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    Film from the 1930-70s, music of the 60s/70s, and comedy like Mort Sahl, Bill Hicks..

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  1. Kurosawa is probably my 11th favorite, and I love about 3-4 from Billy Wilder. Did you ever see "Ace in the Hole" w/ Kirk Douglas?
  2. (in order) Vittorio De Sica -Umberto D -Shoeshine -Bicycle Thieves Luchino Visconti -La Terra Trema -Bellissima -Rocco and His Brothers Robert Bresson -Pickpocket -A Man Escaped -Au hasard Balthazar Frank Capra -Mr. Deeds Goes To Town -You Can't Take It With You! -Mr. Smith Goes To Washington John Cassavetes -A Woman Under The Influence -A Child Is Waiting -Minnie and Moskowitz Ingmar Bergman -The Seventh Seal -Wild Strawberries -Persona Ken Loach -I, Daniel Blake -Riff-Raff -Looks and Smiles Mike Leigh -All or Nothing -Naked -Nuts in May John Huston -The Treasure of the Sierra Madre -Fat City -The Misfits Hal Ashby -Harold and Maude -The Last Detail -The Landlord
  3. Vincent Gallo was great in it. Also directed, wrote, music, quite a feat... But "The Brown Bunny" sucked (except for the music)
  4. From the beginning until the present. For me, it's the US and Italy. I'd also say that most of the funny movies were made before 1980, with a few exceptions, such as "Buffalo '66".
  5. Jim Morrison really liked The Beatles' "Come Together"
  6. I hope he released his autobiography and some music before I die!
  7. I liked the last two movies you listed.. I really like Jean Gabin, and Alain Delon
  8. I've seen all of them, and liked the first two especially.... You might like "Advise and Consent" - a little similar to "Seven Days in May", but its been a while since I've seen either one of them.
  9. "Shoplifters" was good, especially because the family wasn't great or bad. I forgot to list Scarecrow (1973) -- Gene Hackman and Al Pacino
  10. Harry and Tonto Buffalo '66 Mikey and Nicky A Taste of Cherry Johnny Got His Gun What Happened Was... Dodsworth The Incident Never On Sunday Loneliness of a Long-Distance Runner Shadows In Paradise Ladybug, Ladybug La Tera Trema Fists In Pocket David and Lisa Il Sorpasso Whity Two Is A Happy Number Hombre Il Tetto The Blue Hotel Zandy's Bride Little Fugitive Lies My Father Told Me The Working-Class Goes To Heaven Joe (1970) Come Back, Little Sheba Home of the Brave L'Argent
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