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    Film from the 1930-70s, music of the 60s/70s, and comedy like Mort Sahl, Bill Hicks..

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  1. I'm a solo musician, but about 10 years ago, I had a band that played mostly Steely Dan, and "Deep Tracks" from commercial artists... We did 2 Zep -Fool In The Rain -All My Love
  2. I had fun reading the books by Ray Manzarek and John Densmore, simultaneously, so that I could compare their perception. Pretty fun.
  3. unseen archival footage !
  4. My little cousin sent me an e-mail asking if I'd heard about them (since I introduced him to Zep, etc) and I wouldn't even respond. I shouldn't even be replying on here and giving more attention to something I wish would die out... I just keep expanding music from before I was born (60s, 70s) and it suits me well.
  5. Bob Dylan Pete Townshend (love The Who, though) David Crosby
  6. Nice picture, thanks for uploading them... I also agree that making a mess is just really stupid for any human, let alone a "fan".
  7. Their personalities.. You can like their music (or not). To clarify, I consider a singer a musician.
  8. One of my favorite movies!
  9. I almost did this when I was in Amsterdam, but my friend didn't wanna go...... I was hoping to meet other fans. Did you? I wouldn't just go to see the grave, unless I was i the area.
  10. Has anyone read "Summer With Morrison" by Dennis C. Jakob? Got it today, just finished it. Of course, I got this to read about Jim's movie tastes, and this is when he was at UCLA Film School. Jim's professor was Josef von Sternberg, and again mentions "Ana-ta-Han" as being the greatest movie ever, but he mentions more. If anyone has a keyword they'd like me to search for them, I'd be happy to type it out. I recommend this for those who want to read about Jim's college years, conversations, this is really good. Especially if you are looking for something without so much overlap.
  11. If you know any favorites of Jimmy, Robert, John, and Jonesy, please list them. I might read one of my Zeppelin books, and if I see something, I'll reply.
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