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  1. I was thinking the same thing. I bet he dislikes it even more now and never sings it again..lol
  2. Molify should have gotten a signed Album in the beginning and sold it on Ebay because that is the only way he's going to get $$ out of this bullshit.
  3. Jury closed their eyes while listening to the audio clips. Methinks a verdict will be coming soon at #StairwayToHeaven trial. Hang tight.
  4. Well so much for a dismissal. Trial continues and Judge says expect it to last a few more days.
  5. Phones have been turned off.. Hopefully her next text will say "Dismissed!!" https://twitter.com/PamelaChelin
  6. Well it is a nice fantasy but I seriously doubt they even see each other outside the courtroom. In a perfect Zepfan world, them being together again like this fighting for their rights to one of the biggest songs in Rock history, rekindles the flame of years gone by and they finally say "Lets do it!".. Sigh.... if only.
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