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  1. I went back and listened to that. I see what you mean. I would like to replace that one with: “Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown”- Olympia Theater Paris – October 10, 1969
  2. I fully agree about LTTE, DVD and BBC. I would also add Blueberry Hill September 4, 1970
  3. Which one are you referring to?
  4. "Immigrant Song"- September 4, 1970 "Rock and Roll"- Earls Court "Train kept a Rollin'"- July 7, 1980
  5. Humble Pie, Deep Purple, the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers Band.
  6. Plant: Best '71-'72 Worst: '80 Page: Best '72-'73 I don't really think he had a bad year, but he was a bit sloppy in '79-'80 Jones/Bonham: Please...those guys were always hitting on all cylinder, imho.
  7. I attempted to sign up for the RO group and it wouldn't allow me.
  8. I just listened to the San Bernardino show. You are right. Whole Lotta Love and SIBLY stood out to me..
  9. I listened to Mobile last night. That was a damn good show, Does anyone have a link for Southampton 1/23/73 ?
  10. I tend to lean toward Essen as my favorite. I certainly intend to check out some of the other suggestions that I don't have in my collection.
  11. It sounds similar in nature, for sure.
  12. I fully agree Bonzo_fan. They sounded awesome in Vancouver and Seattle!
  13. I actually dug his voice on the '75 tour. He had a few rough spots, but overall, I thought that he sounded great.
  14. You know, traffic wasn't too bad this past weekend. I drove from McDonough back up to Woodstock yesterday in 35 minutes. But I constantly have the boots going in my vehicle.
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