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  1. Considering the long delivery times before Christmas, EV should release it tomorrow. I am ready for anything.
  2. Wow, that is amazing. All of them at MSG? Which tour did you like the most? Any favourite memory? As I was born in 1971, the nearest I got was the Page/Plant concert at the Wiener Stadthalle in 1998. No Quarter was a revelation, still gives me goosebumps.
  3. By the way, I really hope EV choose suitable pictures for the artwork of this upcoming 928 box. The Bath picture on the flyer is plainly annoying.
  4. What The Heck Twins- a synonym for EV productions, usually printed on the back side of EV boxes since about 2015/2016
  5. Hell no! Wishful thinking, never lost faith......... Just imagine a 923 or 924 SB, quite a few would wet their pants.
  6. Don´t be too generous with your organs, what if 928 turns up? Yes, Seattle would be gorgeous!
  7. Last line of the recent fisheads update: "PS: Viva La Soundboard Revolution Holiday Spectacular" We´ll see.......
  8. 1970. probably around their Iceland concert.
  9. Choirmaster of the Winchester Cathedral................this is a wikipedia hallucination, isn´t it???
  10. Flamenco guitar lessons? Leading part in "Vlad Dracula in the Black Country woods"? Nope. When he hadn´t a credit card at hand, he still could shovel mountains of coke easily.
  11. Yes, I fully share your doubts. Because of the high price I will wait for more information about these "uncirculated/huge upgrades".
  12. According to several comments by Jimmy Page all of the Japan concerts were recorded/multitracked except the Hiroshima gig.
  13. No, you didn´t- this hasn´t been listed on the latest Fisheads update from 30th October. The Japan 72 box is $225. Anyway, Fisheads & others will sell the new box for a "moderate" price compared to Mr. $$$. Serious/reliable info from Japan about the aud sources will pop up soon, I am in good spirits.
  14. Ah, this is modest bootleg lingo at its best, as always. If these audience sources are new and nearly as good as promised, they should sound like the 7th source of 923. Fingers crossed....... And by the way, no one has to pay $ 449,-, this dealer is a well-known lunatic.
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