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  1. That would surprise me... I was at this show, and the video screens were definitely not used that night. I'd heard they were used the next night though...not sure about the rest of the Largo shows.
  2. Great pix from one of my all time favorite shows...thanks for posting them!!!
  3. I'm so excited about this one! I was at the 5/25 show-- can't wait to hear it again....
  4. Ah...I have this set meself... and it's definitely one of my very favorite Zep shows!
  5. Baby, won't you carry meeeeeee.... Back! to Tennessee....
  6. I'm sure there must be other threads on this topic, but the short answer is: Led Zeppelin doesn't own the film. They don't have rights to re-edit it.
  7. So Rt 202 north of 214 is Landover Rd, and south of 214 is Largo Rd. And I see Cap Ctr Blvd is north of 214. Why then was the Cap Ctr always advertised as being in Largo? Or was that my Virginia-side of the Beltway thinking....?
  8. Nope--they knocked it down. There's a shopping mall there now. Fed Ex Field is very nearby tho--in Landover. (As those of us familiar with the Crap Ctr know, it was actually in Largo, not Landover as most records of those shows state). The parking lot was the greatest. Many a fantastic pre-show party in that ol' lot.... Liberty Bell lot...or Stars and Stripes?
  9. However, let me just add (while the Giants/Skins are in a tv break) that we should grab a beer at the Garden if they do those New York shows we expect! lol!.... (and really--if they decided to do a couple stadiums, Fed Ex field in Maryland -- right near the old Capital Center-- holds over 90 thousand people for football....I'm just sayin... )
  10. Good points--and you're right on reserving some judgement. But I still think that, while I would love to see them again, I just wouldn't expect them to be what they were then. It's just not going to happen. They'll be good, and do things that'll make us all proud of them, but there's a different magic you can make when you're 28 than when you're 60. And no one is more aware of this than Robert Plant....which is why he will opt out of any Zep tour. A couple shows here or there aren't out of the question, I think, but I just don't believe it'd hold his interest long enough to do more--and o
  11. Good points, and of course you're right-- they're not what they were, and I doubt anyone expected them to be. I've loved what I've seen and heard of the reunion--but it's definitely more for the nostalgia factor than the actual merits of the performance (which WAS good--but ....)
  12. Those who've said he was replicating the studio solo are right--that's exactly what he was trying to do. There towards the end where he seemed to get lost, he was trying to work in the secondary lead you hear behind the main solo. Probably should have left that bit out, but oh well--"A" for effort!
  13. A buddy of mine (make that an Older buddy....lol) was there. He doesn't remember a whole lot about it, but he worked at Giant Music at the time & got his tix free. He was a Marshall amp repairman at the time. Merriweather's still a great place, btw...
  14. Many boots were named "Destroyer" over the years. The true "first" one was the 28 April 77 audience recording from Cleveland. I bought it on vinyl in 1979. An absolute must-have from the 77 tour--definitely one of the best. The Seattle "Destroyer" you had was actually the 27 April Cleveland soundboard, and you're right--it's not very good. Very thin sounding and the performance is lackluster. This one also was released as Destroyer and credited to the Cleveland show. I have an LP box set called Destroyer III which is one of the Landover shows (the 28th or 30th of May, can't remember w
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