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  1. Wow very cool an official Zeppelin forum. I'm from Los Angeles California and grew up in San Diego and was lucky enough to have see both the 1975 and 1977 shows at the San Diego Sports Arena. The 75 show was one of those moments in life that you never forget, a real life changing event to be in the same room with Led Zeppelin. I could ramble on................
  2. I bought a copy and only did so because I found the 2 Cd 1 DVD edition for $13.99. After listening all day I find that some tracks are a real revelation while others are or sound to these ears to be nothing new. The set opener Good Times Bad Times, oh does Bonzo sound incredible or what! But! Wait until you hear When the Levee Breaks, that thunderous ground breaking intro of Bonzo's, the drum pattern that launched a 1000 drummers sounds huge! Whereas Cd 2 opener The Song Remains the Same sounds as it always has to me, nothing new here.
  3. FLYING CIRCUS MSG NY 1975 although this is one of many.
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