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  1. On 6/18/2018 at 12:46 AM, bluecongo said:

    I disagree with premise of this thread.  Other years I understand but.......

    It should be titled “Appreciating Page 1973




    ^1+++, the thread "in search of the best 73 concerts" is another thing.

    2 hours ago, chef free said:

    These shows (Europe '73) always make me think that Page and Bonham are playing at another level to cover for Plant...

    Agreed, the four of them must have been in a state of shock from January onwards. Without any doubt a hard time til Plant`s voice finally stabilized (to some degree) on the 9th US tour.

    On 6/17/2018 at 6:10 AM, ZepHead315 said:

    So I'm assuming for this year you're going to be grading on a steeper curve given the level of Page's playing? So for example this OTHAFA is a B+ by 73 standards, yet would be an A or A+ by 75 or 77 standards, is that correct? I'm really looking forward to your breakdowns from this year and I'm particularly curious what you think of Chicago. Is it bad by 73 standards, or is it bad in general (if you take Plant's voice out of the equation cause let's be honest, he sounds like shit at that show)? Regardless, there's a ton of gems from throughout this year. The last year where the band (minus Plant) was firing on all cylinders at a consistent rate. 

    And this is exactly the point where things get a little complicated. "Taking Plant`s voice out of the equation" & "band firing on all cylinders (minus Plant)" will not necessarily lead to satisfying outcome. IMO one has to clearly distinguish:

    1.) Page`s playing in 73, truly outstanding, his peak for many fans.

    2.) The 1973 concerts, judged by THEIR actual performance. Whenever in poor shape,  you can`t count Plant out, it was a four piece band and he was an equal integral part.

    For example their gig in Vienna, March 16th: I was born in Vienna November 1971, never got the chance to see them live myself. But I have known 3 lads (16, 17 and 20 years old in 1973) who attended this very concert. Of course, I drove them crazy with questions about their concert experience. To cut a long story short, some impressions they reported in conformity:

    Dazed & Confused was the absolute highlight of the show.

    Page & Bonham were equally praised, all three of them said, that they never have seen a better live performance by any guitarist or drummer, before and after.

    Plant`s damaged voice was evident, right from the start. One even said, that Plant sounded boozy.

    For some songs Plant used way too much reverb/delay effects to cover his weak voice, which wasn`t suitable with the acoustics of the huge Wiener Stadthalle.

    They all complained about lack of older songs & too much then unfamiliar HOTH songs.

    It was fucking loud, they had ringing ears for days, especially the youngest, who was seated tenth row, a little right of center.***





  2. On 6/14/2018 at 11:53 PM, Moby_Dick_Ale said:

    I did, "The Overture" also. 👍 "Tit For Tat" arriving next week...💪

    Haha, I`ve noticed that you never seem to lose any time with your orders. I am not quite convinced yet. I guess you have older releases of the 72 Japan shows, so please let us know, if the new ones are the huge upgrades promised.

  3. The box is already on sale. Artwork is beautiful, I`d choose The Overture, I`ve always liked that weird image. Buy it or not- I guess I`ll wait for the first reviews.

    Has anyone ordered yet?

  4. 1 hour ago, zepster1979 said:

    My Tokyo contact said that this time they did use many upgraded and best available sources to create most definitive and best sounding versions for each show. I do not know yet any further details but I do trust my contact and if he's saying  that they are upgrades, they do really.

    Sounds good, and for six shows the price is moderate.

  5. 9 hours ago, rm2551 said:

    This will piss Jimmy off supreme if the first proper "50th" release is How The East Was Won.

    This 72 box set is only the  Overture, the big one will be most likely 929 or/and 928 in September. So, Jimmy would bomb EVSDs business by releasing HTEWW (Sept.71) officially, but I don`t think he will.

  6. 20 hours ago, Badgeholder Still said:

    Fair enough. I would describe this recording as a beautiful priceless treasure. Different strokes...

    But I enjoy audience/lo-fi recordings to the point of almost preferring them.

