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  1. On 12.12.2012 at 4:43 PM, lololabrute said:


    Try source 7: Flying Rock Carnival-No Label or Rock Carnival- EV

    On 12.12.2012 at 4:43 PM, lololabrute said:

    Oct. 10th 1972 - Kyoto: not sure... anyone?

    On 12.12.2012 at 4:43 PM, lololabrute said:

    Sept. 29th 1971 - Osaka: FATALLY WANDERER 929 (original Wendy release, not the remastered)

    For Kyoto 72: The Old Capital - Wendy, best I`ve heard so far

    For 929: Wendy's "Live In Japan 1971"  6 CD set, better than Fatally Wanderer, at least to my ears. You better wait for the SBDs of 928 & 929 by EV, once they are released, you can forget everything else.

  2. On 15.2.2018 at 5:59 AM, SuperDave said:

    I'm with you as this may be what JP releases but not complete with his editing out of some of the covers in the WLL medley as the residual fees can be quite high for some of these.  I can imagine "Heartbreak Hotel" and "Louie, Louie" must be quite high in their fees as two of the most successful songs ever and asking for exorbitant fees.

    JPs moaning on royalties is plainly ridiculous, he is an old miser. These fees for some cover-snippets in the WLL medley would do him no harm. The Black Crowes has released tons of live material, each concert contains at least three COMPLETE high class covers (Stones, The Band, Neil Young etc) and they can live with the fees. Just an old miser............

  3. 15 hours ago, Boogie Chillen 82 said:

    For the Budokan '71 shows I have THOTH (1994)

    What source is that, does anybody know?


    1997 TDOLZ released Reflection From A Dream (9.23) & Light & Shade (9.24)

    Try BootLedZ.com & www.argenteumastrum.com for detailed source & release information

  4. 6 hours ago, Mook said:

    Why does it 'certainly not' refer to a Japan '71 release?

    "It's so different to all the other things that are out there. It's another view compared to How The West Was Won or The Song Remains The Same."

    I really don´t think that Jimmy Page would describe Japan 1971  as "so different" & "another view" compared to HTWWW. Early 68-69 or late 77-80 concerts would fit better IMO.

    Believe me, I would be the happiest man in the world if I am wrong, and he releases every inch of tape that was recorded in Japan 1971.

  5. 17 hours ago, Bonzo_fan said:

    Wow, this is like a dream come true!  I'm sure both Osaka soundboards will be released in their entirety shortly, and agree with others' assessment that EV are either trying to beat Jimmy to the punch or are releasing them on his behalf.

    Also, this (and the 9/28/71 soundboard) sound way better than your average soundboard--listen carefully to the cymbals...when have you ever heard cymbals that clear/static-free on a soundboard?  On the 6/27/72 Long Beach soundboard, that's where.  Proof that the multitracks of these two Osaka shows exist?  I sure hope so!

    Either way though, even if these Osaka shows are only released in full in this sound quality, it would still be THE definitive live Zeppelin release (barring 9/19/70 Evening or 6/19/72 coming out in similar quality), and would put any live release by any other artist to shame IMO.

    Yes! 100% agreed. I hope these SBDs are complete.

  6. 4 hours ago, ZepHead315 said:

    In the interview, Page also reveals that there'll be a brand new Led Zeppelin live album released at some point this year and says he foresees that there'll be 'new' Led Zeppelin product emerging over the next 10 years.

    “I can't give the game away, but there's a recording that’s another multi-track that we'll release,” said Page. “It's so different to all the other things that are out there. It's another view compared to How The West Was Won or The Song Remains The Same. I'm looking forward to people hearing that. There's a lot of stuff to come out, a number of releases. I'd like to say that they'll be coming out over the next 10 years. There's more to come for sure.”

    What???????  .......coming out over the next 10 years???- he will/would be 84 at the end of that period- very optimistic, considering his healthy lifestyle at younger ages, + none of us is getting any younger either.

    Seems like he will be releasing his Live- anthology- project at last.

    "Another view compared to HTWWW or TSRTS" could be a hint that it is either a very early show (I`d love it), or an extremely late show (God help me). Sadly,  it certainly does not refer to an upcoming 2018 release of How The East Was Won.

