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  1. Jimmy used a white Fender Strat that JPJ's then borrowed..... and didn't return until 2007 or thereabouts. The B-bender was NOT used in the studio.
  2. Like the Stairway Project, the Ten Years Gone Project will be doing 2 complete versions of the song; the demo version where all the parts and production techniques get worked out and learned, and then the final version. Here is the link to the demo version which is already complete. http://www.thestairwayproject.com/ten-years-gone-the-scratch-tracks/ Feel free to contribute or share any info or thoughts you have related to Ten Years Gone.
  3. Hey Steve - thanks for that. Do you know (of the theft) if anyone has been able to put together a list (after the fact) of the stuff that's out there that came from those thefts?
  4. Do we know any more about these thefts? Was it a specific theft or thefts over time? Has all the material stolen made its way into the public sphere? Was the matter ever resolved or prosecuted? I've heard several stories over the years about who and what but have yet to hear anything confirmed. Anyone know more?
  5. They've got models that mount a rounded glass piece over the metal rod... I assume it must be thicker as a result.
  6. Sweet -- it looks really good -- did you use one with glass or just metal? (I see they have a few different options).
  7. Dude -- where did you get that slide and what kind of slide is it? Never seen that before - awesome.
  8. Work has finally been initiated on the Ten Years Gone Project as the Original Stairway Project website expands its mission to take on this second official Zeppelin cover. We are going to be documenting this project on the site as it goes along, posting articles about the research & recor4ding process as well as web-tidbits of note that we find related to Ten Years Gone. Here's the link to the announcement. http://www.thestairwayproject.com/new-project-announcement-ten-years-gone/ Feel free to reach out here if you discover some web content related to Ten Years Gone that you think would be good to feature on the site as well as any suggestions related to the project. We will be trying again to get a studio correct, N4N cover of the song within the limitations of a home studio. As with the Stairway Project, we will share all files and tracks at the end of the project for others to experiment with and use.
  9. OK -- so you are just a troll then contributing to the noise that erodes the discourse in forums like this. It's just disappointing to see a guy with your obvious love for the band (based on your post count) spreading such miss-truth in the face of overwhelming evidence. Not cool at all -- asking if you were high was a polite way to handle it because you could have said "Ya man - totally high - my bad"....
  10. Are you high? How can a guy with your post count come here and perpetuate such obvious untruths. Those are real recorders played by Jones. As said -- you can actually hear him breath and blow. You can isolate them in a DAW and hear that quite plainly. Here's some more info on those parts - I re-scored them for my own recording of Stairway last year using some VST's after spending hours and hours listening to them. http://www.thestairwayproject.com/tracks-recording-recorders-original-stairway-project/
  11. The whole project is being made into a web based tutorial called "The Stairway Project" and will go online in a few months. Here's a mastered version of the first local vocalist I worked with. She was the most amateur of the vocalists but I really fell in love with her interpretation of the song. She sang fearlessly and with lots of heart and dynamic control giving the song an almost existential quality. I'm posting this for you guys to hear as a preview. When the whole project is complete I'll make sure to let you know and post the links to the other versions.
  12. Tracking has been going well - being local really helps. My original vocalist got injured so I had to quickly look for alternatives - I got lucky when the local people stepped up for me. Thanks again.
  13. Hi Matjaz1 -- just wanted to let you know that we went with two local vocalists on this project. Thanks for sharing your tracks with us. I particularly enjoyed the photos you posted in your videos of you visiting the Zeppelin sites. I used to live in the UK and never visited any Zeppelin sites the years I lived there (though a friend was staying with RP while I was there we could never hook up). I had another friend that worked for George Martin at the time too (1994) and I was just too busy to visit -- today I kick myself for both missed opportunities. I also really enjoyed your version of Dekle moje pojdi z menoj It's great to Hear Slovenian music.
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