    Don`t get me wrong, I love audience recordings & usually prefer them to SBs, but I have a serious problem with that Detroit recording. It is only fair to call the sound quality VG - EX, but sadly not for my ears.


    20 hours ago, Badgeholder Still said:

    1973-03-17 Munich

    Have you heard  the Tarantura2K "Songs For Europe" yet? This should be very good, maybe from a lower generation tape.

  7. 19. Sept. 1970/MSG/evening show. This show is simply outstanding. It may took a little while to get used to the sound of the recording, but now I like it more than some "objective better" sounding audience recordings. IMO the best available is the Eat a Peach release.

    13. Sept. 1971/Berkeley. Again, an incredible performance with a nice natural sound, sometimes easier for my ears than the legendary gig on the 14th. I am happy with the Graf Zeppelin version.

    At last, a recording with "that very special something" : 12. July 1973/Cobo Hall Detroit. Though this audience recording is described as very good to excellent, I can`t stand it. This sound is brutal torture, after two songs I am starting to feel unwell, God, how I hate this piece of trash.

  8. On 5/18/2018 at 2:56 AM, gibsonfan159 said:

    I really need to nitpick some 73 shows.

    Yes please, I have enjoyed your 75 & 77 nitpicks, though I consider myself mainly as a 69-73 fan.

    On 24th April you said: " I'd really dread doing most 73 shows because at least with the 75 shows, I can find a good array of both good and bad. With 73, I'd just be boring people to death jerking off over Page."

    Well, don`t be afraid- there is plenty of light & shade in these 73 shows. Just one suggestion, please don`t isolate the shows of the european tour from the gigs of the US tour, this procedure might enable a clearer view on the pros & cons of any particular show- for example: Is Vienna really that good compared to Seattle? Is Essen on par with New Orleans?...........

  9. 8 hours ago, Boleskinner said:

    Dancing days always sounded thin, like it needed a second guitar, and was a disappointment.

    Totally agreed! For example just think of Vienna 73, such a rugged, horrible version- guitar slightly out of tune, Robert`s damaged voice didn`t help either- what a desaster!

    Given Robert`s weak voice at the time, they should have included No Quarter in the Europe 73 setlist instead.

  10. Just stumbled across this letter for publication in the May edition of MOJO. I have no camera at hand, so I type this letter.

    ***For Years I have been reading about the "Scandinavian Tour" of Led Zeppelin booked as The New Yardbirds to fulfil contractual obligations. Jimmy Page also refers to it in Shape Of Things To Come (Mojo 289). However, I saw The New Yardbirds in a club called Piccadilly (previously Pferdestall) in Hagen, Germany, so the tour definitely stretched a bit further. I did not like what I heard, as I was a thorough Yardbirds fan & I was there to groove to I`m A Man, Shapes Of Things, Over Under Sideways Down etc., but I got heavy blues rock instead. My then-girlfriend, now wife, bought Led Zep`s first album soon afterwards- we still have it. I guess there were further german appearances, as a one-off in the provinces does not seem reasonable or economical to me, however Germany is on the place to cross if you are travelling north. Does anybody remember any more german dates? Hans-Jürgen Klitsch, Schortens***


    It`s a pity that he has given us no specific date, but who is able to remember specific details of a small club concert after 50 years, anyway. To my ears his story sounds authentic, and he seems to have chosen the right wife......

  11. On 5/2/2018 at 4:11 AM, Mithril46 said:

    Are there still 2 guitars in places, and literally notes replaced in some solos ?? I have the boots for all this stuff, and while the

    film "TSRTS" concert is also a cut and paste job, nowhere are there 2 guitars. I understand that the new release is worth it,

    but Jimmy having two guitars in that 72' Ocean at times, cool for the general listener, not cool for a musician like me who tries

    to get the full Monty with one guitar. Still, probably going to give in, get it. Just realize Zep never actually sounded like that.

    Sorry, what are you talking about??? Just to be sure I have listened to the HTWWW remaster, Burn Like A Candle & the Moonchild release. I didn´t hear any two guitar parts, neither any replaced or altered notes in the solo or any other part. I can hear generally no difference between the official and the bootlegs. Of course the multi tracks of HTWWW display a wider tonal range of the guitar, such as the coda-fun- part of The Ocean, you simply won`t hear some nuances or dominant tones of some chords on the bootleg versions, simply because they are bootlegs.

