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  1. To my understanding the "so called" SB of 9/29 was a soundboard/split, a recording someone made without permission of the band or the people who were in charge of recording the show- that is why the recording is so unbalanced. I think this theory is confirmed with the recently released Black Dog teaser of 9/28, which has superb balanced sound. Think, why should the real SB of 9/29 sound worse than the recording of the previous day? Same venue, same gear- no need to alter anything.
  2. Yeah, we do need a Japan 1971 SB release, and most likely it will be 9.28.71- the bonus teaser track on "Rock Carnival" is from the 28th Sept., the first night in Osaka. I really hope it will be released in 2017. And for 9.29.71: Maybe there is also a real SB with same quality as the Black Dog teaser from the 28th. I know a lot of people looking forward to the 3.21.75 release in June, so do I, but I think after the long string of 1975 SBs it is about time for for Japan 1971, or anything from 70-72.
  3. Hi ZepHead315 May I ask which releases you prefer of 10/2 Tokyo & 10/10 Kyoto? EVs "Led Zeppelin Is My Brother" is the best I have heard so far for Tokyo. Do you know Taranturas "Evil Spirits In Kyoto"? One of the three sources sounds really amazing( I`ve listened to samples on Black Beauty), although Bootledz report that the sources are unnecessarily mixed- or do you like the EV or Wendy versions better? Many thanks in advance!
  4. Ah, another EV "Nice Price" release, that`s what I call "Sick Again" Deus Ex Machina - Led Zeppelin - 3/21/75 Seattle, WA - Previously Unreleased Soundboard - Empress Valley Label. The Soundboard Revolution Series proudly presents for the very First and Only time anywhere, the Legendary Longest Ever U.S.A Show!! The following unique editions of this Ultra Rare Show are due for release in Mid June; Ultimate Collectors Edition - Promo Only Box Set (3/17/75 SB & 3/21/75 SB) - 100 Numbered Copies Only!! This 7 CD Mega Rare Box with Obi includes both Seattle shows in Complete and Perfect Stereo Soundboard!! Each CD set is housed in special paper cases inside an exquisite Ultra Ltd Ed box. Please inquire for prices and availability! - Few! Extremely Ltd Ed Complete Seattle Two Night Stand Box Set This 14 CD Exclusive Box with Obi includes both the Previously Unreleased Seattle 3/21/75 and the 3/17/75 show in Complete and Perfect Stereo Soundboard with added bonuses of Remastered Audience source for each show to provide two completely different listening perspectives for each night! !! Each CD set is housed in special paper cases with obis. The set is enclosed in an exquisite Ltd Ed box similar to "Thunder Down Under" Box Set. $600 includes shipping Deluxe Ltd Ed Box Set This 8 CD Deluxe Box with Obi includes Previously Unreleased Seattle 3/21/75 show in Perfect Stereo Soundboard with added bonus of Remastered Audience source of the show! !! Each CD set is housed in special paper cases with obis. The set is enclosed in an beautiful Ltd Ed box similar to "History Lesson" Box Set. $350 Plus shipping Would it be too much to ask for a single 3-4 CD release containing just the SB of 3/21/75 for $150-$180?????
  5. Yes, indeed- it is taken from Vinyl sources, all speed corrected, the transitions are smooth. A very enjoyable remaster. But I think the Winston Remaster is only the second best solution to my ears. "Live in Japan 929" by Wendy with its wonderful clarity and impressing dynamics is second to none.
  6. Hi Bozoso73 Thank you very much for the hints, the samples on the Black Beauty web page are very helpful- a great supplement to Argenteum Astrum, Collectors Music Reviews and BootLedZ.com. I am happy to report that my research was successful: I will hunt for the silvers of EVSDs - "Led Zeppelin is my brother" 2.Oct & Wendys "Stand by me" 9.Oct. Japan 1972 seems not to be in the centre of attention on the forum, since your post is the only reply yet. But maybe I`ll get some opinions on Tokyo 3.Oct, Osaka 4.Oct & the Nagoya & Kyoto boots. Thanks again
  7. Hi, I need your assistance, please. I`ve decided to renew/expand my Japan-1972-Boots. The boots I have are about 20 years old, only Oct. 2. Tokyo & Oct. 9. Osaka. A friend of mine got "Far East Side Story" for Oct. 2. & "Stand By Me" for Oct. 9., both Wendy releases and both far better than my old boots. But are they the best available? Please let me know about your choices about the best boots for each/one of the six Japan Concerts. Many thanks in advance!
  8. Haha, of course he could surprise us at any time, as he did: In his last newsletter, just a few days ago, he announced that his business will be closed soon, because he will leave Japan for vacation (to attend concerts abroad). And what a fortunate coincedence it will be, the day he is back in business Deus Ex Machina will be released! Don`t you worry, just a little more patience...... By the way. Empress Valley & our Gentleman in Tokyo should finally release the complete SB of Osaka 9.28.1971 which is long overdue. This will be a Big one- I have been waiting for 20 years.............
