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  1. Bravo, you made a good decision to purchase the Pro-Ject turntable! About the vinyl: I bought LZ I - Houses Of The Holy on Classic Records 200 gram round about 2002, the price was $ 45 each. The pressing quality is excellent & they sound incredible, no doubt. Also, I have the 2014 remasters and I think they sound quite good, too. Considering the extreme high prices for the Classic Records I would recommend you to try the 2014 remasters first, guess you won´t be unhappy with them.
  2. Yes, he ruined his health with coke & booze. Honestly, nothing to get excited about- just think of our beloved boys of Led Zeppelin & Black Sabbath. A lot of coke/heroin user & passionate booze hounds among them, eh?
  3. Nah, for this very special song I think Jimmy even used a Greco guitar.
  4. In consideration of the fact that Jimmy is turning 77 soon it is most unlikely he will tour again, and I am fine with that. Maybe he remembers his promise to release several previously unreleased live concerts within the next 10 years. Ouch!!!- sorry, only 8 years left........how time flies, Mr. Page.
  5. and this is the perfect addition, starring Willem Dafoe, John Malkovich & Udo Kier.
  6. I am confident about the complete 929 SB, EV will deliver. But I remain sceptical about an official release.
  7. 1. 29th Osaka 2. 23rd Tokyo 3. 28th Osaka & 24th Tokyo tied for third place 5. 27th Hiroshima My wish list for the 50th anniversary: An official release (complete shows, best of Japan- whatever), finally. The complete 929 SB with Plantations by EV. Any hint for the existence of SBs of 923 & 924. A new uncirculated AUD source of 924 with superior soundquality. AMEN
  8. So sad about this. From 1990 to 2005 I saw Uriah Heep about 10 times, all good shows. I was lucky to see just one Ken Hensley concert, this was the best "Uriah Heep gig" I ever saw, by a mile. R.I.P. Ken Hensley
  9. Thanks for posting this fantastic article, I´ll have to give III a spin tomorrow.
  10. ^^^ Thanks for this incredible photo- watching the concert from the photographers position must have been gorgeous.
  11. Welcome Sgt Pepper! What a formidable guy this General Babington was.
  12. Yippee! Time to celebrate the anniversary of the epic Japan tour of 1971. Maybe Mr. Nightowl could use his talents to merge sources 2, 4, 5 & 7 for a perfect 923 matrix. Also, an SB of 923 would be gorgeous!!! Big time, and it starts like this:
  13. No doubt. all good recommendations for 72 shows with VG - EX AUD recordings. Except one show: I haven´t found a decent sounding boot of the 6/22 San Bernardino show yet. I had the Winston Remaster and an EV release, both with terrible sound. I really don´t understand why this source is rated VG, the source for the 9/19/70 MSG evening show is rated Good to VG and the boots are so much better sounding than the Berdu boots. Am I missing something?
  14. The wonderful talents of Mr. Glenn Hughes would fit perfectly, and he even knows Jason Bonham so well. Although, I am not sure if I`d be happy with Jason on the drums. Anyway- Wake up, it is over, nothing will happen.
  15. No way, Jimmy would only like to talk about live recordings which he gave his blessing for an official release. If your name is Ross Halfin & you share private moments with Jimmy near the open fire, maybe then you listen to & discuss the Japan 1971 recordings........ Agree with all of you, Jonesy would be the right man.
  16. Not a major problem to me, I can live with that lyric switch. A huge disaster is the mutilation of the OTHAFA verses from 1973 onwards, that makes me mad.
  17. I hear you, Jimmy really should give these Japan tapes a "state of the art treatment" at Abbey Road studios. And yes, a complete RAH would be fantastic. They were incredibly good in 70 & 71, unsurpassed.
  18. Any background information about it? Is this a fan remaster, a source mix/merge or a matrix? What sources are used? Haven´t got the time to listen yet, but I guess it starts with source 7 and uses source 5 from WIAWSNB onwards......
  19. The Winston Remaster & the Eat A Peach are both fine, but the Graf Zeppelin version is the one you should get. Simply the best, by a mile.
  20. Optimism is a duty, therefore I choose the the upcoming 50th anniversary release of the COMPLETE Osaka 929 SB.
  21. Thanks for keeping it that short. Herzlichst, Leni
  22. Nothing wrong with these pants, he wore them (or similar) at the fantastic Montreux show in 1970. The pants he had for the Munich show one day later were excellent, too. But maybe you like his Dragon suits better? Or what about his tasteful 1980 outfits, they were beyond words......... To each his own.
  23. Yes, thank God he wasn´t with them in 1971. Sorry, I was a bit confused. I only knew "Live At Leeds"(with Ron 1982) which I have avoided. Haven´t heard about this "Sticky Fingers" deluxe box set with the Leeds 71 show, interesting release.
  24. "Live At Leeds" is with Ron Wood from 1982. You could get "Brussels Affair" from the Stones website back in 2011. Nowadays you can get a NM copy from $300 (just Vinyl and CDs) up to $600 for a complete box on Discogs, Mick Jagger signed boxes $1000 upwards.
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