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  1. All of Graf Z.´s releases concerning the 72 Aus/N.Z. tour are named "No Longer Down Under". No SB, it´s partly a merge of video-aud and aud source. Agreed, don´t think Source 3 is an impressive upgrade in soundquality, I think the 27th Feb show is by far the weakest sounding of all the G.Z. releases of that tour.
  2. It is definitely Vienna, easy to recognise by the licence numbers (starting with the letter "W" for Wien). Unfortunately, the exact location isn´t clear to me as Robert´s head/hair is obscuring an important part of the background. Most likely (90% certainty) the location is Rechte Wienzeile, 4th or 5th district, towards 1st district downtown. On the leftside one can see some building cranes for the construction of the tube/subway at Karlsplatz. Btw, Robert´s clothes make me furious. The 16th of March 1973 was a cold day in Vienna: daily highs 7 centigrade/ 44 f, morning & evening temperature around 2 centigrade/ 35 f. No wonder his voice was in terrible shape a few hours later. Actually, his voice was shot since January and dressing like he did on such a cold day wasn´t very bright. Obviously, he couldn´t care less.
  3. Thank you zeplz71! Wow, from a few seconds to the complete song. Absolutely amazing to watch them blaze through Celebration Day. I hope some day we will be able to enjoy the whole video.
  4. Most unlikely to stumble across Falco in this RIP thread as he died in 1998 if my memory serves me well. Anyway, I completely agree with kipper. We may put out a fatwa on someone who try to bore/torture us with SOUND OF MUSIC!
  5. Just visit the LED ZEP LIVE section, there are many threads where bootlegs are discussed.
  6. I am still confident about a 50th anniversary release by EVSD, it would make sense in every way. If not now, then when? Speaking of their normal pattern: announcement of upcoming release in early September, collecting preorders til November, shipping early December. But if EV surprise us with a totally unexpected SB of 923 or 924, I will promise to wait another 3 years for the rest of the 929 SB.
  7. On 1. August 1951 Tommy Bolin was born. Despite his short lifespan, he died 25 years old, he is known as one of the most influential and greatest guitarists of the 20th century. I´ll celebrate the 70th anniversary of his birthday spinning records of Zephyr, Alphonse Mouzon, Billy Cobham, James Gang, Deep Purple and the Tommy Bolin Band on Volume 11.
  8. After the administration of the strongest truth-serum from the laboratories of the MI6 there is enough time for two questions: "Which live recordings from your LZ archive did you give your bosom friend Mr. Ross Halfin as a present?" "Do you really intend to officially release some live recordings in the remaining seven years, or was it just insubstantial blah blah to the 50. anniversary?"
  9. World Cup 2022 in Qatar from 21. November to 18. December. Impossible to play there in the summertime, a rather sick decision to choose Qatar imo. I am sure if the decision-makers get a load of money the World Cup 2030.will be held on the South Pole.
  10. You nailed it. I wonder if Mr. Southgate will keep his job.
  11. /\ Yep, quote function doesn´t work. Furthermore, I think the edit function isn´t available all the time.
  12. No difference here: for any Oscar-worthy performance players are cautioned (yellow card), or even excluded (red card) if they have seen the yellow card before.
  13. Plenty of nice and heady White Widow and Northern Lights is available. Although, a devastating Train Wreck would fit nicely to the Austrian efforts.
  14. Haha, on Saturday me and some friends have to have some joints pre & during Italy vs Austria, no chance to bear a match of the Austrians without some green aid. I guess Italy will win & progress in the tournament, and that is fine, as it is a great joy to watch them play.
  15. You shouldn´t be so pessimistic. The current German squad is far from the excellent team they got in 2014. "Radio" Müller is a bit under the weather, Leroy Sane`s performance is just awful, their defence is rather insecure and coach Jogi Löw doesn´t radiate confidence. So, I wouldn´t be surprised if England......... This ought to be a great match, I bet you won´t fall asleep.
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