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  1. I missed the longest song question, always thought Carouselambra takes ages.
  2. Brilliant idea, since this tour gets a lot of bashing. Luis Rey didn´t like it, usually fans are moaning about Robert´s voice going down, many consider this tour as a mere stepping stone to 1973. Check these: Rain Song 10/2 - beautiful version, Robert is doing fine, no major issues Whole Lotta Love 10/4 - a very strong rendition with a blistering medley, worth to compare with the 10/9 version Stairway To Heaven 10/10 - excellent! Dancing Days 10/4 - surprise, a disaster in 73, but not in Japan Stand By Me 10/9 - you got to take this on board Can´t help you with the rest, haven´t heard them recently. For the sources I´d recommend The Overture box by EV.
  3. Have to admit I was sceptical when I first heard about the new EV box. Sceptical, for various reasons: I already have the Deep Throat box, I am not the biggest fan of their 1975 concerts & my interest in a new 75 SB is sub-zero. It took some emails with a trusty mate who should know, to change my mind. Received the beautiful box on Friday, haven´t heard all the discs yet, but I have to say: They are fantastic! Compared to Deep Throat they are a huge upgrade. The separation of the instruments is excellent, one is able to hear more details. Overall, this sound floors you, like you are in the tenth row, right there. EV did a marvellous job with these Millard 1st gen tapes. The new SB? Well, just another 75 SB with soundquality similar to Deus Ex Machina/Seattle March 21.- pale in comparison to the new AUD release.
  4. I think TU is from the 24th: Around 1:25 minutes into the song, after the fourth verse "Specialist tradition, Mama let me feast my eyes" there is a significant guitar flub. This flub is present on all versions I have: Deep Throat remastered, The Face On Mars of the new Pareidolia Paradigm Box & the new SB Night Stalker version.
  5. What a lucky man you were. Any fan of the MK III lineup should get a copy of "Graz !975". It was one of their last concerts, April 1975, just before Mr. Blackmore left. You won´t find better versions of Burn & Stormbringer.
  6. Very nice photo, with regard to Robert Plant´s blouse, a joyful variety to the blue short blouse (MSG & 95% of the US tour), this is the legendary Bonzo´s Birthday party, LA Forum 31.May 1973, right? Here is another one:
  7. Indeed, such a great concert, IMO the very best of their 9th US tour. I strongly recommend V1/2 on the Graf Zeppelin label, the sound quality is much better than on the Winston Remaster.
  8. Really looking forward for this release on 7. June: remastered for vinyl, 3 LP set- love those songs!
  9. To continue the January 73 UK tour & the January 75 US tour with his severly damaged voice was Robert´s Kamikaze trip into serious voice problems. I still can´t believe that he didn´t pull the emergency brake- to postpone the concerts & heal the vocal chords would have been a proper formula. And where was their far-sighted, coked-up MANAGER, Mr. Peter Grant? It would have been his duty to stop this madness. But maybe he was too busy making poster seller lifes miserable, or doing similar highly important things. Grant was an eyewitness, every night, but he didn´t act. Failure, what a shame!
  10. Zepster1979 is talking about the 9 CD AUD set, which is mainly consisting of the Millard tapes. These tapes have been remastered & are from the lowest source generations, same treatment here as with the previously released Japan 1972 Box.
  11. There are some bizarre, peculiar & sometimes quite embarrassing Brits-Nazi- incidents, but don´t let them fool you, I don´t think there is any sympathy for Nazi ideology involved. Wheter it is our skinny hero in partial SS costume, fueled with cocaine, smack and visions of Charlotte R., or Kula Shaker, with the weird act of burning huge swastikas onstage during their 1999 tour. And don´t forget the late Lemmy Kilmister, the man had an extraordinary big collection of Nazi devotional objects. The Eisernes Kreuz around his neck was an original, I´ll bet you. Last AND least: the bunch of bright looking young men of the Hells Angels party organisation, most of them wearing Wehrmacht or SS helmets, as seen on the 1969 Brian Jones Hyde Park memorial concert. By the way, stormtroopers isn´t a correct & fitting translation for SS, Schutz-Staffel = Shield Squadron
  12. I have Graf Zeppelin´s No Longer Down Under, it is a mix of all the 4 sources & and I am quite happy with it.
  13. Maybe the dress-cover was controversial back in 1971, at least irritating for some "open minded" folks. LOL! But it is not the dress cover that makes this LP sought-after. It is simply because it is a first UK pressing. First pressings should have the possible best sound. Different pressing plants had/have different pressing quality (=sound quality) Take a look at the first UK pressings of Led Zeppelin LPs (I - IV), the ones with the plum label, you will be surprised by the extraordinary prices.
  14. I have both, and yes, they are both excellent. I prefer the The Great Beast, but that is just my personal taste.
  15. As usual the patience of a saint ist required. I guess there will be another 75 SB next, then hopefully some signs of live of the 928 SB. I really don´t think that EV will release the complete 929 SB before the 50th anniversary in 2021.
  16. The european pressings are manufactured by OPTIMAL/Germany, a pressing plant with a stellar reputation. The US pressings are manufactured by PALLAS/USA. This can explain possible differences in sound quality.
  17. The Doors / The Doors Locomotive / We Are Everything You See The 13th Floor Elevators / The Psychedelic Sounds Of The 13th Floor Elevators Tommy Bolin / Teaser Jimi Hendrix Experience / Are You Experienced Tom Waits / Closing Time
  18. Alarm! It´s getting serious, at last. Just saw this one: Coming April 2019 pre-order your copy today! Orders with both pre-order and in stock items will have all in stock items shipped immediately! Live Recordings On Vinyl LP! The April 24th, Fillmore West concert was the debut date of the Zeppelin's second US tour when the British band definitely conquered the American audience with their powerful and yet sensual Rock-Blues sound. The tour was a massive success thanks to the band's top form and inspiration and an extremely reactive audience. That palpable energy you can easily get through these historical recordings. Features: • Vinyl LP Selections: Side A: 1. White Summer 2. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You 3. Killing Floor Side B: 1. As Long As I Have You
  19. If I remember correctly Bonzo´s loudness wasn´t the problem. Young John Henry showed some nerves and simply overplayed everything, too many fills, breaks & rolls- simply too much.
  20. Oh no, if it is going to be a January 75 SB, things will be completely different. Due to Mr. Plant´s outstanding vocal artistry the new SB will not only sell for just half of the usual price, furthermore, buyers will be rewarded with an additional SB (of their choice) for free. Those lucky devils who are able to send in their original ticket stub of any January 75 date, will be provided with 3 additional SBs- a kind of late compensation...........
  21. You can´t see any amp or speaker cabinet in this picture, but they got plenty of them in 1973. I think you mean JPJ´s mellotron and the keys, clear to see in this picture:
  22. Indeed, superdeluxe box treatment required. But I am afraid we have to wait for an EV box release, probably September 2021 to the 50th anniversary.
  23. From the companion book of the LZ II super deluxe box: Description of the Thank You mastertape: audio track nr. 6: backing vocals 1, audio track nr .7: lead vocals & audio track nr. 8: backing vocals 2 This doesn´t necessarily mean that both Pagey & Bonzo did the backing vocals, most likely Robert did one of the backing vocals. To my ears it is Jimmy.
  24. Good Lord! No matter what you will nitpick after this precious 1980 tour, things can only get better. Enjoy yourself! Lol
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