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  1. Out on the Tiles - this is Over the Top Top Top... I always thought it was so cool that the original did not have a guitar solo. But this solo is very much in the spirit of Jimmy and it is very well done. A few licks remind me a bit of Peace in Mississippi by Hendrix. Overall so amazing. When I sent this to a friend I said that the People's Front had hit the motherlode of Zeppelin here. This track is criminally underrated by casual fans. Will there be a drum cam version? And if I could make a request how about La La ????
  2. John M


    There is a hint of Swan Song in between White Summer and Black Mountainside at Houston May 21, 1977.
  3. Dan Crary and Doc Watson medley - Whistlin' Rufus and Ragtime Annie. This whole album of guitar only duets is fantastic. No other instruments. Dan teams up with some of the very best flatpickers ever. Tony Rice, Norman Blake, and Doc Watson. Great album title to boot.
  4. I am in a 1977 mood these days. This is usually brought on by the summer weather, maybe because the only time I saw Zeppelin was in the summer of 1977, which was one of the hottest ever on the east coast. There was a record heat wave that year. Anyway, this remaster by Northbridge is fantastic.
  5. To me this is the best sounding version of a soundboard from 1977. I have never seen any other releases on this label. Sick Again on this one is probably my favorite 1977 version. The label is called "Bad Girl Songs". Gotta love how the bootleg cover says "August 1977" http://starship.jpn.ph/zeppelin/beauty/disp/boot.jsp?R_idx=2491
  6. John M


    How much better are the remastered versions of A Farewell to Kings and the 1978 concert on the 40th Anniversary edition of A Farewell to Kings?
  7. Heard the whole Night Stalker on YouTube. Even on YouTube it sounds great. Dying Time, Song Remains and Trampled lead the way. The bass and drums sound fantastic, as do the keys on Trampled.
  8. Has anyone hear heard the 9 CD release described below: The Pareidolia Paradigm - This 9CD set, limited and numbered to 100 copies, features huge upgrades, previously unreleased rare sources and the lowest generation source material ever released on disk for all three Los Angeles Forum March 1975 shows. Each show is presented in the best quality and most complete version ever released. Each CD set is housed in special paper cases within an exquisite box with hologram cover. This set includes The Night Stalker new soundboard as a special bonus disk. I love the name Pareidolia Paradigm Pareidolia (/pærɪˈdoʊliə/ parr-i-DOH-lee-ə) is the tendency to interpret a vague stimulus as something known to the observer, such as seeing shapes in clouds, seeing faces in inanimate objects or abstract patterns, or hearing hidden messages in music.
  9. Gibsonfan, your review got me to go back to this show for the first time in many years - thank you for that. This is such a cool version of Hot Dog. The guitar intro is relatively strong, and the instrumental intro is extended because Plant fails to enter at the normal time. During this extended intro, the piano plays some additional new melody lines, and you can really hear Jimmy's very gritty, very "chicken scratchy" backing riffs. So cool. I do agree with bluecongo that Heartbreaker is fantastic once the band joins Jimmy after the solo. Plant recognizes this at the end of the show: "Nice little workout!" Then he says "See you again sometimes, who knows?" I also like when Plant tells the audience member "No, no, that's not from the present".
  10. I really like Bones of Saints but I would not call this digging deep. It is more like scratching the surface in general. When he talked about the music it was very surface, vague and generic. When he talked about the lyrics it was pretty obvious. He is still the master of avoiding specifics. He works very hard at it - you can hear him thinking of what not to say. Still great to hear him talk about a song like this. I did notice that the interviewer completely missed the point of the title. Plant corrected him without contradicting him. Very smooth.
  11. found this old TV spot on YouTube for the August 1978 show I mentioned above with Mahogany Rush, Nugent, and Aerosmith. I forgot Journey played too.
  12. The comment above says that the new release of the Millard tapes is not better than some prior versions. Has anyone else here listened to the new 9 CD release of the Millard tapes from all 3 LA shows?
  13. I stumbled across this on YouTube. Took me back to those days in the late 70s when for a brief moment this was one of my favorite live albums. I gained an even better appreciation of Mahogany Rush when I saw them open for Nugent and Aerosmith at Giants Stadium in the summer of 1978.
  14. The samples sound great. I am no audiophile - to me they sound as good soundwise as Deus ex Machina.
  15. John M


    Back to the future - Jimmy tries out the riff to "Jam Sandwich" during Communication Breakdown 2/13/75. In its context you can see how he got it from "Its Your Thing".
  16. I was just getting ready to post something in the live shows thread about 2/13/75. All the others listed above are fantastic as well. So much to enjoy. What I was going to say about 2/13/75 is how remarkable the bass is, especially during IMTOD and TSRTS. I was thinking back on some excellent advice I saw once in the live shows thread : "listen carefully to what Jones is doing". Always superb advice!! The bass always sounds so great and has such separation on the 75 boards. And the drums, my goodness the drums! You can also hear very clearly what amazing things Jones does with the bass pedals. On 2/13/75 listen to Jones during the opening of TSRTS. I don't recall hearing him play it that way on other shows. I keep going back to 75 shows even though Plant struggles alot and Page has his ups and downs. But the set list is so fantastic and the power and clarity of the bass and drums really brings it home. One more note - any show after 2/27 has the grand piano in NQ. The prior versions are great but if you like the sound of the grand piano start with shows 2/27 or later.
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