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  1. I was there, albeit not up front, but with binox trained on them a great deal of the time, and one of the things I was keen to observe was their way of dealing with each other's presence on stage. And up to a point, they struck me as resembling apex predators who had grudgingly learned to share the same water hole. But eventually, I felt they were being drawn towards each other in a way that could not be resisted. It had become that kind of experience...a lot of things evolved as their performance continued heating up, and their way of relating to each other was certainly one of those.
  2. Page was all in black...just like his security detail. His hair was grey/white...no different than the recent mag covers. No one else on the dock seemed to be there for LZ purposes so the two of us were the only ones to recognize him.
  3. Sorry that it won't be until I return to the states Tuesday night -- don't have the DV cable with me. But I will return to this forum to post the YT link.
  4. My son and I waited for three hours...mind-boggling to say the least. But things improved thereafter: We decided to head back via Clipper and so headed down to the dock. As we approached the dock, security walkie-talkies could be heard barking that "Jimmy and Robert were due at the arena in 15 minutes!" The Clipper had not arrived yet so we waited in the dockside room. Perhaps 10 minutes later, a cabin cruiser pulled up outside, and as my son and I were busy discussing the possibility that one or both of them could be on that boat, Jimmy Page got off surrounded by a team of about 6-8 secu
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