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  1. Hiroshima is a stellar but compact concert, no doubt. Then again it is obvious why it is somehow overlooked- the other concerts are simply out of this world.

    I like Stairway To Heaven, the beautiful acoustic set and the wild Celebration Day. A remastered, lowgen, more natural sounding release of this AUD source would be nice.

    I am looking forward to the 50th anniversary releases, guess they will be gorgeous. 

  2. On 4/6/2020 at 6:35 PM, chillumpuffer said:

    Lamb Rogan Josh - hot and spicy. Naan breads to mop up the curry

    Delicious, hard to top that one-  Lamb Bhuna Gosht is also a favourite of mine.

    In order to guarantee a proper digestion I highly recommend a rolled help with ZeroZero or a Nepalese. Yes, indian cuisine demands big calibre.

  3. 20 minutes ago, Rodrigo said:

    Why? It's true that Jon Lord has said that 'Come Taste The Band' is a fantastic album, but not by Deep Purple. He also said he should have left the band with Ritchie in '75. Why is this out of context?

    Never heard he said that "Come Taste The Band" wasn´t a DP album, why should he? They decided to carry on with Tommy Bolin and I remember a lot of flattering compliments from Jon for Tommy´s playing, his songwriting and for beeing the man he was. Not until things got out of hand and ugly during their US tour due to the increasing drug antics of both Bolin and Hughes, this is what Jon considered "not like Deep Purple anymore". I think their tours of the US and the UK in 76 had a similar output like the 77 US tour of Led Zeppelin, a few brilliant shows, a lot of average shows & a lot of mediocre gigs. And of course Glenn Hughes had his equal share for the rapide decline.

  4. On 4/5/2020 at 5:39 PM, Rodrigo said:

    He was inducted into the RARHOF, simply didn't attend the ceremony.

    Ritchie's pre-ceremony message:

    Ritchie was honored by the offer of induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He was discussing the possibility of attending, until we received correspondence from the President of the Rock Hall of Fame, who said that Bruce Payne, management for the current Deep Purple Touring Band, had said "No"..........!!!!!"
    Therefore Ritchie will not be attending the ceremony. He sincerely thanks all the fans that voted for him for their support.

    I also leave the words of David Coverdale that I posted before:

    "It was really ugly what happened.

    I heard how the manager did everything he could to stop Glenn Hughes and me from giving a speech. Jon Lord's daughter wasn't there, which surprised us. But she refused to go when it was announced that Ritchie Blackmore was not allowed to attend, it was a mockery... None of them would be there if it wasn't for Ritchie".

    All the members of the MKI, MKII, and MKIII formations were inducted, except Nick Simper, without explanation, an embarrassment, I can't understand.

    Joe Lynn Turner should be inducted as well. And although I don't consider MKIV to be a Deep Purple formation (said by Jon Lord himself), I'd have liked Tommy Bolin to be inducted, but these are personal appreciations.


    All in all Deep Purple´s  induction to the RARHOF was nothing but a train wreck, sad for Ritchie, sad for Jon Lord´s daughter, and the exclusion of  Nick Simper didn´t help either.

    IMO the main guilty party are the authorities of the RARHOF. One should expect that they are able to choose AND invite ALL relevant musicians themselves. No need to even contact the current manager of the group, things can go terribly wrong with a motherfucker like Bruce Payne. 

    Also, you are still a little confused about MK4: you don´t consider them to be a Deep Purple formation, your quotation of Jon Lord  is completely out of context just to undermine your very personal point of view.

    And to keep things really funny, you would have liked Tommy Bolin to be inducted as a former member of Deep Purple????? 

    Please stick to the facts: Deep Purple from 1968 - 1976, MK1 to MK4 is classical Deep Purple. Whether you like one, two or all of the formations is up to you.

    I wouldn´t have liked Tommy Bolin to be inducted just as a member of Deep Purple, he has every right to be inducted for HIS complete works & contribution to the world of music. Just my opinion.

  5. 2 hours ago, William Austin said:

    Well I don’t know... the description doesn’t match my compilation. I have way more than just Black Dog from the 28th, and Moby Dick is the complete Ledsox merge. 

    If they did use mine, joke’s on them, because I’m already working on some updates and may have a v1.2 released soon. 

    Anyway, I hope V1,2 comes out well.

  6. On 3/23/2020 at 7:18 PM, William Austin said:

    If anyone else wants the download link, send me a PM. 

    Specify MP3 or FLAC when you do.