  9. And what about the sound of this marbled vinyl? I have the Black Crowes "Wiser For The Time" 4LP-Set on marbled vinyl & it sounds really awful.
  10. EV has just released their newest version. Live On Blueberry Hill 6 CDs Box Set CDs 1 & 2 Mono Master EVSD 530 & 531 CDs 3 & 4 Stereo Master EVSD 532 & 533 CDs 5 & 6 The Nobs, Copenhagen 28.Feb 1970- very strange, heaven knows why they add The Nobs as a bonus. I will keep calm until a reliable source confirms this release as definitive or better than the Eat A Peach release.
  11. Yeah, you must be joking! I agree to 100% that "What happened to your voice in 72, Robert?" is on the very top of the list. But sadly only in theory. I bet that his ego would NEVER EVER allow this question. Past, present or future: He would book this question as "Injury to his Majesty, Robert Anthony 1." Honestly, he turns 69 this year & still thinks he has the veto right to put down the cronological live album, a hearfelt wish of Jimmy since the 70ies! Jimmy, the man he owes more to than anyone else!!!- and he doesn`t give a shit. He had the guts to strut the stage 73 to 75, doing his Golden God thing, head full of snow, groupies and all that jazz, while his voice was shot at 75% of the shows. Why is he acting like a miffed old maid? We all know, that Jimmy would surely pick great shows with Robert in marvelous voice, why worry? What happened to his voice in 72? Alcohol, cocaine (of course C. can damage a voice by damaging the nose & the paranasal sinuses causing a gridlocked nose), too many late nights & his unnecessarily shrieking in the early days due to his insecurity & too much cigarettes........ He did not only lose his high range by Oct. 72, the warmth tone of his low range was gone, adding the sound of a locked nose on top of that. His natural voice was a God-given gift, he treated so thoughtlessly. What a shame.
  12. About Sonic Boom: The stereo mix has the odd separation, Mr. Jones on the left channel while the other members have to share the right channel- not very satisfying listening experience..... And now on to the good news: The mono mix has a good balance & you can crank it up to 11. Compared to EVs Florida Sunshine it is slightly less clear in the top range, particularly the voice, cymbals & keyboard. The only drawback is that the voice is a little overloaded (not distorted), means whenever Robert turns up there is a low sizzling noise, but not disturbing to my ears. All in all the mono mix is very enjoyable.
  13. Hi As we all know nothing yet, except THE gentleman in Tokyo, I notice, that most of you seem to favour or assume a 75 or 77 SB release. I don`t think the term Deus Ex Machina is a clue for the release of an so far uncirculated concert, maybe it is a SB of a concert we only know from AUD sources, or even possibly an adorable AUD source released from some tape hoarder.........could be anything........ Personally, I`d like to go back to the very beginning of this thread: Let it be the SB of 9/28/1971- Osaka first night, I will donate 28 candles in a church nearby, will spend 2 weeks prior to the release in a mental home (just to be prepared) & dig out those cigarette papers (most likely in reverse order)
  14. Hi Got my 2LP-set "Berkely Daze 2nd Night" 9/14/71 last week. It`s 180 gram, yellow vinyl, a fine gatefold cover & ltd to 400. It was sold as a new Eat A Peach release, shipped directly from Trieste, Italy- but Eat A Peach is nowhere mentioned on the cover. Instead it is stated as a Casino Records Ent. release, distributed by The Family Affair Company, LA, USA. Very confusing- zepster1979, who also got it, think it is released by the Godfather folks. Anyway, it sounds way better than my old CD Going To California by Electric Junk. Unfortunately, I am not in the lucky position to be able to compare it to the original TMQ vinyl...
  15. nt Hi zepster1979! I have received my copy of Berkely 2nd Daze last week & noticed a strange thing: My man in the USA sold me the 2LP set as a new (jan.2017) Eat a peach release, for lower shipping cost it was send directly from the producers, Trieste Italy. So far so good, but Eat a Peach is not mentioned anywhere on the cover, instead it is stated as a 2015 Casino Records Entertainment release, distributed by The Family Affair Company from LA USA. What do you think about that? Anyway, it is my first vinyl of this great show & I lke the sound.
  16. Hi Duckman Yes, you are perfectly right. I am very sorry, my memory got messed up a little bit. Today I have listened to the vinyl for the first time in twenty years & have identified it as the January 15th Trentham Gardens, Stoke show. Wow, so I was completely off topic even though I was stone cold sober. I have to apologise again, but please believe me, hearing that record again was really hard punishment. Never too old to make an idiot of myself........
