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  1. Happy Birthday John Paul Jones, the one man band. God Bless you.
  2. It was 1978, Caracas Venezuela, when I saw The song remains the same, I went to watch it 10 times more in the same Theater, I was like Mesmerized, and I'm still am, I'm a guitar player because of the great Jimmy Page, after all thesse years I play so many Led Zeep songs and I'm not tired of hear and play those songs. Everybody knows me as Led Zeppelin Big Fan here, an Authority about playing and Knowledge. I went to see twice Page&Plant but I always wait a reunion of the masters. Finally after watch these clips from yesterday, that brings me tears in my eyes, I'll thank everybody invol
  3. Bunch of stupids of warner recoerd, thay gonna make a fortune with those cel phone clips. Idiots I hate them.
  4. I saw Jimmy and Robert 1995 and 1998, it was wonderfull a dream come true, but after see those reunion clips makes me wish to see this new Led Zeppelin, they played like gods, and I knew that. So we are waiting for "Tour Dates" remember Jonesy? !Led Zeppelin Is Flying High, again! Thank you for this nice forum. Nicky Scarola, From Caracas, Venezuela. I want to post my picture with Jimmy but I don't know how to do it.
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