    Hi William, I guess your work is now available on silvers. They have credited Winston, that ain´t right, is it? Not sure about the label, could be Tarantura.750081986_lz929sbmerge.thumb.jpg.b87fab825cea7c60cdb3940d5578c971.jpg


  7. On 3/19/2020 at 11:41 AM, John M said:

    Still can't believe I was this close to seeing them at MSG that year then my parents brought the hammer down and decided I was too young at 15 to go to "The City" with my older brother and his friends for a rock concert.  So I  had  to  two more years to see them.  I wonder what my impressions of 1977 would have been if I had seen them in 1975.

    Sorry, I am bursting with curiosity: Did your older brother managed to see them in 1977 as well? If so, what are his impressions of 1977 compared to the MSG show of 1975.

  8. This footage is absolutely mind-blowing, the audio is excellent, too. It´safe to say that it isn´t the 5th source (First Attack Of The Rising Sun) and I don´t think it is the 7th source (Rock Carnival) either.

    I hope the audio of the complete concert exists, it could be the best sounding source.

    This video pops up out of the blue, nearly 49 years after..........unbelievable.

  9. 21 hours ago, Xolo1974 said:

    Absolutely loving the acoustic set from the Osaka 28th board. 

    Yes, it is fantastic. Especially Down By The Riverside with great backing vocals by Bonzo. And most of all, for the first time you can hear Jimmy´s wonderful backing v. on the choruses of Tangerine in excellent sound quality.

    20 hours ago, Sticks of Fire said:

    The whole show is sweet and barely talked about and has always been overshadowed by 929.   But imagine if we had the last reel.  This show could eclipse 929!!!   I loving it too!!

    Really love both of them, just another 19 months for the 50th anniversary (complete) release. 924 is another sleeping giant, hope for a SB version one day. Not to forget 923, of course.

  10. 2 hours ago, 1998giventofly said:

    I've been thinking to do it since I heard about the 928 board a few months ago. I may wait until we get the final reel of 929 so I can put everything together in this level of quality instead of using any of the old 929 stage source.

    For a proper How The East Was Won you may wait until SBs of 923 & 924 pop up. But yes, a Best of Osaka seems to come into reach.

  11. 10 hours ago, rebeldhipi said:

    What i meant is that did a soundboard from Oakland 77 surface or are we talking about the audience recording thats been around for a long time now?

    Been out of the loop for a while.

    Nope, it is a mix of AUD recordings.

  12. 12 hours ago, Moby_Dick_Ale said:

    I must say the last Tarantura2000 title "Bath of the Blues" is very listenable and not over EQ-ed at all. (that is "the Final Mixdown", not "The Raw Transfer").

    Yes! I have to say their Final Mixdown is a kind of revelation. Never heard a listenable version before this amazing T2K release.

  13. On 2/14/2020 at 6:10 PM, 1998giventofly said:

    06/22/72 San Bernardino, great sound, great show

    Great sound? Which boot do you refer to? I have got the Moonchild version which sounds terrible to my ears.

  14. On 2/14/2020 at 10:15 PM, Moby_Dick_Ale said:

    A few weeks? 😂😂 75 weeks is my guess. I ordered mine august 26th 2018, received from AirRaid September 4th.

    It appears to be some bug on the AirRaid site: every “new” link in yellow gives you the same photo of this set.

    Haha, a few weeks and a few more....... and I thought I saw it in the "recent updates" column on the LZ Database site just a few weeks ago- how time flies.

  15. On 2/12/2020 at 10:57 PM, rebeldhipi said:

    hi, just to clarify is a soundboard of Osaka 28th september the only coming release we know of?

    What was the fuss about Oakland 77?

    Already released a few weeks ago:


  16. 19 hours ago, luvlz2 said:

    and is usually just a small sticker on the outside of the plastic album wrap

    The original LP had the sticker also on the cover, not on the plastic wrap. Unfortunately, in my case. I bought the LP upon release and one-fifth of the sticker was missing, so I had to remove it immediately.

    Anyway, it is a really good LP with superb sound. The only RP solo LP I kept.

  17. On 12/5/2019 at 10:14 PM, Autumn Moon said:

    By the way, I really hope EV  choose suitable pictures for the artwork of this upcoming 928 box.

    The Bath picture on the flyer is plainly annoying.

    Little did I know- in fact it is a exceptionally rare flyer for the 928 Osaka show, as told by a trusty Japanese source.

    Well, the bandmember photos on the original posters for the Tokyo shows were from Bath as well.

    Anyway, I´ll take the Standard edition, hopefully with a different cover.

  18. 14 hours ago, Fat Albert 72 said:

    I have the UK 1st press with turquoise lettering, now that’s pretty special. I’d love to see the rear of the Oz release though.

    If you fall in love with the Australian back cover please don´t hesitate to send me a note, I would love to trade an Australian copy for your UK first press. LOL....

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