    Dear Empress Valley, please don`t let me down.............

  7. Remember, they released the Heartbreaker-teaser a few months before they finally released the 3/21/75 Seattle concert. That was a similar rip-off: $50 for Hearbreaker, the rest just various 75-SB-revolution album fillers.

    But let us enjoy the sunny side of the news: There is an intact SB of 929!!! I have dreamed of that for 25 years. This Immigrant Song with its wahwah-solo is simply out of this world.

    $65 for one single track is ridiculous, but I know myself..........

    If EV will release 928 & 929 to celebrate the anniversary, I wonder how Jimmy Page could top this.

  8. On 5.2.2018 at 3:21 AM, SteveAJones said:

    Sep/Oct 1971. All the concerts were in Sep, but the Oct 8, 1971 departure stamp in Jimmy's passport affirms they also enjoyed a week off in Japan.

    Robert Plant gave the answer to how long they stayed in Japan right at their 71 gigs. If I remember correctly, he basically said:

    First gig, 23. Sept. Budokan Tokyo. in the short break between Immigrant Song & Heartbreaker, due to Jimmy`s broken string:

    " .......and we spent two (sic) weeks in glorious Japan, which was simply wonderful, and we haven`t even played a gig yet......."

    Last gig, 29. Sept. Osaka- I think in the last third of the gig:

    "..... and tomorrow we should be back home in England, oh dear" (with approving  mumble of Bonzo in the background)

    So I think they flew directly from Hawai to Japan and had a week off to relax, before the tour started on the 23. Sept., and the left on the 30. Sept., RP, JB & JPJ to England & Jimmy to conquer Asia.

  9. 17 hours ago, KellyGirl said:

    The window of comparison imo is small.  British
    guys all kind of  influenced  by  black American musicians,   40s decade born,   frontmen who
    pranced and sashayed about wearing really really tight  stuff around their genitals and smack
    addicted guitarists.  The rest is off the table for me.

    Thanks for your funny comment, made me smile.

    Otherwise, this thread is pretty pointless. Just Keith`s opinion, so what? I really like the Stones until Mick Taylor left & I love Led Zeppelin- to compare them would be without rhyme or reason.

    Who sold more tickets, made more money or played to the biggest crowd?????


  10. 2 hours ago, gibsonfan159 said:

    So this is 71?

    Cearly Sept. 1971, during their first visit to Japan. Easily to identify by Jones` haircut & Bonham`s Jeans-outfit. This photo and about 10 others from Japan 71 were printed in the "HM Photobook". The book features pictures of various rockbands. on & offstage in Japan during the seventies and early eighties. I bought it about 30 years ago, solely because of the few LZ and Deep Purple pictures, the rest is Scorpions & other clowns.

  11. 17 hours ago, Ocean73 said:

    Burn Like A Candle ~ Since Ive Been Loving You

    Graf Label

    Yes, Graf Zeppelin- the best sounding version of Burn Like A Candle, at least to my ears. And what a beautiful Since I`ve Been Loving You this is, the guitar intro before the first verse is very emotional & unique. I don`t understand why Jimmy Page used the version of Long Beach for the HTWWW release.

  12. 24 minutes ago, rm2551 said:

    Actually, it might kinda make sense. The studio re-releases, including BBC Sessions, have this format with the different packages and download card. If How The East Was Won is to be coming soon, it would make sense to first convert HTWWW to the same format so it isn't the odd one out.


    Bravo, I like your theory. First a fine remaster of HTWWW in March, then in August I`ll get me the Super Deluxe HTEWW 8- (at least)- vinyl-set. And ok, I don`t mind a EC box by christmas.

    Let`s hope so!

  13. Since I love vinyl & I haven`t got a original copy of the original TMOQ yet, I was looking forward to receive the Open Mind "Blueberry Hill" release. I got it last Friday & what a surprise, THIS IS NOTHING but an awful disappointment!!! Just a clarification first: I have a fine turntable & stereo, and yes, I have bootleg ears (really enjoy the MSG 9/19/70 evening show). But this release is bad sounding, I can`t stand it. The rythm section is totally burried for the most part, guitar & vocals at the forefront, both terribly sounding. Especially Robert`s voice is unbearable: it is that shrill that I`d rather prefer the sounds in a dentist`s surgery! I have Blueberry Hill on Sanctuary & the Winston remaster, both of them sound lightyears better than this new vinyl release. The only good thing is the cover artwork with nice pics of the actual gig & some of NA 1970 shows.

