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  1. Happy birthday to everybody who's around and is having their birhdays! Mine is the 31st of January
  2. This is a very hard question. It's very hard to compare them... Jimi Hendrix was certanly great, and nothing like anybody else. He mostly played the blues and psychedelic rock. And sang. And he was the frontman of the JHE and the co-frontman of the Band of Gypsys. Pagey came later, played all kind of music, a bit of psychedelic with the Yardbirds, rock, hard rock, a bit of blues, those folky-acoustic stuff with Zeppelin.. and didn't sing. And he was "only" a member(even if the founding member and producer-which is another thing Hendrix didn't do), so he had to work together with them more, he couldn't just do what he wanted. It was a longer period he played in who knows what Hendrix would have done if he'd stayed alive? I find Jimmy has a bigger range of things he can play, and even if you pick just one of his styles, it's not as mind-blowing as Hendrix's, but seeing all of his works is more than Hendrix's. So I'll choose Jimmy Page. But this doesn't meen I don't love Hendrix a lot too!
  3. I love them, they were really amazing, the bow and the theremin solos I find it amazing how many different sounds he can get out of that one instrumet... real master. What I'm not to keen on is Bonzo's solos if they go very long-like over 10 minuites....
  4. I would choose either 1968-69 when it was long and wavy or 1975 when he had that real big curly hair like at Earl's Court. But in fact he always looked good in my oppinion Apart from the beard, I didn't like that on him...
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