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  1. There's the common soundboard 7-6-73 show from Chicago where Plant's voice is toast. The soundcheck, often referred to be in Chicago '73 (you say 7-7-73) wouldn't have been known to exist from the 7th because that tape (cd that is, far after the tape trading days) didn't surface till 2003. Plant's voice is much better on the night of the 7th however and so that soundcheck could've been the one we hear here. But..as I said, the 7-7-73 audience taped show wasn't around when the 'Johnny Kidd and the Pirates' soundcheck came out. Ask me how I know about the show on the 7th.
  2. Let's see here then.... Nicotine and the other ingredients added to tobacco for cigarettes are addicting too. Some say smoking cigarettes doesn't affect one's judgement or work but just take those ciggies away and watch the wrath, violence, unsavory, radical action one acts with WITHOUT their smokes. SO...if a state like Colorado, that has LEGAL marijuana, has businesses and such that won't hire, or they fire, an employee for Pot usage...it's legal. Shouldn't they also be able to not hire or fire a legal, smoking nicotine addicted person ? It goes both ways. One can't come in and say but cigarettes are legal, so no comparison. Wrong marijuana is legal too there. And don't tell me nicotine and such doesn't remain in one's system after they flick their butt as garbage all over the sidewalk etc....
  3. The number one "gateway" drug is nicotine, ala cigarettes. If you want to attempt to veer the young away from drugs, it's best to start with tobacco inaccessiblity.
  4. My worry is that the new administration might let the federal 'police' crack down on these State laws. The outgoing admins had the feds 'lay off', but I'm not so sure about these new dudes. I still wouldn't invest in that volatility. The new guys, at least the head dude, has said he's for state's rights....but usually that only pertains to the laws they agree with. Otherwise they crack down. Event the State's that have been legal for a period now are endangered. Just like so many of the other implementations of things like protecting the environmental, health and social issues. We may see regression.
  5. It seems to me that this is one of those shows where the 'audience' recording, stage mics ?, is better than the soundboard. Any disagreement ?
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