    Please avoid this release, it is just a beggar in nobleman`s clothing.

    PS: I will never listen to this LP again & I hope I can get rid of it at the next vinyl market.

  14. On 14.1.2018 at 10:28 AM, the-ocean87 said:

    Nice recording, but the delay on Plant's vocals sucks.

    Well, don`t you worry about that, Plant used that excessive reverb effect for Black Dog only (plus in the Whole Lotta Love freak part), every other song will be fine. I am a little bit worried about the heavy noise reduction. EV should not cut the heights that strong- the recording would surely benefit from more cymbals, a biting guitarsound & an overall more lively sound. If they are only halfway smart, they will release 928 in the summer of the 50 anniversary, that would be a worthy celebration. With some great officially anniversary releases on the horizon, EV needs a heavy caliber like 928 as counterweight, precious few would dig just another of these 75 boards.......

  15. On 17.11.2017 at 9:44 AM, Mook said:

    Mine arrived yesterday, what a brilliant version of Mr You're a Better Man Than I on the live album.

    I'll try to get a proper listen over the weekend.

    Haven`t got my vinyl yet, but yes, you are damn right! Even more, I`d say that Mr You`re a Better Man Than I, the following bridge & Heart Full Of Stone are their finest moments. Jimmy`s guitar tone is out of this world, terrific!

  16. 11 hours ago, porgie66 said:

    I assume Graf Zepp either used the Neckey merge or did their own version along the same lines, using the old LP version as a primary source?

    Haha, tbh I have never heard of Messrs Departee & Neckey, did they record the audience tapes? According to Argenteum Astrum & Bootledz, Graf Zeppelin is the only label which uses the second aud source (the longer one) as their primary source. As I love this Seattle gig, especially the wonderful version of No Quarter, I`d love to get me a TMOQ vinyl. But since these gutless fools at discogs have banned bootlegs, this will be a nearly impossible task.

  17. On 3.11.2017 at 1:46 AM, Xolo1974 said:

    Apologies if this has already been asked in a thread elsewhere - did a search and couldn’t find it. Anyhow.....

    ....I’ve just downloaded the Dave Departee taped version of this show. The quality of the recording is terrrific. But it’s not the complete show. My question is - is there a boot out there that uses this recording as the primary source with patches from the soundboard or other good source? I noticed Eat A Peach released something in 2016.



    I have both the Graf Zeppelin & the Eat A Peach release of V1/2. EAP is a mix of two audience sources on 3 Cds, the GZ-set has 3Cds audience & the SB on 2 Cds. I prefer the GZ over the EAP release, as it is a touch clearer and more dynamic, at least to my ears.

  18. Has anyone heard the new Wendy release "Burn Like A Candle" 3 CD Ltd Edition Paper Case yet?

    While I am more than happy with the Graf Zeppelin version, every new release of this fabulous show seems to be a tantalising temptation.

    Back to topic: Until there is a remastered, raw & complete HTWWW on vinyl, it`s BLAC all the way.

  19. On 25.9.2017 at 6:07 PM, Mook said:

    I don't know about you but if I was a young bloke in my early 20s, World at my feet, young girls throwing themselves at me, cocaine falling from the sky, I would be making the fucking most of it rather than getting tucked up in my bed with a cup of lemon tea & worrying about what somebody on the internet would think about it 40 odd years down the line.

    It's a shame he didn't look after his voice a little better but I don't think there's any need to be quite so sanctimonious about it.

    Reading my comment again after six months, I`d like to admit, that my concluding sentence (God given gift.........) was a little over the top & clumsy. Well, it wasn`t my intention to judge Robert`s offstage activities with a wagging finger, I am anything but a moralist and have NOT lived a life of a saint myself. Actually, I wanted to explain my thoughts about the loss/change of his voice in 72, after reading some strange comments like: "Cocaine does not harm a singers voice" & "only the failed vocal-cords surgery is to blame".....So, he did what he did, for good or bad- I do not condemn or glorify his antics.

