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  1. I hope the Bills bring in a really good coach and get their QB situation stabilized. I hope my beloved Vikings will solve all the issue on the O-Line and find a new starting RB. I hope the Packers lose the first game in the playoffs.
  2. So glad Rex and his brother are history in Buffalo. That team deserves better. So bummed about Derek Carr's injury. What a blow to a great Raiders team. My Vikings have been putrid since starting 5-0. Too many injuries to the O-line and the Defense stays on the field too long. If it's not a Cowboys v. Patriots Superbowl, I will be surprised. That being said, the Chiefs are looking mighty fine in the AFC.
  3. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, Zepheads.
  4. Joe is an awesome guitarist. He also seems like a really good guy.
  5. Has anyone had experience with buying gear on Reverb? Positive? Negative? Eh?
  6. It sure looks like a march to a Warriors-Cavs rematch. The Clippers look good and so do the Spurs.
  7. My son turned 18 today. His old educated hippie reboot parents took him for his first tattoo. He designed it himself. I love it.
  8. A Green Bay loss makes for a great weekend. If my Vikings bounce back tomorrow night against the Bears, then it will be a banner week of football for me. Thought we were going to have a second tie of the day in the Raiders-Bucs game. Glad to see the Raiders pull out the win. Man, the Patriots are such a well-oiled machine, and Tom Brady is just a leader among men. Peyton Manning himself will look back one day and tell his kids how he got to play during the Brady era.
  9. Raider nation has to be loving this season, so far.
  10. Indians 4-2. Again, I am terrible at sports predictions, so this is my feeble attempt.
  11. Congrats to the Eagles. My Vikings went down today, but that's okay. One of my best friends was a life-long Eagles fan and we lost him a year ago last week. We always loved when our teams squared off. We never really dug at each other, though we both wanted our teams to win. We always complimented the other's team win or lose. I miss him a lot, especially on days like today. Love you, Jerry. SKOL EAGLES.
  12. These final four are all great and worthy teams. I don't count any of them out, but I think a Cubs-Indians series is most likely. I'm fairly neutral when it comes to these two teams, but I also empathize with Cubs fans who have waited so long. I'm not very good at Sports predictions, but my gut tells me Cubs fans are going to continue to face the waiting game.
  13. Raiders looking like the team they should be in the NFL. How about those Bills? Fire your O-Coordinator and get Sammy Watkins on the sideline and the team takes off. Great D from the Bills today. Brady! What can I say? All he will see the rest of the season are 11 Roger Goodells on the other side of the line of scrimmage. I would hate to play the Patriots this season.
  14. So happy my Vikings are having such a great start to the season. Defense=A+; Offense=A.
  15. Love that movie. It was the first R rated movie I was allowed to see and I got to go with a group of 8th graders. We were bad asses.
  16. A little break in the humidity, but a warm early Fall, so far. A nice walk at the Arboretum this evening.
  17. I think it's sad, too. Like the Raiders, I like it when San Fran is competitive. They have some really good players. They need to finish these games.
  18. Both of these guys are Titans. I think Page was a little more versatile in terms of writing music and musical style. Hendrix rewrote the rule book on how to play an electric guitar. The guy was full of blues, soul, and psychedelic riffs, and jams. Love 'em both. I am also a huge Eddie Van Halen fan, as well. Eddie is famous for his tapping (which is awesome), but the guy could write a riff, play rhythm, and exploit harmonics like nobody else.
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