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  1. On 1/26/2019 at 4:08 PM, Ocean73 said:

    Live and Led Live ~ Flying Disc label

    New Orleans '73

    One of my favorites of the 73 US tour. I have played my Drag Queen Of New Orleans by Wendy last week. 

    No Quarter is great, though the main guitar riff is played without wahwah. The drumming on Dazed & Confused is remarkably hard & daring.

  2. On 1/20/2019 at 10:03 AM, gibsonfan159 said:

    Robert stated early last year that there was nothing left in the Zep vault. I'm starting to realize that he actually tells it like it is and Jimmy is just playing bullshit marketing games. 

    MOJO Nr. 301, December 2018, LZ 50th anniversary special, Robert "recalls":

                                               MOJO: Did listening back to the performances from the LA Forum and the Long Beach Arena on How The West Was Won bring back any fond memories?

                                               RP: It´s not the Bonzo´s Birthday party one, is it? When Keith Moon was playing with us?

    He couldn´t care less about past or possible future releases. I doubt he knows what is left in the LZ vault.

    The remaster series & all future releases are totally in the hands of Jimmy. If only he would take the multitrack & soundboard tapes to Abbey Road soon.


  3. 3 hours ago, gibsonfan159 said:

    I'm glad this knob isn't a thing in America. I'd rather have Justin Bieber.

    Hold on, Robbie Williams will entertain Las Vegas from March to July 2019.

    I think he should stay there, no Tower House to ruin & the mob knows how to handle such a sweety.

  4. On CD I´d recommend Graf Zeppelin´s Going To California. It contains both nights in Berkeley, September 13 & 14 in excellent quality.

    On vinyl you can try the non label release Berkeley Daze 2nd Night from 2017. It is not that expensive & has awesome sound.


  5. On 10/31/2018 at 2:42 AM, Xolo1974 said:

    Actually, don’t know if I can wait that long. My birthday is the 22nd December. I’ll sort it so I get to open it then. So it will be winging its way to you over the internet in time for the Christmas holidays 

    Hi Neil, congrats in advance to your birthday-christmas present. Got my GZ BH yesterday, it is amazingly good. No doubt, to my ears the definite version of source 3 & BH in general. Instruments are perfectly balanced, voice & guitar never sounded that good. Also, drums and bass are much clearer, in fact the bass notes can be heard in detail like never before, and yes, it has an extraordinary punch in the lower frequencies. By the way, the 3rd CD with rubber dubber- source two is excellent too.

    So, when your family leaves home for visiting remote relatives, you know what to do.

  6. 7 hours ago, TheStairwayRemainsTheSame said:

    if confused by the beard era, always go by the "he's had a haircut and grown a beard love" plantation.

    Which is LA Forum Sep 4 70

    These photos were shot during their 7th US tour in August 1971, Hyatt House in LA. You can identify the era by their haircuts/lenght & beards/no beards and Bonzo`s weight(lol).

    Jimmy indeed looked very similar in August 71 and September 70. They even confused  it on Jimmy Page.com & in the Jimmy Page book, by dating  Forum 70 photos as Forum 71 photos.

    But they got it right on the LZ.com timeline. By August 71 JP´s hair and beard is a tad longer, JPJ´s hair is noticeable shorter, RP has no beard, and Bonzo has slightly(!) overweight.(compared to Sept. 70)


  7. 6 hours ago, porgie66 said:

    Do you know what their source mix is? I think it may be the same as the fan share on dime from some years ago with the same title.   The following is the text from that version.

    I have no idea. It is stereo, don´t know if only one source or different sources has been used.

  8. On 10/19/2018 at 10:57 AM, Moby_Dick_Ale said:

    A lot of people talking about Eat A Peach - "Live On Blueberry Hill". I think it's almost a superb version of this show, however... it's almost impossible to buy. Not even on www.cdandlp.com which has the other 5 EAP releases for sale.

    I have ordered my copy of "A Sweeter Blueberry" on Golden Eggs (the current label name of the Godfather/Eat A Peach people) yesterday on ebay, just € 23 excl. shipping.

    You have to order them very quickly after the initial release date, shortly after the price is increasing rapidly + they are really hart to find.

  9. 1 hour ago, Moby_Dick_Ale said:

    Did you ever visit Eddie Edwards' site "The Garden Tapes" and read his excellent analysis of "The Song Remains The Same"?


    Yes, a stunning in depth analysis- Hats off to Eddie Edwards. Though I naturally dislike the concept of an edited, patched Live Album, I do understand Pages´ motivation for "creating" TSRTS due to Plant´s voice problems &  the misery with fixing audio & video for the film.

