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  1. Hi, very interesting because it is my firts AUD version. Funny, my favorite was Smoke gets in your eyes by Mud Dogs-a SB-boot. The AUD seems not as good as the best versions for 923, but I like it, interesting to hear it "the other way" Kind regards Robert
  2. I finally got it last friday. After 3 runs I´d like to share my impression with you. As a start: the set is named "Live In Japan 1971 929" by Wendy. It contains 3 Cds SB & 3 Cds AUD, My review will examine the SB release. Wendy praises their SB-source as "Historical Original Soundboard Recording" (as written on the cover) but they give no specific detail about the source or tape generation, further, they declare to keep it secret. Anyway, they call it there definitive release of the 929 show. To picture the sound quality, I`ve decided to compare it to the widely spread & beloved Winston remaster of this truly outstanding show. The source is from the soundboard/line split with usually dominant drums & and buried voice. But what a revelation, I`ve never heard this concert with such a good sound yet. Don´t get me wrong, Roberts voice is still buried in the louder parts, but it has gained more clarity than ever. Compared to Winston Wendy wins with flying colours: it is so dynamic!, it is clearer than ever, there is less noise reduction which gives it such a lively performance. Allt the instruments benefit from this source. The sound of the band is more coherent than ever. And it is loud, it really leaps out of your speakers, but not in a negative way (remember Peter Grant saying their live sound is like a "sonic tidal wave") And you surely haven´t heard the beautiful acoustic set with such a great sound. I really don´t believe that the good sound is achieved with just pushing the EQ-faders. IMO this must be from a very low generation tape. Comparing Black Dog with the recently sample-release of the 928 SB on EVs Rock Carnival bonus Cd, I see a small advantage for Wendys`929 because of less noise reduction and a more lively, biting live-sound. So, to all you 929 lovers out there, I hope my review is kind of helpful & I highly recommend this release to you. For me this is a BIG ONE, until 929 full SBD will be released. And by the way, since EVs Black Dog 928 SB came out, my confidence is higher than ever that there is a full 929 SB as well..........
  3. Sorry, my mistake, please see edited post above. If I am talking about a Hampton-disaster, it is all about the sound. I would not dare to judge the performance due to the shitty sound.
  4. Rrrreally nice topic, so for the first time in ten years I took my Hampton-cd (Hampton Kicks/House of Elrond) out of its high security storage- I should have known better: Ah, Yes, the Solo is quite extended & I even got to Black Dog- but I have suffered agonies to get this far. Good Lord, this is the most rotten LZ-SBD I have ever heard. Did I miss a better release of this show? But I don`t think so, isn`t it still: Orlando top/ Toronto moderate & Hampton sucks?! It took a intense journey from Berkeley to Osaka to get over this Hampton-disaster...........
  5. I bought it already, but it is not delivered yet, may take another 10 days til it arrives. Haven`t heard about that this is a limited release, but I was told, that it is really hard to get. Only 3 label related shops are selling this cd-set. Anyway, I will report my impression as soon as I heard it, though I do not own the Fatally Wanderer Definitive version to compare. Also, I am curious about he AUD version since I only got different "so called soundboard" releases yet. L. Rey mentioned an "amazing" third AUD source........ Exciting, I`ll wait and see.........
  6. Hi, there is no better topic as the much-loved 71 tour of Japan to start my forum activity. The new Wendy release "Live In Japan 1971 929" from the 2nd Osaka show on Sept. 29. 1971 contains 6 Cds with full SB and AUD, is described as most completed version so far & promises huge upgrade in sound. (price about $ 200) The sound sample indeed reveals an upgrade, Roberts voice is far more audible than ever, to my ears equal in the mix as it should be. But I am in doubt, if this is from the well known so-called soundboard source. Anyway, I am convinced because I simply love this show. https://soundcloud.com/user-233178645-954223761/929-sample/s-HImX2 The description "Direct from the master" belongs to the Lighthouse release "928"- as perfectly explained by pluribus already. I am really suprised by this release, since Lighthouse is known for re-releases of familiar sources and shows. Does anyone know how the sound of "928" is compared to "The Bachelor Boys` First Stand In Osaka" by EV? The boot & the new third AUD source is not mentioned or graded in Argenteum Astrum` Database yet.
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