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  1. Hey.  It's good to meet somebody else from my city.  I have lived here all my life and this town rocks.  I don't know if it's too modern for you but did you get to see the Guns N' Roses show at the Dome in July?  An excellent show.  None of the late or drunk shit from the late 1980's.  Axel was on top of it all night!

    If you don't mind me asking, what part are you from?  I am over Sandy Springs way.


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    2. Rainwater


      I was like you originally and I thought the ticket prices were ridiculous.  I decided to bite the bullet and go with people I knew.  Then closer to show time I saw on Channel 11 how the stage was going to look and I thought, "maybe not considering what you get." 

      Price wise, it was not a cheap show.  When you consider the stage show and the performance though it was worth it.  GN'R charged a lot of money but at the same time they earned it.  The performance itself was great theatre.  Have you seen any of it on Youtube?  The whole show was shot up to youtube by various people and I have it all. 

      I hope I don't annoy you too much when I say I think in time to come that it might be like Led Zeppelin's Mar. 04, 1973, show at the old Braves Stadium and sort of go down as part of 

      Atlanta history.

      Like you, I say Atlanta instead of Sandy Springs.  I work in Midtown but I wouldn't want to live there.



    3. ZosoAddict


      I read that they are supposed to be coming back. I will probably check it out next go around. They made $166 M. They are going anywhere, anytime soon. Not to mention, they noticed how differently the crowd acted in Nashville and L.A. (Youtube) when Steven was playing, as opposed to Frank. Axl said recently that Steven wasn't there full time because of issues with a back surgery. If he has that in check......

      Izzy said recently that he wasn't offered an even cut. The video that I have seen of Richard shows he isn't a slouch in the guitar department. So do I regret not shelling out, yes.

      Appetite has always been one of my favorite albums, along with the first five Zeppelin albums.

      You don't annoy me at all. Its nice to know that there are other people around here that are as gung ho about Zeppelin as me. I drive my wife nuts talking about Zeppelin so much.

    4. Rainwater


      I have been into their first 5 albums, well maybe not quite as much into Led Zep III, since I was a teen.  With age I have come to appreciate most of the later stuff. 

      I like to learn all that I can about the band's shows in Atlanta and in Georgia as well.  In 1970 they played Macon.  I know that the band stayed  in the downtown Hilton when they played the stadium in 1973 and they stayed in the Peachtree Plaza when they played the Omni in 1977.  If you read Richard Cole's Stairway To Heaven the chapter The Séance is about goings on in Atlanta in 1977.  I have also heard that the crowd at the Omni show in 1977 was more than a little rowdy with more than a few arrests being made.  I have always wondered why they didn't play the Braves Stadium in 1977.  

  2. I am an Atlanta guy and so maybe I am just a little biased. I wish I could say that I saw this show but I was the ripe old age of 9 the last time Led Zeppelin graced my city. When I would go to other concerts at the Omni I never forgot that Led Zeppelin played there and I always wished I had a time machine to go back in. The Atlanta 1977 show: Excellent show but, for the most part, horrible recording. People complain about some of the problems of the 1977 tour but I am going to brag here and say that Led Zeppelin were at the top of their game, and maybe the top of this tour, o
  3. Unfortunately, I was born a little too late to see Led Zeppelin live or even to be a fan during their career. My yob is 1967 and I was 9 years old the last time Zep played my city of Atlanta on April 23, 1977. If I couldn't see them live I have always felt that one of the legacies of Led Zeppelin that we still have left is the houses of the holy. It is beyond depressing and has almost brought me to tears a few times that so many of the houses of the holy have been torn down. I have been in three of the houses of the holy for other concerts and events and I would always thing while in
  4. Yes sir. This is the show I am talking about. I am going to push the envelope with you a little more - but I am not exaggerating or pulling your leg here - when I say that the show still makes me want to stand up and clap after all of these years.
  5. To me the Going To California boot, or as some call it Going To California With Led Zeppelin, showcases Jimmy at his very best. This show also shows how great the band's acoustic sets could be. The best recording ever of That's The Way is on this show and Going To California is breath taking. This is just my opinion. What's yours?
  6. I am 49 years old and I have been a Led Zeppelin fan for years. Unfortunately, the band was a little before my time as far as me buying their albums on release or being a fan before the band broke up but I am still a hard cord Led Zeppelin fan by anyone's standards. Again, thank you for having me.
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