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  1. Not sure about this. On another music forum there was a bloke who'd found "top 10 of artists streamed in 2018 on Spotify" sort of list. Zeppelin were top 8 among non-solo acts, with about 10.5 million streams. Not bad for a band with only one full gig since July 1980.
  2. 76229

    Random Newspaper Articles

    Don't know how Shirley metamorphosed into Molly.
  3. 76229

    Random Newspaper Articles

    One week after Live Aid. Trying to hit those notes after 5 years can't have improved things for Percy's pipes.
  4. 76229

    Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    The obviously nonsense nature of the story and catty comment about Plant's beer belly, made me wonder exactly who the prankster was.... 😈
  5. 76229

    Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    And yet it was picked up by the BBC & the Guardian! Sad comment on journalistic standards. I posted on Steve Hoffman that the story was obviously b*******s yet everyone there seemed to believe it was true.
  6. 76229

    Led Zeppelin Photo Mysteries

    Dunno about that but the kid on the left of the pic was sired by some synthpop bloke in the 80s.
  7. Just a fun thread for riffs that make you think Zep but are actually other artists, to start off Lenny Kravitz - Rock and roll is dead Stone Roses - Driving South Think it's fair to say both were inspired by listening to Zeppelin....! Any others?
  8. 76229

    Led Zeppelin Day

    Bonzo looks like Fu Manchu! Still, Page & Jones look right, and Plant looks about right....
  9. 76229

    Newly found roll of Zeppelin photos - 06-10-77

    Just wanted to say Derek: Thanks for putting these here. It's easy to get cynical when you see the headline "new Zeppelin thing found" as there have been so many mislabellings, etc. E.g. the recent tape of Gladsaxe Sept '68. So it's been lovely to see a genuine one and those are great pics too.
  10. He said he still records on it, though doesn't play it onstage. And they must have played that many shows by '75, 150 in 1968/9 alone!😮
  11. JPJ, the musician's musician. I love the way he still has the '62 Jazz bass, that must have been thru what, 250+ shows?
  12. Wondered if anyone on here had seen this gem from 2007. Jonesy's work with a US folk / bluegrass band, and he makes a cameo as the piano player!
  13. 76229


    Oblique reference to the Rain Song?!
  14. 76229

    Newly found roll of Zeppelin photos - 06-10-77

    For 40 year old photos these are fantastic quality! Brilliant stuff Derek. Now, if previously unknown pictures can emerge after all this time, how about previously unknown recordings....
  15. 76229


    It's so typical of his sense of humour though. Puncturing the Zeppelin mystique.
  16. 76229


    "My peers flirt with cabaret Some fake the rebel yell I'm moving up to higher ground I must escape their hell" Tin Pan Valley. His view on botoxed up hair dyed ageing rockers couldn't be clearer. Thank God Plant's aged with dignity.
  17. 76229

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    I wonder if Tyler suggesting bringing in Marti Frederiksen brought back Mickie Most / Little Games style flashbacks for Page?! "outside songwriter? bugger off!"
  18. 76229

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    I would've happily switched out Misty Mountain Hop for In The Evening, and Trampled for Achilles. According to Mick Wall Plant vetoed anything "too heavy metal", which meant no Immigrant Song and no ALS.
  19. 76229

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    The weirdest piece of news this 50th anniversary (?) year. A painting of Percy got nicked! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-46322935
  20. I'm still betting on a previously unknown Montreux recording. No particular reason, except Page's comment about the recording showing "a really different view of the band".
  21. 76229

    Peter Grant's Horselunges Manor, Sussex.

    I think it was Joan Hudson who used to read Country Life. That's how they became aware that Headley Grange was being offered as a recording facility.
  22. 76229

    Jimmy Page photo shoot at Abbey Road Studios

    An eagle eyed poster at RO noticed that there appears to be a violin / cello bow on top of the left cabinet.
  23. Even Page himself says it's Plant, doing an impression of Dr John. It still sounds like Bonzo taking the mick to me, but there you go.
  24. If he'd just admit he's retired from live performance I wouldn't mind, but it's the "I'm working on some er...things / new music / Andean nose flute instrumentals" dance he so often dances that irritate me. But the truth is, in musical terms he doesn't owe you me or any of us anything. Nor does Plant or Jones.