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    Music: Led Zeppelin, Who, Stones, Cream, Hendrix and many more<br /><br />People: Carl Jung, John Lilly, Timothy Leary, Richard Feynman<br /><br />Hobbies: Reading, travelling, attempting yoga, fine wine (honestly), art galleries, museums, movies, the usual stuff.<br /><br />Been to Glastonbury festival 15 times between 1983 and 2003.<br />It used to be easy to get a ticket!
  1. Picked up Little Games this morning. Didn't realize it was splattered vinyl until I read this post!
  2. I was there for both dates...certainly the 4th was better IMO, but that was my first-ever Zeppelin gig...and you always remember your first time!
  3. Thanks Steve. If I do make it over there I won't be going for expensive seats. I've been on a mission the last couple of years to see the Stones with as little as possible milked from my bank account! I managed to get a ticket for less than half price for the O2 last year, and for £100 I was about 20 metres from the stage at Hyde Park last summer. I've seen them close up quite a few times over the years, don't mind seeing them from a distance this time, assuming I get there. This depends to a large extent on the other half; February 26th is her birthday. If I do get there, I'm hoping we ca
  4. Steve, are you going along to any of the Tokyo Dome shows? I'm giving serious consideration to February 26th.
  5. Yes, I saw them at a couple of Who gigs. I think they also supported the Stones on their second Hyde Park gig, although I went to the first, when the line-up was quite different.
  6. 6th July - Rolling Stones - Hyde Park 15th July - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Islington Academy
  7. I thought most of the opening acts were OK, apart from Foreigner, who were dire as far as I was concerned. As this was a tribute concert for one of the top guys at Atlantic, I would have thought they could maybe pulled in someone with a bit of a higher profile, someone like, say, Aretha Franklin or someone or similar stature. Still, better than having to sit through Chas and Dave, I suppose... Let's face it, the support acts were just there to fill in the time until Zep arrived.
  8. As described in this BBC interview on audioboo... http://audioboo.fm/boos/1340414-storm-thorgerson-was-big-ideas-man
  9. Arrived at Sister Ray about half an hour before it opened at 8am (I've not got the greatest sense of direction), and there were already about 300 people in the queue! I doubled back and joined the queue at Phonica, which opened an hour later, picked up the Beefheart & Floyd I wanted, then went up to Ray's Jazz in Foyles for John Coltrane and Miles Davis....they also very conveniently had Davy Graham, which I was expecting to have to search, or at least queue, for. The Cream album did look pretty cool, but I think I spent quite enough on Saturday. I was about number 20 in the queue at
  10. R.I.P. Andy, your work will stand as your legacy, some of the greatest music produced over the past 40+ years.
  11. Didn't Noddy holder try and recruit Plant into an early version of Slade, or whatever they were called in 1966? Maybe that was RP's little dig by way of response? I got into Zeppelin around 75/76, something like that.
  12. Yeah, I think stubhub is part of the eBay empire. They are all the same as far as I'm concerned, just use them for last minute purchases when the price drops like a stone. I waited until the very last minute to score a ticket for the Stones O2 gig last year from Seatwave, and bought a £326 ticket for £140....got to my seat two minutes before the band came on stage. From what I can see of the chart, the view from the front of the GA area should be perfectly acceptable, just need to roll up really early and sit through a load of bands I've never heard of. I've taken a bit of a moral stance
  13. Well, I've lined up a 'cheap' GA ticket for Hyde Park (£110 including fees). FYI it's very likely that more dates will be added in the US, and another London gig on July 13th. I have a suspicion that 50 and counting could run intermittently for quite a while, in the same hit-and-run manner that McCartney has adopted over the past few years. P.S. for really 'beyond ridiculous' prices, check out Viagogo: http://www.viagogo.co.uk/Concert-Tickets/Rock-and-Pop/Rolling-Stones-Tickets/E-535074
  14. Hey, a hologram of Bonzo playing would be a great idea. Maybe they could play Custard Pie, and have a clown run onstage and push a real custard pie into JPJ's face just to complete the effect? To be serious for a moment, I think the Who's Quadrophenia production, incorporating footage of Moon and the Ox at specific points, is the way to do it. I seem to remember Pete Townshend mentioning (in the mid 70's, when they were just getting into lasers) the idea of projected moving holograms being developed. The end result being, I suppose, the band 'playing' on your coffee table or whatever!
  15. My first PF gig was their final full concert with the classic line-up: performing The Wall, Earl's Court June 17th, 1981. Glad I managed to just get under the wire on that one! I was in Hyde Park for Live 8...but in the section where they were showing the concert on the big screen, close...but not quite the bit of the park I wanted to be! I seem to recall applying for Wembley Arena in 77, but no joy on that occasion. I certainly would have liked to see them earlier than I did (The Wall live was not exactly a typical Floyd gig), but I've seen them a few times since sans Waters, so I think I h
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