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  1. oh come on, why would you switch pups on such a significant guitar? [edit]: or did you just take off the cover on the bridge?
  2. omfg, no wai! Its gonna be a total shred fest, if only Paul Gilbert could make it... I love Friedman, he was a beast in Megadeth, and he's deffinetely in my top 5 best guitarists...evar! Woooooo!
  3. I've been using PowerTabs for a while now, and I highly suggest using it, you can get the tabs, play along with them, and slow down the song to learn it (by making all the notes into quarter notes if they're eight notes, or just decreasing the tempo marking). I really love powertabs because you can tab your own stuff on it too and hear what it will sound like, I cant imagine using regular tabs now. No, i was not endorsed by them >.>
  4. "pretty tied up, hanging upside down" Pretty Tied Up-Guns n' Roses its especially annoying because the above lyrics are about all i know..
  5. i thought about it for a second when i saw Clapton up there, but fear not, i voted for Zepp I also had a fun time picking girl of GW
  6. as far as zep ballads go (or all rock ballads for that matter) "The Rain Song" is definetely at the top of my list
  7. hehe, you got me, most forums i visit dont have a search function, so its partly my fault for not recognizing it at first, i think ill just let this thread die away now
  8. Ok, from the thread about the led zeppelin dvd thread with the 2007 mothership reunion thing, the thread that got locked, there were brief discussions about holding the inner album art to a mirror for an allusion (or something of the sort) to black dog, this intrigued me more than the original intent of that thread, so i was hoping for some light on this topic, as i cant really see much....
  9. well thats on tv, i know it wont be televised, but will it be recorded for others to purchase at some point?
  10. if you do get it on file, and the urge strikes you to fulfill another zeppelin fans dream, feel free to email said file to foxfreezer@hotmail.com
  11. title pretty much says it all, im one of the many heartfallen, depressed people who cant attend this momentous and (hopefully) amazing concert, so i was hoping if there is any information on a dvd available of this concert (legal one) sometime in the future. And have fun to all of those who can attend, cherish the moment!
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