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  1. John M

    The space before the live decline

    To me the only decline in 1973 was Plant's voice, but he adjusted and it was still effective for the most part. I think 1973 has some of Page's best work ever. No decline for Jones or Bonham to my ears. I would not trade away the 1975 shows for anything. Yes they were a different band. The new material was fantastic live: Kashmir, Dying Time, Trampled, even Sick Again was a powerhouse. The new funky section of WLL was fresh. No Quarter became an experimental jazz/avant garde jam where they created new music on the spot each night - well worth it. What really amazes me is how good Plant sounded after he got warmed up in those shows after a few songs. His voice was different but still great, and it really fit the newer material.
  2. John M

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Two of the best acoustic flatpickers
  3. Blackmore gets in a nice solo at 3:28 followed by Jon Lord, then a much too short second guitar break at 6:17. Blackmore's clean tone against the subdued background is a delight.
  4. Great version - thanks for posting. That is the show I attended. One of the comments in YouTube is that the crowd was bonkers. The crowd was totally bonkers indeed.
  5. John M

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    We did this classic at my bluegrass jam this week. Well, we didn't do it quite like this, but we had fun. Bela Fleck is amazing on banjo of course, but check out the guitar break starting at 0:39. Most bluegrassers don't like electric bass but I think it adds punch and drive. This has shades of I Know You Rider and I could imagine the Grateful Dead doing a great job with it.
  6. How the East Was Won. Dig Bonham's intro "Louder ! Louder ! Zeppelin ! Zeppelin !" Another little nugget in this show is the guitar licks Page plays during the drum intro to Rock and Roll. I wish he had kept that for more shows. It fits perfectly yet throws you off because you are expecting just drums there.
  7. John M

    Holy Grails

    YES ! Even if we could just get Celebration Day from that show in the quality of How the East Was Won. Another one - Celebration Day Orlando 71 in the same quality as the beginning of that show.
  8. John M

    Holy Grails

    Yes indeed. For me that track pretty much defines 1977. It is the first live version I ever heard and what struck me at first was all the killer guitar. Only knowing the studio track I was not expecting so much guitar. A very different style for Jimmy compared to other live material and so cool. The other thing that struck me was Plant - he is so magnificent in this version. In particular, 13:48- 13:55 in the clip below. (Also 14:40-14:45) And of course Jones and Bonham are beyond compare .
  9. I trust it was a great show. I have seen the Rangers 10 times, but most recently way back in 2012. I started seeing them when they had just released their first CD. So the first show I saw they still had the original fiddle player. He was okay but nothing like the "new" guy, Nicky. One time at a festival they were doing "Bluegrass Blues" and Woody broke a string. He just kept right on singing while he reached into his pocket, got a string, and changed it. So there was no acoustic guitar for a bit but he did not miss a word.
  10. John M

    Current music recommendations

    This is one of the more straight bluegrass originals by Billy Strings and it cooks. All the instrumental breaks are good and Billy kills it starting at 2:30
  11. John M

    Random Newspaper Articles

    I love that quote "the kids in the band". Says something about the times. Page was 31 and Jones was 29. I also get a kick out of the reference to "the Led" but maybe that is just a misquote or a typo.
  12. John M

    How do the latest Zeppelin Books stack up

    Evenings with Led Zeppelin by Dave Lewis and Mike Tremaglio is fantastic. It is all about the concerts with great details on venues, capacity, recordings, etc. Alot of venue photos and historical information on the venues. Gives you a sense of the times. Lots of photos of tickets, flyers, posters, and ads. .An amazing amount of press reviews from the time. Be forewarned, many of the press reviews are negative but they are very interesting and telling in their own right. The positive press reviews are terrific. There is nothing about road stories or rumors. I am glad for that. This book has one focus and the authors nailed it. One of the more fascinating things is all the detail on groups that Zeppelin opened for, or who opened for Zeppelin, or who shared the stage with them at festivals. The festival information often includes day by day and hour by hour schedules. Helps us to see what an amazing time it was in 1969-70. So it depends what type of book you want. This book is a treasure trove of documented facts that tell the story of every Zeppelin concert, including interesting details on cancelled show as well. A high quality hardback publication that is well worth the money.
  13. John M

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    1972 The acoustic guitars sound great on this one.
  14. Another 50th anniversary coming up in a few days.
  15. John M

    The 80s Thread

    One of the great comeback tracks in rock and roll. This was so great to hear in 1989.
  16. John M

    Best Line In Rock & Roll

    I said, "Look man, I'm outdoors you knowCan I stay with you maybe a couple of days?"He said, "Let me go and ask my wife"He come out of the houseI could see it in his face, I know that was noHe said, "I don't know man, ah she kinda funny, you know"I said, "I know, everybody funny, now, you funny too"
  17. John M

    Jimmy Page and the XYZ tapes

    Good entry on Jimmy's site today for Jan 4, 1981. I forgot the sessions were that early in 1981. Anyway he provides a Soundcloud clip from the track Rock and Ruin that eventually became Fortune Hunter with the Firm. Here is the text from his site today. I played the XYZ sessions at The Sol The first playing I did after Led Zeppelin split up was with Chris Squire and Alan White - the rhythm section of Yes. They got in contact and said they had some material and I said I had a studio. This was the best medicine I could have had at this time and I knew that playing with them might be quite challenging, knowing the quality and precision of the music they had established with Yes. In fact, the combination of the three of us proved to be substantial. Chris had supplied bass, piano and vocals, with Alan on backing vocals and drums. Chris even had a name for the outfit - XYZ - and I believe they hoped Robert Plant would have a listen but I think he was occupied. And the party was over. However, the music that was done at this point was really good. Here is a sample of Rock & Ruin- a rough mix of something I presented to them, but their songs were more impressive.
  18. John M

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    From Norman Blake's debut album in 1972. Tut Taylor on the dobro.
  19. John M


    This was a pretty good show.
  20. John M

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    From 1989. The heaviest part begins at 6:31.