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  1. Do a Google news search for Led Zeppelin and many of the top results all have to do with Dave Grohl drumming for Led Zeppelin. What an insult to the talent and efforts of Jason Bonham. Who is spreading this crap? Of course Grohl would love to play with Led Zeppelin; what musician wouldn't? But turning the desires of one drummer into a news story that perpetuates a rumour that the band itself is considering this is irresponsible. Here's a perfect example from eGig.com, whatever the eff that is. The headline and first sentence read: "Dave Grohl as Led Zeppelin drummer? eGigs news, UK
  2. What about SA ? Or WTLB ? I was wondering if they would play IGC or DBTSS , and they didnt. I was really suprised about no HBLLMSJAW Maybe when they play A BIG TOUR IN 2008!!!! Del
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