    PS: I think you are terribly wrong: of course he liked to be tucked up in bed with a cup of lemon/honey and a couple of lemon squeezing ladies, didn`t he?

  20. On 12.10.2017 at 12:23 AM, ZepHead315 said:

    Are you referring to this below? 

    If so, I agree that it's the best sounding version of the show yet. When I say "flat", I mean that I don't get a sense of space from that source, at least during loud moments. There's very little echo and, while you can clearly hear the crowd between songs, you don't really get a sense that they're playing in a concert hall. Add to that Plant being buried at times, Bonzo's cymbals having a distinct "compressed" sound that sometimes overloads the mix, and a bizarre lack of top end and it's honestly hard to listen to at times. It's a shame because performance-wise, this show is maybe the best show of 71 and in the top 5 best Zeppelin shows ever. IMO if an audience source surfaced that sounded as good as the first third of the Rock Carnival source, it would instantly wipe the floor with the current main source for this show.

    No, I like the Winston remaster 929 Arigatou Osaka, but I was referring to Wendy`s "Live In Japan 1971 929", which I think is second to none. I have read your criticism about the sound of the Winston remaster & recommend the Wendy release, IMO a really considerable improvement. Try it, you won`t be disappointed.

  21. On 9.10.2017 at 0:51 AM, ZepHead315 said:

    Thank You was rumored for a long time to have been played at 9/23, but it's been pretty much debunked. None of the circulating 13+(!) sources features it. There were pictures making the rounds that showed the band playing the instruments they usually played for this song (Page on Les Paul, Jones on organ), but it's been determined that they're from the Whole Lotta Love medley, specifically the Tobacco Road portion. Further discussion can be found here: http://www.royal-orleans.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=27872

    I didn't even really realize until Porgie's analysis just how different the Rock Carnival source sounds after the first third. I knew the sound quality deteriorated a bit, but man someone EQ'd and noise reduced the hell out of it! One thing I'd really love to hear is an audience source for 9/29 that sounds as good as source 7 or source 5 from 9/23. The "soundboard" source is hard to listen to what with it being so unbalanced and flat sounding.

    Thanks for your information about the Thank You mistery (a mystery, at least for me). And yes, an excellent audience source for 9/29 would be perfectly wonderful. Have you heard Wendy`s 2016 release "Live In Japan !971 929" yet? IMO the best SB so far plus a decent audience source. And this SB  release is anything but flat, if we refer "flat" to horrible sounding 1973 SBs.

  22. On 21.9.2017 at 9:35 PM, porgie66 said:

    It's hard to believe that the remainder of that show that Empress Valley released on Flying Rock Carnival is from the same 7th source. The story was the master tapes were lost in a fire, after an earthquake in Kobe in 1995. Someone who is really knowledgeable about tape sources can comment on this in detail but to me it sounds like they took another source and tweaked it as much as possible to try to sound close to the first fragment. That old 7th source tape which was released on Watchtower as Rock Carnival , sounds way more natural and clean than the songs after Stairway on the EV's Flying Rock Carnival. 

    Twenty years ago I got my first Japan 71 bootlegs: Reflections From A Dream remastered (9/23) on TDOLZ & Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (9/29) on Mud Dogs. I was totally blown away by these superb performances & I am obsessed with the tour of Japan 71 ever since. For 9/23 I`ve got the the above mentioned Reflections..., Tokyo Tapes on EV,  First Attack of the Rising...on EV, Rock Carnival Not on Label & Rock Carnival on EV. I agree with you that the first third of the 7th source is incredible & sadly the sound declines afterwards. Also, the sound of sources 2,4, & 5 seem to weaken after the acoustic set. To my ears all the CDs that I know are heavily equalized, noise reduced and polished. For sound improvement the sky is the limit: I`d really love to hear Eat A Peach & Graf Zeppelin releases of 9/23- 9/29, as both of them are known for excellent & natural sounding releases!!! By the way, according to Louis Rey`s fantastic book "Live" the last song of 9/23 was Thank You, can anyone confirm this?
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