of taking both shots. I just try to stay clear of people also. That is a good idea. I mean strangers of course. And I read a comment by someone I often talk sports with here. He said, "there is a heaven waiting for us" so by all means do not wear the mask. I'd like to remind him there is a hell also. And Earth is starting to become one in many ways. Out west wild animals are getting sick because ignorant humans are polluting so much water. We sure know how to destroy things.
  10. Gee, I got both Phizer shots months ago. No side effects and I have not turned into Frankenstein or the New Jersey Devil yet either. Is this a political thing Steve?
  11. There is a local one called “Get The Led Out”. Supposed to be great. Playing at Del Lago casino soon. Meanwhile, got my hands on a Les Paul, a friend who had 30 guitars let me use . Playing lots of LZ and more
  12. I thought he may have retired. I am surprised he has stayed on? At least your team has some future promise unlike mine. Pitching is one thing we have none of
  13. I am a big fan of prison break. But I have not seen this. What channel or network?
  14. I would say ask a doctor. Nobody on this forum is qualified to answer this. I am likely going to get a booster if the doctor tells me to. Hell, Ive taken so many drugs in my life and I am still kicking. Im not scared of legal ones. Come on Bongman.
  15. I do not see that you did anything wrong. Likely directed at the Rainbow and yours truly.
  16. I am not so sure of that. I am Catholic, I have come to accept gays in society in general, but I still say, ITS UP TO GOD TO JUDGE. Change does not come easy in the Catholic church and it shouldn't. Mel Gibson is so against Vatican II, around 1967 I believe, that he built his own church to follow the old doctrine. I do believe Pope John Paul II, St John Paul II, was one of the best popes we have ever had and he had no hatred for gays. That is for sure. But its much more to allow gay marriages. And I do not think you should use the term homo's. Its just not very nice. Do you really think Jesus would want people to hate others? No. The Catholic Church is still very big. Has many followers all over the world. The protestants have any different branch's, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, Nazzerene and on and on. Not one bu their own has the following the Catholic Church has. And I know they have their own little feuds if you will between them. Like Baptist and Lutheran. Ill die a Catholic. I stand behind the faith 100%. The tough questions like allowing gays and abortion and such I leave to God to judge in the end. I do not think our Holy Mother is very happy with many of us? There have been many well documented apparitions and recent ones. Some are even on film. The one in Egypt in 1954 was amazing as of course were Fatima and Lourdes. But there are fare more than most casual believers know of. I wish I could as Jesus so many questions. I hope I can in the next life. Oh, there is another life. And if you do not believe it, you will be in for a rude awakening. Go get your shot. What choice is there? Man I hate this type 2 crap.
  17. I am a birder. I feed them daily. Thistle feeders, house with black oil, hummingbird feeder, bird bath, all of it. Of course I have lots of healthy squirrels also. I give them black oil and the blue jays peanuts. I watch a ton of YouTube. Lots of good stuff to find on there.
  18. LedZeppfan1977


    I am sure I would love this. Being a Guinness fan. The above, Carlsburg I have only had the Canadian version years ago. But good. They are going to open a new microbrewery walking distance almost for me. Yikes
  19. So that means he caught for Denny McClain. The 30 game winner. My condolences. Boy do my Orioles suck. I think they have quit on Hyde totally. Not even Means is pitching. WTF?
  20. I had forgotten about that crazy ass movie
  21. I doubt many will remember that movie soylent green? I never watched it but I know about it. Back in the 80s I believe, a futuristic world used old people as a food source when the world ran low on a food supply? Something along those lines right? I would never watch a movie like that. I can tolerate science fiction, if it has some potential realism behind it. This is going too far. Using deceased old people as a type of dog food for the mass population. Sickening just to think of it. But I guess that is what we get on this forum.
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