    But HTEWW is a different pair of shoes: vvv

    50 minutes ago, tmtomh said:

    I hear you on that, but since the choice is either nothing or Page-Frankenstein version, I'll take the latter in a heartbeat, especially since it's possible that the whole 929 show, including WLL, is still out there in the sound quality of the recently surfaced soundboard. It's why the Good Lord invented bootlegs - so you can have the whole night's performance in decent quality as an alternative to the official, edited version. 😀

    As part of a Life Archive Series I would gladly take all four (23.,24., 28. & 29.9) in a second. A possible more realistic option would be just one release, with the "best" versions picked from the four nights. But of course without any editing or patching! Jesus, there is nothing to be ashamed of, just some of the greatest concerts they have played ever. But honestly, I doubt that there will be any official release.

    I pin my hopes entirely on the bootleg producers.

  10. On 10/13/2018 at 9:02 AM, duckman said:

    it's also on Royal Orleans .A remarkable labour of love. LedSox specifically wishes to praise Winstons contribution  (remastering the old stereo source from the best possible sources). I hope someone takes this project a step further and matrix the mono SB with the multitrack dub. Especially the tracks which are complete on both tapes. That would yield a near perfect live album, I think.😛

    No doubt about it, the Winston Remaster of 929 is a very good one. But maybe the Matrix-Wizards should try to fuse Wendy´s Live In Japan 929 (the 2016 version) with the new soundboard, this could lead to a far better matrix.

  11. On 10/13/2018 at 9:14 AM, porgie66 said:

    Yes, maybe so... any drummer who knows the music would hear it immediately.  He's early with the fill, hence it's a mistake on his part, and it nearly threw Jimmy off, but they don't lose their step. My original comment was related to it probably not passing muster with Jimmy for an official release  because of that moment. 

    Agreed, Bonzo´s little accident plus Robert losing power & pitch would exclude 929´s STH from an official release. No disaster, as Jimmy could choose from four fantastic concerts. But the very thought of Jimmy mixing parts of songs from different dates, editing WLL and create a Frankenstein HTEWW- that frightens me.

    BTW I love 929s Tangerine because of Jimmy´s vocal backing in the chorus. His voice is very low in the mix, but it is simply beautiful, never noticed him on any other Tangerine.

  12. Both shows are worth having, but imho both are overrated as well.

    Vienna: Page & Bonham deliver one of the best D&C ever. Jones is solid as ever (though plagued by a stomach colic). Plant´s voice is extreme weak, constantly breaking & squeaking- a piece of hard work. To make matters worse, Plant tries to hide his problems with a huge amount of vocal effects, which doesn´t help either. When I am in the mood for Europe 73, I prefer Offenburg anytime.

    I like Bonzo´s Birthday Party better than Vienna, though it isn´t in the top league with e.g Seattle, Providence & LA Forum June 3rd.

    Sound: For Vienna I´d recommend the Winston Remaster, with Graf Zeppelin´s Lead Poisoning just a tad behind. A Very Nice Night by EAP hasn´t conviced me.

    Graf Zeppelin´s version of Bonzo´s Birthday Party is the best I have heard so far.

  13. 18 hours ago, gibsonfan159 said:

    Just to be clear: You realize you paid that amount for the packaging only. right? The audio will be available for free ,in the same quality EVSD released it, on the internet forever. The money you paid was just for the packaging. Do you honestly think it was worth it? Do you think that was a fair price for a cd case and some glossy booklets you could easily create yourself?

    Don´t you worry about that. Please don´t get lost in irrelevant details, you got to concentrate on your "Nitpicking Page 77 mission". There is plenty of work: 4/27 Cleveland, Houston, Fort Worth, that whole lovely Landover run......................

    16 hours ago, Xolo1974 said:

    I think that’s missing the point mate. I would have thought that anyway that bought the set did so because; a) they want the music and fancy packaging; and: b) they believe in the concept of maintaining a market for the bootleggers, which ensures future releases.  

    Yesssssssss, it´s a&b and b&a!

  14. Did anyone visit JP.com on the 29 Sept.?

    In the diary section Jimmy looks back on 929 & the famous "Where is Bonzo?" episode and fails to remember it correctly.

    What we know: As the band delivers the maybe greatest acoustic set ever, poor John Henry relieves himself in a bathroom nearby.

    TTW, GTC followed by hilarious comments by the 3 members on stage, RP leads the audience to the first Bonham chant, on with Tangerine, second Bonham chant- and that is the point where Jimmy presents his alternative memory:

    Next on the setlist is the electric WIAWSNB, because Bonzo is still missing, they decide to retune the acoustic guitar & play Friends for the first and only time. Bonham still absent, RP sings the first 3 lines of Smoke gets in your eyes AND THEN Bonham finally returns.

     In fact a swearing and moaning Bonzo returned after Tangerine and the second Bonham chant, joined his mates and played the congas on Friends. Only Bonzo accompanied Robert on Smoke, they stopped because JP & JPJ didn´t join.

