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  1. Here is the original written by Bill Monroe, with Kenny Baker on fiddle.
  2. I don't know if this is for real but the bass does sound good.
  3. August 31, 1969 Led Zeppelin played the Texas Pop Festival. JImmy Page today on his website, the master of understatement: Led Zeppelin played a good set on this day.
  4. Another great thing about this track. Sure it has that classic stuttering,staccato riff played in unison by guitar and bass. Lots of bands have tried over the years to play things like that. But what is even better are all the other guitar parts around that riff (not including the solo discussed above), which are very unusual for "hard rock", and the way the bass breaks free from the guitar on those parts. So cool and so unique. The bass lines are something else.
  5. Lined up for later today. A recent CD purchase. Early primitive Santana, with some different members than at the 1969 Woodstock gig. Raw, and you could see the potential for what was to come. Late December 1968 at the Fillmore. Just before Zeppelin got there.
  6. Another great thing about this track is the tone on the guitar solo. It sounds a bit like a keyboard, and nothing like what would be "expected" for a song this heavy. The solo itself, its construction and phrasing, is also very unexpected for a heavy riff track like this. Just a few more things that make Zeppelin Zeppelin.
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