  12. 3 hours ago, Bonzo_fan said:

    Regarding all of the LOL's at gibsonfan's response to my matrix question, I was only asking because he said "this is a straight soundboard source," not because I thought it makes Page's playing demonstrably better :lol:

    Alltough I am not the biggest fan of 75, I really dig gibsonfan`s enjoyable & detailed analysis. Four Blocks In The Snow is one of the few 75 concerts I appreciate. Neither the SB nor the matrix will do me any good. Haha, I prefer the TCOLZ audience version, because it makes not only Page`s sound but the whole thing "demonstrably better".

  13. 19 hours ago, John M said:

    KEZAR.  I wish we had the whole show in the quality of the last few tracks.    I love Bonham's little twist on the intro "a - one, a two, a-three, a- four!"

    What a show, I absolutely love it. Funny, I like the very good audience source, the flat SB leaves me cold.

    Anyway, certainly one of the best concerts of their ninth US tour.

  14. 1 hour ago, Sticks of Fire said:

    If they have released essentially 4 songs already.   I would have to believe they will release the full show (minis some tape flips or whatever) by the years end.    

    Sorry that I was unclear on this point. Yes, I also expect a release around September. But they haven`t released a song of the last third of the show so far, nothing from Moby Dick to Rock And Roll yet. So it is not proven that EV is able to release the entire 185 minutes of the show. I will keep my fingers crossed......

    Let`s not forget about 928, EV should release both Osaka shows simultaneous, there is only one 50th anniversary.

  15. 19 hours ago, ZepHead315 said:


    I'd agree. I love all of the shows, but if I had to rank them 9/27 would be at the bottom. It's still a great show, but there are no real surprises or curve balls. The Osaka shows definitely have a more loose feel with the band seeming to be very relaxed and in a great mood. But the Tokyo shows are just tight and ferocious. I also agree that 9/24 is probably Plant's best show of the tour. He's on fire there. Ultimately, 9/23 is my favorite, but I'm biased due to the superb sound quality.

    I am still waiting for my copy of Graf Zeppelin`s 924, so I have listened to Light & Shade (until the end of the acoustic set) in the meantime. Man, Heartbreaker & Dazed & Confused are absolutely great. And if memory serves me well, Whole Lotta Love is a killer version too.

    19 hours ago, Sticks of Fire said:

    Phenomenal sample of Friends.  The new soundboard source sounds amazing.    

    If they release the entire show with this quality it could very well be the greatest bootleg ever to surface on Zeppelin. 

    You nailed it. But do they have the entire show? If EV would only release a song of the 3/3, that would calm down my nerves........

  16. 11 hours ago, Adam Ryan watson said:

    I think the September 24th show is the best played and sung of the tour. But the osaka shows have an energy and that tight but loose vibe that he  hear in the 69 and 70 live shows. I look both equally but for different reasons.


    Right, I love all of them, maybe 923 & 929 a tad more just because of their superior sound. 927 is a bit short & not too adventurous, similar to the Kyoto gig one year later.

    10 hours ago, Adam Ryan watson said:

    I wonder if their source is asking for a much larger price for an early show like osaka that is much larger then the price evds pays for a 75 or 77 show. It seems likely a show from 69 to 72 would command a higher price. I guess we will never really know.

    Well, isn`t it obvious? The tape owners know when they are about to play their trump card.

  17. 20 hours ago, duckman said:

    According to Plant, ' to take a  bath with Geisha ' but most likely he just suffered from stomach cramps and diarrhea "my limbs are like jelly". In other words ...the men's room

    Whenever I get to the acoustic set of 929,  I have great fun to imagine what it was like for poor Bonzo. Think, if you are in trouble with diarrhea, you certainly choose the NEAREST toilet. And that nearest toilet was certainly within hearing range as Mr. Plant led the audience to the famous "Mr. Bonham chant".

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