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  1. Yes, I thought as much, sorry for the 79 joke.
  2. It was in development, from the very beginning to 1973. IMO this is a wonderful, heavy, energetic 71 version. Therefore, it doesn´t make sense to compare it to e.g. Seattle 73. Another example: Listening to any 73 or 75 version of Heartbreaker after listening to the 923 version may cause a narcoleptic attack. Thanks for touching holy ground, I really appreciate your nitpicking reviews.
  3. Sounds good. Peter Stormare seems to be in his element, too. I really loved Stormare & Buscemi in Fargo.
  4. Yes, this has to be the ultimate live version of Wild Dogs! Compared to the TBB live versions, which are ruined by the cheesy keyboard sounds of Mark Stein, this one truly shines. Soulful, melancholic vocals by Tommy and superb backing vocals by Glenn. And THAT guitar solo is beyond words, still gives me goosebumps.
  5. Wheter inferior smack or bad shot, his left arm was numb after that event in Indonesia, badly affecting his playing on the following Japan shows. His claim of falling asleep on his arm was just a lame excuse.
  6. Song: Bron-Yr-Aur Album: Physical Graffiti Artist: Led Zeppelin Get yourself a copy, you might like it
  7. Maybe the same clowns who are responsible for the 2017 vinyl release of the Northern Lights recordings from Sept. 1976. This uneven, uninspired performance clearly shows the limited capacity of Johnny Bolin. I know it was a hard time for Tommy Bolin, the ugly breakup with longtime-love Karen, his increasing problems with booze and hard drugs, Narada Michael Walden had left and Bobby Berge wasn´t available either. But to put Johnny on the same stage with Haslip, Stein & Bell was truly a bad decision. Sorry to say that, but imho every high school band should have a far better drummer than J
  8. Funny, when it´s about official releases I prefer vinyl, have collected a lot of first/early pressings and Mofi or Analogue Prod. releases- CDs for the car and boots. I had some LZ LP-boots in the early 90ies, sold them when I discovered better sounding CDs over the years. The recent "Going to Cal"- 9/14 LP on Casino Records is a really good sounding release, but I do prefer the excellent Graf Zeppelin CD. Anyway, enjoy your Final Option, that´s all that matters. And yes, it´s a pity......
  9. Are you sure that the white splash vinyl indicates that there is a Swingin´Pig release? Is it confirmed that the LPs of the original RSR release are black? I think I haven´t seen pictures of black LPs yet. Also, I haven´t seen a photo of a box with the Swingin`Pig logo either.
  10. Never heard of a Swingin`Pig release. [] IMO the soundquality of the Final Option Box is outdated for a long time.
  11. Summer`s Almost Gone - The Doors
  12. The Wind Blows Your Hair - The Seeds
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