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  1. Haha, yes, of course William is right. I was much too focused on Jimmy´s clothes, couldn´t see the forest for the trees. Many thanks to pluribus, William Austin and sam webmaster for their contribution to solve the mystery. Sure, what do you expect? New book: 3 to 5 folks. New boot: 3 to 10 folks.........an endangered species, indeed.
  2. Hi Eric, got my copy last friday, thanks again for your guidance. Agreed, more pro shots would have been nice, but on the whole I really like this book. I have noticed there is no 924 concert photo either. I always have tried to distinguish the different 71 photos/dates via Jimmy´s clothes. No doubt about 923: Jimmy wears the dark T-shirt with the nice sun image (purchased in Montreux, I guess) and the brown suit jacket for the first songs. 924: The dark blue T-shirt with the red lines at neck & sleeve ends. 927: Small stage, white shirt with small knitted pullunder (indeed very small, could have been a present for his 15th birthday). 928: Revelation, thanks to this new book- almost same clothes as in Hiroshima, but this time a white shirt with very thin blue lines. Teeny pullunder in action once again! 929, still a mistery to me: I think most of the bootleg releases (including the recent 929 SB) got it wrong, presenting photos of the actual 924 Budokan gig, with Jimy wearing the blue T-shirt with red lines. Some boots have photos with Jimmy wearing a red shirt, but I think they are from Hampton or the Berkeley gigs. In my opinion he wore the brown suit trousers and a bright shirt with much thinner fabric than the shirts he wore 927 & 928. Also, I think Robert wears a sun image T-shirt, same as Jimmy on 923. What do you think?
  3. Jimmy could have picked any ltd box set, he decided to give Jeff LZ II, that speaks volumes.
  4. Any idea where to buy this book? I visited amazon japan just to find out that the english version doesn´t work proper. No clue if they ship to Europe...... Does anyone have experience with book orders from Japan?
  5. Unfortunately not Bonzo´s Birthday nor the second night June 3, I misread that too- it is 1975, the new master SBD of LA Forum 1975 = The Night Stalker This flyer is enclosed to the Pareidolia Paradigm Box.
  6. Fingers crossed, but I don´t think it will happen in 2019, normally there are prior announcements about two months before the release. Maybe next year, but dead certain in 2021 to the 50 anniversary. Anyway, I am prepared for the complete 928 & the rest of 929. Who´s to say that there aren´t SBs for 923, 924 & 927 as well?
  7. Let´s talk about this upcoming 929 Osaka AUD Master release. The best AUD version that I know so far is still medoicre compared to the best AUD sources of 923. The 929 AUD is distant, unbalanced & Robert´s voice suffers from heavy echo- even the master tape wouldn´t solve these problems. Maybe EV uses the so-called "Mr. Peach recording", which has been released by Tarantura 2K recently? (which I haven´t heard so far) Any thoughts?
  8. At last! I have been waiting for this book for ages. Considering the high quality of the few photos we already know, this book will be gorgeous.
  9. Thanks for your reply. Did you attend a concert of the Tommy Bolin band in 1976? I know he played in NY in May/June and later in the fall of 1976.
  10. There is a new EV Paper Case re-release of the Snowblind 3/20/75 show for about $ 65. Landover 2/10/75 is available on the TCOLZ label for about $ 50. I know these prices are higher than the average Moonchild release, but maybe it helps. Also, EV is not second to none- check out the Graf Zeppelin and Eat A Peach/Golden Eggs releases, they have excellent sound quality for about $ 50 to $ 65.
  11. Wow- any memories? Was it one of the few US gigs where Tommy & Glenn were ok an played fine? Jimmy Page & Tommy Bolin always have been my favourite guitarists.
  12. Interesting, my ex-girlfriends and female friends mostly were/are atrracted to Jimmy Page. They think the other members are handsome for sure, but Jimmy...... By the way, I also have my special moments during IMTOD, every time Robert gets to the "Oh my Jesus" & "Please Lord" part, I think of leaving the room, mumbling " SHUT UP. Pleeeeeeeease"
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