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  1. Joe Bonnamassa, Vic Theatre, Chicago Oct. 24th - Booyah!
  2. A little help, please! I want to go see the Allman Brothers in Chicago in September. They are playing 2 dates with Widespread Panic. On one date ABB opens and WP closes - on the other WP opens and ABB closes. How exactly does that work? I want to see the show that features the ABB - the one they play the most time. May sound like a stupid question - definitely won't be my last - haven't been to a whole lot of shows in recent years but have been lucky enough to rekindle that in the last few months. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hmmmmmmmm...... no comment. (PS - Not sure if the band or show is famous, but the guy at about 1:24 is undeniably on his way. Apologies if already posted)
  4. Not one, but TWO billboards of Robert Plant on the Tri-state tollway south of Chicago - just about caused a crash when i saw them. I think they were for a radio station.
  5. Maybe not so unlikely - last month at the Beacon run
  6. Reading the book "Stevie Ra Vaughan - Caught in the Crossfire". Here's an exerpt referring to Stevie's older brother and idol, Jimmie: "Jimmie's greatest contribution was putting the guitar back in its rightful place as an ensemble piece, a discovery that would still reverberate in music circles twenty years later. The average pimple-pocked American male teenager still believed that Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton invented the blues. It was time to educate them that the guitar was more than a big dick in the hand of an Englishman with a shag haircut."
  7. Listening to 1/10/69 and surfing the net during lunch break I found the article below at Irishtimes.com reviewing the book, which personally I haven't read, but have seen lots of input here on .com. And therefore I am probably not going to buy this book! (Thanks for saving me the $40+) The article definitely presents a rather cynical and critical viewpoint of the band overall, but the highlighted line about the O2 being "ultimately dissappointing"? Yeah, things that make you go "huh"! Kevin Courtney reviews When Giants Walked the Earth: A Biography of Led Zeppelin By Mick Wall, Orion; 4
  8. chicago73


    This sums it up very nicely and will be greatly beneficial to my therapist at our next appointment when he is trying to make sense of my babbling and raving. Thanks, Reg
  9. Seeing Zep stuff top lists is always kewl - validates our tastes in music. Found another new list at blabbermouth (apologies if already posted): JIMMY PAGE, JIMI HENDRIX, EDDIE VAN HALEN, STEVE VAI Among 'Chop Shop''s Top Guitarists - Dec. 17, 2008 Envision Radio Networks' "Chop Shop" guitar show has announced "The Chop Shop's Top 100 Most Complete Guitar Players of All Time", a newly published list of the all-time greatest guitar players. Program host Steve Black (WRIF-FM) assembled a panel of music industry experts to help choose the list featuring 100 of the most revered guitar
  10. I didn't hear his reference to Led Zeppelin - I was definitely not glued to the tube for the entire program. However, I did hear him accepting some other award and he said that last year when he won it it was for some person or other, this year it's for another person, and "next year? who knows!". That like to made me barf - what arrogance. I also caught part of his "performance" (term used very loosely). Obviously there are a great many people who like Kanye and his particular brand of music; just doesn't crank my bobber. What a crappy show overall. Seemed like a cheap Vegas stage sh
  11. Oh, wait!!! Jimmy Kimmel just introduced the "greatest artist of all time" and OMG it's.......PINK! Shoot me now, please.
  12. About 40 minutes til the new Family Guy!!!! Watching the American Music Awards until then. Waiting to see if there will be any actual "music". Haven't seen or heard any yet and it's not looking too hopeful. Looks like a bad Vegas stage show so far. Maybe I"ll spend the 40 minutes doing something more fun and entertaining - like maybe changing the cat's litter box or rearranging my sock drawer. Ho hum..............Family Guy; love it!!!
  13. Yes, I really want this. No, I don't think the group should be called Led Zeppelin without RP. As far as JP's recent alleged comments to a fan reported via pimpwire, I strongly suspect he said he has no intentions of touring as "Led Zeppelin" without RP. He said as much as this within the last couple of months in an actual interview I saw (don't remember when/where). His comment was along the lines of "it would take 4 members". There have been many comments from fans and other musicians that JP & JPJ would be destroying the Zep legacy with this project, if indeed there is a pr
  14. Whether intended or not, consciously or not, credited or not - imitation is the truest form of flattery. As stated, if I were one of those old blues guys and somebody imitated a part of one of my songs and brought it out of obscurity I'd be flattered. If they were making a lot of money on it, I might have to consider going after some of that cash, which some have done, but I'd still be damn flattered. Imitation or not Stairway is a unarguably beautiful masterpiece of a song - even after the millionth listen. Was it copied? I couldn't care less. Bring on the new stuff!
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