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  1. Here's the arrangement leading into the breakdown at the first coda section.... still scratch tracks as we build the arrangement and tweak the time grid.
  2. You guys do such nice work. This is really good. The deeper you dig, the more Zeppelin yield the gold!
  3. Thanks - I'm interested in where you got the info about the guitars used on the recording.... I've been listening pretty close trying to "hear" the Fender 12 on there - I have not picked it out of the mix yet but I'm deconstructing and rebuilding it now. I'm in the middle of recording a N4N recreation of the song --- here's some early sketches of me working out the orchestration I beat mapped the drums from the original zeppelin tune to create my time grid then programmed my own drums in (but kept Bonzo's time drift). I've just been adding instruments and tweaking the sound trying to zero in on the mix and production secrets as I build the arrangement. Here's where I'm at now.... still a long way to go.
  4. Can you confirm where this came from? --- It does sound very much like the actual track (drum bass and one guitar) and it does indeed sound like this cycle continues through the early bridges (that feature brass and violins) underneath what we normally "hear" as the bridge... my only question is the tempos are different from the original (but the tuning isn't different) which would seem to not make sense unless this has been manipulated digitally to preserve the pitch.... otherwise this would have to be an alternate take? If you've ever tried to play the bass part with the bridge section overlay it is very very hard to do --- and this answer the question to me why JPJ's bass only changes on some bridge parts and stays the same as the verses on others..... because the initial arrangement before brass and strings didn't have the bridge inserts/overlays....
  5. Cool -- We decided to do both Seaside and Kashmir -- two at the same time.... Hoping these won't take 18 months! The general process is basically to live with the song(s) - endless plays on repeat for weeks and weeks while studying drums scores, transcriptions, tutorials... any available resources that are out there and audit the track - literally note for note trying to find out what people get right and wrong... slow things down - isolate certain instruments using selective EQ settings etc... And we start recording scratch tracks, basically building the arrangement and the mix (while learning all the parts) as we go..... dialing in the sounds, working out all the mix and production trickery.... We may recording 50 or even 100 takes of any particular part as the project evolves and we get closer to figuring it out.... and when we're done we have a complete working arrangement of the song and mix that we sometimes will abandon (but use as a template) to re-record an entirely new version of the song yet again - sometimes with dozens of new takes per track.... Seaside is going to be really cool - there are not a lot of N4N covers out there - and nobody tries to N4N the piano when they play it..... (lots of the Seaside covers are "blocked" on YouTube.) Getting the Fx right will be tough... that's the biggest challenge I think. Totally excited to pull that off....
  6. Thanks man. We got really lucky with the vocals (last thing that was done). Clay has a really syrupy quality to his voice here just like Plant does... You gotta be fearless to tackle Robert's vocalizations because they are always pretty raw and very naked.... It's why I'm not singing this one - I just don't have that ability to let it hang out there like that. We really appreciate the support. Our next project is in discussion right now -- I'm leaning towards Down by The Seaside - others (including my wife) keep pushing for Kashmir.... I just like the challenge of "Seaside" because of that fantastic electric piano part. No quarter is another favorite of mine as well (also a great Electric Piano part).....
  7. At The Stairway Project we have completed another N4N Zeppelin cover - this time it's Ten Years Gone. The cover was recorded over a period of 18 months and we recently completed it after finding a really good volunteer vocalist who could bring out that Plant vocal vibe..... here it is. This was all done in a home studio. Hope you all enjoy. For more information about the cover or The Stairway Project you can visit the site here: http://www.thestairwayproject.com/the-stairway-project-presents-ten-years-gone/
  8. Jimmy used a white Fender Strat that JPJ's then borrowed..... and didn't return until 2007 or thereabouts. The B-bender was NOT used in the studio.
  9. Like the Stairway Project, the Ten Years Gone Project will be doing 2 complete versions of the song; the demo version where all the parts and production techniques get worked out and learned, and then the final version. Here is the link to the demo version which is already complete. http://www.thestairwayproject.com/ten-years-gone-the-scratch-tracks/ Feel free to contribute or share any info or thoughts you have related to Ten Years Gone.
