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    Music: Led Zeppelin, Who, Stones, Cream, Hendrix and many more<br /><br />People: Carl Jung, John Lilly, Timothy Leary, Richard Feynman<br /><br />Hobbies: Reading, travelling, attempting yoga, fine wine (honestly), art galleries, museums, movies, the usual stuff.<br /><br />Been to Glastonbury festival 15 times between 1983 and 2003.<br />It used to be easy to get a ticket!
  1. I was there for both dates...certainly the 4th was better IMO, but that was my first-ever Zeppelin gig...and you always remember your first time!
  2. Thanks Steve. If I do make it over there I won't be going for expensive seats. I've been on a mission the last couple of years to see the Stones with as little as possible milked from my bank account! I managed to get a ticket for less than half price for the O2 last year, and for £100 I was about 20 metres from the stage at Hyde Park last summer. I've seen them close up quite a few times over the years, don't mind seeing them from a distance this time, assuming I get there. This depends to a large extent on the other half; February 26th is her birthday. If I do get there, I'm hoping we can meet for a drink beforehand...also hoping I get to meet a fellow Who fan I've never seen in person yet... Lee
  3. Steve, are you going along to any of the Tokyo Dome shows? I'm giving serious consideration to February 26th.
  4. Yes, I saw them at a couple of Who gigs. I think they also supported the Stones on their second Hyde Park gig, although I went to the first, when the line-up was quite different.
  5. 6th July - Rolling Stones - Hyde Park 15th July - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Islington Academy
  6. Yeah, I think stubhub is part of the eBay empire. They are all the same as far as I'm concerned, just use them for last minute purchases when the price drops like a stone. I waited until the very last minute to score a ticket for the Stones O2 gig last year from Seatwave, and bought a £326 ticket for £140....got to my seat two minutes before the band came on stage. From what I can see of the chart, the view from the front of the GA area should be perfectly acceptable, just need to roll up really early and sit through a load of bands I've never heard of. I've taken a bit of a moral stance on this, I just refuse to pay two or three hundred quid to stand in a field, especially since it cost me £150 in 2007 to get second and third row seats at the O2. No point complaining about it, they know their market very well, and are able to charge these silly prices because there are people out there that are willing to pay whatever it takes to see them. I believe July 6th is sold out...just hope there are not too many that go into panic mode and buy from these 'legal tout' sites before finding out they add another gig the following week.
  7. Well, I've lined up a 'cheap' GA ticket for Hyde Park (£110 including fees). FYI it's very likely that more dates will be added in the US, and another London gig on July 13th. I have a suspicion that 50 and counting could run intermittently for quite a while, in the same hit-and-run manner that McCartney has adopted over the past few years. P.S. for really 'beyond ridiculous' prices, check out Viagogo: http://www.viagogo.co.uk/Concert-Tickets/Rock-and-Pop/Rolling-Stones-Tickets/E-535074
  8. Charity concert in memory of Justin Beiber's dead hamster.
  9. I think the DVD is just a bunch of mobile phone clips, isn't it? Might just as well line them all up on YouTube. Still waiting on an audio boot from the 29th, the 25th was up pretty quick....
  10. Sunday night's performance is up on youTube. I think there's not much to choose between the two singers, but the band's performance seems better on the second night. Could be that I'm comparing actually being there with mobile phone footage, which is not a good idea!
  11. She sure was...I deliberately avoided checking any youTube footage of the first gig, but now I've actually attended the second night, I'm keen to check Mary J Blige's take on Gimme Shelter for comparison.
  12. Fair enough, FireOpal! If you're interested,it's on page 41: http://www.iorr.org/...1696048,page=41 To avoid confusion, my IORR name is lmatth8461...
  13. Well, I got into the Stones gig last night - paid £140 for a £326 ticket. I won't go into all the gory details (already posted them on IORR). The concert itself was superb - the Sunday night reviews had already primed me to expect a great show, and they delivered. Mick Taylor, who I had never seen before, was the revelation, absolutely brilliant, or more than held his own again Clapton, who had been up with them earlier that evening. Keith is playing a lot better than in 2007, when he seemed to be in cruise mode. I really did think the 'fall from the tree' and done serious damage, brain surgery to remove a blood clot is no laughing matter, no matter how dismissive he was of it at the time. Looks like he's back on track, Jagger remains the key. He's 20 years older than me, and at least twice as fit - moving around like that at close to 70 years old is remarkable. Still not sure that's all their own hair, but prepared to cut them some slack! Geezer...your comment was doing through my mind during the gig. I've got to admit when I first read it, it came over as totally over the top; I mean, these guys virtually invented the rock gig as we know and love it. However... No matter how great last night was - although I might not put in in quite the same terms - the three Led Zeppelin gigs I saw were certainly an order of magnitude better than any Stones gig I've seen.
  14. What made me happy was getting into the Rolling Stones gig...not just because it was a great concert, but I scored the ticket at the last possible moment for a 57% discount! £140 for a ticket with a £326 face value. Cool!
  15. For me this is a real negative. I believe this is referred to on the IORR site as 'Vegas Stones'. I much preferred the line-up I saw in 1982 when I first saw them. Having a keyboard player a la Ian Stewart, and Bobby Keys on sax is quite enough in terms of extras. No need for anyone else. I still maintain that the only bands that outclass the Stones live are (or were) The Who and Led Zep.
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