  17. About twenty years ago I have spent some days in London. I browsed many record stores in search of L.Z. vinyl boots & luckily I finally found a "Going To California" by TMOQ (the one with beige cover and red writing). Cover and vinyls (red) seemed to be in great (NM) condition, the price was moderate, I felt like I had found an ancient treasure. One of the first things I did back home in Vienna was to listen to this record. Only a few seconds into the recording I started to get confused and worried: Why is Rock & Roll the first song? And as Robert joins with a completely shot voice I surely did pass out. They sold me a Going to California cover and vinyls from the Southampton gig on 22. Jan. 1973! Maybe you can imagine that I wasn`t sure, if I should throw the record out of the window or jump myself.....................
  18. I think Argenteum Astrum is quite a reliable source and I am thankful it exists. Funny how the most of you are bothered wheter Sonic Boom is an expanded release or not. My problem is completely different nature: The only release I have of this show is "Hampton Kicks" by The House Of Elrond, and I can tell you, this is the worst CD of a soundboard I`ve heard in my life. I can`t stand it any longer, so I have ordered Sonic Boom already- for me it is a winwin situation, because it HAS to be an sound improvement compared to Hampton Kicks. My CD is still on it`s way from Japan, when I got it, I will share my impressions. I guess comparing the sound quality to Florida Sunshine won`t be the stupidest thing.
  19. The Sanctuary release has tape source 1 as foundation (as most of the boots have) and is a bit shrill to my ears. It lacks the warm bass frequency range and mids & high range are dominant. Altough I am a big fan of most of the Winton Remasters, I think his version of Blueberry Hill isn`t an improvement either. The highs are cut like it underwent heavy noise reduction, so the voice and the instruments sound isolated & it lacks a life concert atmosphere. Maybe the old vinyl boots did sound better, but as they cost a fortune, I will try the Eat A Peach release next.
  20. There is a new release containing afternoon & evening show on 4 Cds. "No Label"- looks like a Lighthouse release & promising amazing upgrade in sound. Don`t know if one could trust promises of the Lighthouse Team.........
  21. Hi, very interesting because it is my firts AUD version. Funny, my favorite was Smoke gets in your eyes by Mud Dogs-a SB-boot. The AUD seems not as good as the best versions for 923, but I like it, interesting to hear it "the other way" Kind regards Robert
  22. I finally got it last friday. After 3 runs I´d like to share my impression with you. As a start: the set is named "Live In Japan 1971 929" by Wendy. It contains 3 Cds SB & 3 Cds AUD, My review will examine the SB release. Wendy praises their SB-source as "Historical Original Soundboard Recording" (as written on the cover) but they give no specific detail about the source or tape generation, further, they declare to keep it secret. Anyway, they call it there definitive release of the 929 show. To picture the sound quality, I`ve decided to compare it to the widely spread & beloved Winston remaster of this truly outstanding show. The source is from the soundboard/line split with usually dominant drums & and buried voice. But what a revelation, I`ve never heard this concert with such a good sound yet. Don´t get me wrong, Roberts voice is still buried in the louder parts, but it has gained more clarity than ever. Compared to Winston Wendy wins with flying colours: it is so dynamic!, it is clearer than ever, there is less noise reduction which gives it such a lively performance. Allt the instruments benefit from this source. The sound of the band is more coherent than ever. And it is loud, it really leaps out of your speakers, but not in a negative way (remember Peter Grant saying their live sound is like a "sonic tidal wave") And you surely haven´t heard the beautiful acoustic set with such a great sound. I really don´t believe that the good sound is achieved with just pushing the EQ-faders. IMO this must be from a very low generation tape. Comparing Black Dog with the recently sample-release of the 928 SB on EVs Rock Carnival bonus Cd, I see a small advantage for Wendys`929 because of less noise reduction and a more lively, biting live-sound. So, to all you 929 lovers out there, I hope my review is kind of helpful & I highly recommend this release to you. For me this is a BIG ONE, until 929 full SBD will be released. And by the way, since EVs Black Dog 928 SB came out, my confidence is higher than ever that there is a full 929 SB as well..........
  23. Sorry, my mistake, please see edited post above. If I am talking about a Hampton-disaster, it is all about the sound. I would not dare to judge the performance due to the shitty sound.
  24. Rrrreally nice topic, so for the first time in ten years I took my Hampton-cd (Hampton Kicks/House of Elrond) out of its high security storage- I should have known better: Ah, Yes, the Solo is quite extended & I even got to Black Dog- but I have suffered agonies to get this far. Good Lord, this is the most rotten LZ-SBD I have ever heard. Did I miss a better release of this show? But I don`t think so, isn`t it still: Orlando top/ Toronto moderate & Hampton sucks?! It took a intense journey from Berkeley to Osaka to get over this Hampton-disaster...........
  25. I bought it already, but it is not delivered yet, may take another 10 days til it arrives. Haven`t heard about that this is a limited release, but I was told, that it is really hard to get. Only 3 label related shops are selling this cd-set. Anyway, I will report my impression as soon as I heard it, though I do not own the Fatally Wanderer Definitive version to compare. Also, I am curious about he AUD version since I only got different "so called soundboard" releases yet. L. Rey mentioned an "amazing" third AUD source........ Exciting, I`ll wait and see.........
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