  10. Hey Steve - thanks for that. Do you know (of the theft) if anyone has been able to put together a list (after the fact) of the stuff that's out there that came from those thefts?
  11. Do we know any more about these thefts? Was it a specific theft or thefts over time? Has all the material stolen made its way into the public sphere? Was the matter ever resolved or prosecuted? I've heard several stories over the years about who and what but have yet to hear anything confirmed. Anyone know more?
  12. They've got models that mount a rounded glass piece over the metal rod... I assume it must be thicker as a result.
  13. Sweet -- it looks really good -- did you use one with glass or just metal? (I see they have a few different options).
  14. Dude -- where did you get that slide and what kind of slide is it? Never seen that before - awesome.
  15. Work has finally been initiated on the Ten Years Gone Project as the Original Stairway Project website expands its mission to take on this second official Zeppelin cover. We are going to be documenting this project on the site as it goes along, posting articles about the research & recor4ding process as well as web-tidbits of note that we find related to Ten Years Gone. Here's the link to the announcement. http://www.thestairwayproject.com/new-project-announcement-ten-years-gone/ Feel free to reach out here if you discover some web content related to Ten Years Gone that you think would be good to feature on the site as well as any suggestions related to the project. We will be trying again to get a studio correct, N4N cover of the song within the limitations of a home studio. As with the Stairway Project, we will share all files and tracks at the end of the project for others to experiment with and use.
  16. OK -- so you are just a troll then contributing to the noise that erodes the discourse in forums like this. It's just disappointing to see a guy with your obvious love for the band (based on your post count) spreading such miss-truth in the face of overwhelming evidence. Not cool at all -- asking if you were high was a polite way to handle it because you could have said "Ya man - totally high - my bad"....
  17. Are you high? How can a guy with your post count come here and perpetuate such obvious untruths. Those are real recorders played by Jones. As said -- you can actually hear him breath and blow. You can isolate them in a DAW and hear that quite plainly. Here's some more info on those parts - I re-scored them for my own recording of Stairway last year using some VST's after spending hours and hours listening to them. http://www.thestairwayproject.com/tracks-recording-recorders-original-stairway-project/
  18. try the delay pedal with a super short delay time (and feedback). You'll hear it simulated. Jimmy I think used an out of phase pickup selection on his tele - I have a fender guitar that is wired for an out of phase tone and you can hear it immediately.
  19. Yup -- totally song, amp, and guitar specific -- also production specific - a lot of the tones had to do with mic placement and exist only in the studio environment. The other thing is that often people's subjective ear lies to them about what they think jimmy's guitar sounds like -- he's way LESS heavy than you perceive it usually. Just listen to the rocking out section of Stairway carefully -- it's not what you think it is. The biggest mistake is people tend to over distort or saturate their guitar when playing Zeppelin when they should do the opposite.
  20. I think, from what I've read, that the general consensus is that Taurus was not played live at any of the specific Zeppelin related dates - and that it is not officially alleged otherwise.
  21. Jimmy is known as "Led Wallet"... very tight fisted with his money. I once read (and it may be bullshit) that Jimmy actually asked the band to pitch in some money for drinks/snacks at their first jam. Not sure if that is myth or known truth but the fact that he's very very tight with his money is pretty well known.
  22. How about this as a corrected point then: It is NOT ALLEGED that Spirit played Taurus Live at any event or venue that Zeppelin attended. That it seems to be a matter of record that at the events (just a few) that both bands presences can be verified, Spirit did not play "Taurus". What's important here (as was later posted) is that it was suggested previously through the oral history or popular myth that Zeppelin watched Spirit perform "Taurus" night after night and that this was the circumstances that preceded this monumental theft. I still think that there is no evidence of misrepresentation or deception on the part of Zeppelin in their testimony.
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