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  1. No screenings in Norway??? What a surprise!!! Well, I'll just have to wait for the DVD then.... Actually, I can't wait!!!! I may not be considered a diehard Zeppelin fan among those who knows me, but I consider the Zep reunion to be the biggest happening in hard rock history! It's, IMO, bigger than the 1984 reunion of Purple, and I'm a Purple fan by heart! Zep just got......well, that something special! Can't wait!!!!!
  2. I never thought I would hear "cut the lenght" at a Zeppelin forum Thank you for your interest and advice
  3. There's no such thing as "the world's greatest electric guitarist". There are many great players out there, and it's pointless to say "this one is better than that one". You can't compare a hard rock guitarplayer to a jazzplayer 'cause they're both good at what they do Great players? Dickey Betts Duane Allman Ritchie Blackmore Jimmy Page Jimi Hendrix Peter Green Eric Clapton Dave Davies Johnny Winter David Lindley ....and a whole lot of others! The list goes on forever
  4. Gibson Les Paul Standard, 2007 model, (flame top) Heritage Cherry Burst, WCR BetSet pu's and WCR wiring. Great sounding piece of art Fender Stratocaster, ST72-58US, Crafted In Japan 2005/ 2006, YellowWhite, 70s features (large headstock and so on...), US vintage pu's, RBTC tone circuit installed for "fatter" and "creamier" tone at lower volume. Japanmade Fenders are great
  5. Sorry, but my main language is not english, so I'm not sure I did get your point!?! If your point was that the song clocked in at around seven minutes...yes, I've heard it before Not much of a fragment! In the words of our dear, beloved Edmund Blackadder: 'Ang on! Even if it's a fragment of infinity, it's still infinity, right? Did I get it right? Anyway, thank you for your interest
  6. LZ should NOT tour at all without Robert Plant! That would surely kill their legacy for good!
  7. Hi all Just wanted to share my band with you.... http://www.myspace.com/shoddyperfection Any comments are welcome Cheers Byljer
  8. It's typical for all rock concerts these days that the bass and bassdrum are way up in the mix, and it doesen't sound good. For some reason, that they only understand themselves, the sound engineers want it that way. It's a pity that people who are supposed to make great sound doesen't know anything about good sound.
  9. Hi guys and gal's! Newbie to the forum here... I bet that the show was taped and filmed "just in case". I've seen some clips on TV in the last few hours, and while they showed clips of Black Dog it said "courtesy of Led Zeppelin" on the screen. It's fantastic that a band can do such a show after so many years. What a band!!!
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