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  1. Another shot of 'Ed Force One' somewhere in South America on the current tour... shades of the Starship and Caesar's Chariot... not many bands are big enough to have the clout for this mode of transport especially when the captain is the lead singer! Not even Robert managed that!
  2. I saw this Yardbirds line up at the Royal Albert Hall in September 1966 supporting the Rolling Stones... I'm fairly sure that Jimmy Page played duel lead with Jeff Beck and not bass. Also on the bill were Ike and Tina Turner... the Stones were recorded for some of the tracks on the US album 'Got Live If You Want It'. Not sure if any tapes exist for the Yardbirds performance from that night but they were definitely on fire.
  3. The current 'Somewhere Back In Time' world tour is huge as they traverse the globe in Ed Force One. Saw them in Melbourne at the beginning of Feb and will be in LA for another two shows at the end of May.
  4. Iron Maiden - Los Angeles 30 May Iron Maiden - Los Angeles 31 May
  5. Caught the last half hour and the encores... and didn't have to pay! Incredible atmosphere in the Rod Laver Arena and the stage set up was a updated (and much better) version of the 84/85 World Slavery Tour as can be seen on the new 'Live After Death' DVD. Anyone who gets the chance to see this tour will be absolutely blown away... this could be the best live act since Led Zep strutted the world stage... no kidding. As they say 'Up the Irons' you won't be disapointed with this excitement machine.
  6. Just caught Iron Maiden's 'Somewhere Back In Time' tour in Melbourne last Thursday (7th Feb)...totally bloody awesome!
  7. Thanks for the post... terrific non sensationalised article.
  8. Was really hoping to catch their second concert at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne next Thursday evening 7th Feb. Just found out the concert will have them on stage at 9.00 PM and my flight lands at 20.50 so no chance as far as I can see to be at the stadium in time... so much for my little bonus reason for being in Melbourne a day early to catch this one but probably wouldn't have scored a ticket outside the arena anyways. Nice thought though... saw them in NZ around '93... these guys know how to rock!
  9. Saw them last night.... 30,000 at Western Springs, Auckland... far, far, better than I ever expected it to be! Led Zeppelin played at the same venue in Feb '72 before the biggest crowd at the time for a rock concert in NZ.
  10. Thanks for you input Franco and Steve... much appreciated.
  11. Thanks Luke for posting this... very interesting. I will try and post a photo of it when I get home tonight.
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