    Well, it is no crime to twist memory after 47 years. At least, he remembers that the concerts were recorded and that they did play exceptionally well.

  15. 20 hours ago, gibsonfan159 said:

    When you get it, would you mind uploading and giving me a free download link? Thanks bro.

    Immediately, I promise. Good one, I like that.

    19 hours ago, Xolo1974 said:

    I think $150-$200 is a fair price....but I would have to know it was the complete show, and that more wouldn’t be trickled out. I think if they priced it at this level, they would have a LOT more customers. Me, for one.

    I think it would be a more profitable venture for them if they priced in this way. Even if they paid $10,000 for the tape, they would only need to sell 50 to recoup their investment. Then it’s all profit. 

    They could charge more for people that want fancy box sets. More profit.

    Undoubtedly, torrenting will ultimately kill the release of bootlegs. But if you can’t pay what they are charging.....

    i just think they need to meet the fans halfway with their pricing strategy. 

    Yes, that would be a fair price. Actually, this is not just wishful thinking; about 6 weeks after the initial sale of Deus Ex Machina I purchased EVs jewel case version for $100. As I buy just 1-2 high-priced EV box sets p.a., this is no big issue for me. Usually, I am happy with Graf Zeppelin & Eat A Peach & successor, they are $55 - $75 per 3 CD set and have exceptional sound quality.

  16. 3 hours ago, gibsonfan159 said:

    One only has to ask; Are they turning a profit? If not, then they're a poorly managed business. If they're paying more for the sources than they can get out of them, then that's bad negotiating. There will always be leeches, but putting prices on physical copies so high that even the people interested in them can't afford them is plain stupid. You lose both sides that way. Putting a disclaimer that says "please stop" isn't gonna do shit. 


    2 hours ago, Bozoso73 said:

    Well I see that everyone is bright and cheery today listening to their new boots. . bought or otherwise. .:) I have said that I own lots of silvers.  And I also have every show taken from the internet.  The music industry was in fact torn down because of music sharing no doubt.  This is a 20 year old argument that got Lars crucified back in the day.  Unfortunately music isnt what it was and it's all about that one big single and 15 producers on the tracks.  I can speak for the few that when priced fairly people do buy!  You come out the gates wanting someones whole check for a half a show, no Plantations, and single gorging ($60 a single) you are asking for trouble.  EV is not going about this in the right way. Make them affordable and people will buy! It's not like file sharing just started so why is EV having the problem now?  Bad management and strategy. . plain and simple.     

    Ah, Jesus, how could I have been so blind! Thanks for enlightenment. I summarise: EV is a poorly managed business, they fail to negotiate a good price for the source tape, and of course their prices are ridiculous high, right?

    Let me ask you two things: What price you would consider to be fair for a complete 929 3 CD set? Please don´t say $20-$30, Mr Gibsonfan 159. Think, the tape owner has to be paid, and he knows what special tape he offers- we are not speaking of an uneven 77 performance, taped with the micro in someones arse.

    And once again: What is if EV couldn´t afford to buy & release any new material due to low sales, their fault alone? Who would provide us with new material, do you care about this?


  17. 9 hours ago, gibsonfan159 said:

    That's a chicken or egg argument. If the boots were $20-$30, I'd buy the heck out of them. Who in their right mind is gonna drop $50 for 1 song? EVSD apparently haven't accepted the digital age.

    Well, even 20 years ago EV boots weren´t available for $20-$30. Trust me, I am not happy with the intangible high prices these days either, though I clearly understand why they have risen. Just take a look at the current posts regarding the uploading of the 929 SB. That is a completely mad situation- uploaded before regular orders have been shipped. To get anything fast & free (of course!), is that your understanding of the digital age? Do you think the realisation of any new boot is done by a fairy godmother?

    Anyway, if the sales are low and EV fails to release a complete 929, 928 or whatever there may be, do you think Guitar 101 or Mr. Jesusmahdi will provide us?

  18. 1 hour ago, Sue Dounim said:

    someone very cool to people who cant afford luxury bootlegs

    No offense, but this is oversimplified. If 90 percent prefer free downloads, the rest has to buy "luxury" bootlegs, wheter they can afford or not. Boot prices could be a lot cheaper, if.............

    Jesusmahdi does not provide the fans with unheard live material, nor he is the new Robin Hood.

  19. 1971, no doubt among the very best performances of their entire career.

    The 1972 concerts are a kind of try-out for the new setlist, sometimes the band sounds tired & under-rehearsed. Still, there are some great moments.

    Luis Rey stigmatised the whole 72 tour as a  "great disappointment", which is neither true nor fair, as he simply compared it to the 71 tour, comparing apples & oranges.......


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