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  1. AWESOME!!! My fave Marvel character and Zeppelin...perfect!
  2. Damn... sexiest man in rock & roll.. back in the 70s I was a Zep fan but for some reason I was really into Roger Daltrey and The Who. Later in life, I revisited Zeppelin and I'm just blown away. Their music is sublime...not that The Who weren't either. I think there was a certain darkness to Zeppelin that scared me. The kids in HS that were Zep Heads were mostly hard core druggies and while I loved their music, I wasn't part of that group of kids that were tripping out everyday...after HS..another story. But I look at these pics of Robert and I don't get why I didn't have a major crush on this man back then
  3. Did not know that about Maureen. And certainly the band was all about overindulgence and overexcess. It was the 70s after all. That era was all excess. I think JPJ and Plant were the sanest of the bunch. You are right about addiction... it is the real devil.
  4. Awww...sorry I missed Satan. LOL I was just interested if there was any speculation on this subject. Kinda like Sympathy for the Devil...the Stones wouldn't play that song for awhile after the killing at Altamont. Just wondering if any members of Zeppelin were superstitious after the bad crap that happened. Yeah Wall drones on and on and on about that subject. The book was a decent read except for the author's penchant for needling a subject to death. Is there a better bio on Zep that I should read?
  5. So, I read the Zeppelin bio by Mick Wall, "When Giants Walked the Earth" and he goes into quite a lot of depth about Page's obsession with occultist (or some use Satanist) Alastair Crowley. Which struck me as ironic because in the 70s us kids were warned that listening to Zeppelin was an act of satanism. Seriously thought that was the stupidest thing I ever heard. Then I read this... Wall also talks about the Zeppelin curse. Though unfortunately affected Plant the most. It does seem weird that there was all this bad juju around the band (Plant's accident, his son dying then Bonham who was Plant's BF dying, ending the band). I wonder if Plant ever thought that Jimmy messing around in black magick had anything to do with the band's woes and his specifically.
  6. I'm from Detroit and in 1969 started listening to the new rock station at the time WABX. It was cool to do that... They basically played all album oriented rock and of course constantly played Zeppelin. Just really drawn to their music...and of course like most young teen females at the time, Robert Plant. ?
  7. Well...For me obviously my fave movies are the LOTR trilogy...not sure Robert was a fan though. If he is a Tolkien purist he probably would not like the creative liberties Jackson took with the books. Still were beautiful movies though...
  8. I love all their music but really am drawn to their acoustical pieces. I love Battle of Evermore...just their use of the mandolin is amazing but Robert's voice is so ethereal. His vocal range is extraordinary.
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