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  1. I wanted to point out that when we listened to Led Zeppelin on the original vinyl, it sounded much warmer and richer, and just had a huge sound overall. The digital versions sound compressed and flat by comparison. Very two-dimensional. So if you're from a younger generation who only has access to digital, or even worse, if you're satisfied to listen to them as an mp3 on your PHONE, you have no idea what you've missed out on!
  2. Not ALL of their music is straight-up psychedelic, but most of it is influenced by that experience. In Through the Out Door is not very trippy except for the intro, nor are the blues-based tunes. However, many of their songs will bend your mind! I think the whole Led Zeppelin III is EXTREMELY trippy. Surely inspired by their stay at Bron-Yr-Aur. Celebration Day, Out On the Tiles, Immigrant Song, and Hats Off to Roy Harper in particular. 'Hats Off' starts out with a backwards looping echo that makes you feel like you're being turned inside out. And those harmonics on the guitar put you right again! Other songs that stand out to me as psychedelic are Trampled Underfoot, No Quarter, When The Levee Breaks, The Song Remains The Same, the live version of Dazed and Confused and Whole Lotta Love, Achilles Last Stand, For Your Life, the Wanton Song, Kashmir, and Going to California. Though I'm sure that trippiness is in the ears of the Beholder. I'll always be grateful for the mental voyages that Led Zeppelin took us on. However, like any great exploration, the adventure must eventually come to an end.
  3. I am surprised you would have to ask! I would consider Led Zeppelin one of the most psychedelic bands ever, right up there with Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix. (By psychedelic, I don't mean typical of the 60's 'psychedelic' style. I mean, Straight- on Awesome when you're ON psychedelics.) When I was a teenager they were the band of choice to listen to while doing acid or mescaline, among me and my friends. The wild solos and sound effects, the wild pounding rhythms, the ecstatic howling of Robert Plant, the crazy spiraling, bouncy riffs of Jimmy Page... I am disappointed the band has never admitted how psychedelia influenced their music. It really made their music larger than life, and they could take you for quite a ride. Their influence and vision is what inspires me to be a musician even today! Yes, psychedelics are not a great idea long-term. Yet they can inspire you, make you one with the Universe, and put your mind in harmony. There have been studies done that prove they can have positive effects. I am disappointed that they have fallen out of favor these days because they made me feel connected to the world and the people around me, far from the selfish, addictive drugs like coke or heroin.
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