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  1. I'm fairly young and haven't had the fortune of being around when Led Zeppelin was still touring or putting out new music. But I was first introduced to the Beatles and then shortly Led Zeppelin. Stairway to Heaven, like many, was the first song that I really listened to and enjoyed and before I knew it I owned all the remasters from a couple years ago and listen to Led Zeppelin almost everyday. Though the Beatles are still a close second for me nothing can beat Led Zeppelin.
  2. What is your favorite song(s) from Physical Graffiti? Right now for me it's a tie between In The Light and Bron-Yr-Aur. I also love In My Time Of Dying and The Rover. As well as Houses of the Holy. It's so hard to pick just one. Please leave a comment I'd love to hear other opinions as well as reasonings possibly. Thanks!
  3. PG is up there for me. I've just recently over the past couple of years gotten into it and appreciated it for what it is. The album I feel is most underrated is Houses of the Holy simply from coming off the heels of IV I feel like it gets dismissed by a lot of people expecting something different. I feel like it's Led Zeppelins most laid back album but yet has a lot of substance, that if you take yourself a bit back you'll find and really appreciate. Also some of my favorite song lyrics from the songs with that LP. Thanks for replying I'd love to read why you believe presence is the most underrated album. Thanks!
  4. I know what you mean! III was my favorite for the longest time and I still go back to it every now and then. As far as my favorite albums I flip flop all the time. Right now I'm in love with Houses of the Holy and PG. Thanks for replying I love hearing other people's opinions!
  5. I know what you mean. I was born in 2000 and have just really gotten into Zeppelin the past couple years and it sucks knowing I'll more than likely never see the remaining members play together live except through a video. Sad.
  6. What is your favorite Zeppelin album or the one you feel most underated?
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