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  1. No doubt about it, the Winston Remaster of 929 is a very good one. But maybe the Matrix-Wizards should try to fuse Wendy´s Live In Japan 929 (the 2016 version) with the new soundboard, this could lead to a far better matrix.
  2. Agreed, Bonzo´s little accident plus Robert losing power & pitch would exclude 929´s STH from an official release. No disaster, as Jimmy could choose from four fantastic concerts. But the very thought of Jimmy mixing parts of songs from different dates, editing WLL and create a Frankenstein HTEWW- that frightens me. BTW I love 929s Tangerine because of Jimmy´s vocal backing in the chorus. His voice is very low in the mix, but it is simply beautiful, never noticed him on any other Tangerine.
  3. Both shows are worth having, but imho both are overrated as well. Vienna: Page & Bonham deliver one of the best D&C ever. Jones is solid as ever (though plagued by a stomach colic). Plant´s voice is extreme weak, constantly breaking & squeaking- a piece of hard work. To make matters worse, Plant tries to hide his problems with a huge amount of vocal effects, which doesn´t help either. When I am in the mood for Europe 73, I prefer Offenburg anytime. I like Bonzo´s Birthday Party better than Vienna, though it isn´t in the top league with e.g Seattle, Providence & LA For
  4. Don´t you worry about that. Please don´t get lost in irrelevant details, you got to concentrate on your "Nitpicking Page 77 mission". There is plenty of work: 4/27 Cleveland, Houston, Fort Worth, that whole lovely Landover run...................... Yesssssssss, it´s a&b and b&a!
  5. Did anyone visit JP.com on the 29 Sept.? In the diary section Jimmy looks back on 929 & the famous "Where is Bonzo?" episode and fails to remember it correctly. What we know: As the band delivers the maybe greatest acoustic set ever, poor John Henry relieves himself in a bathroom nearby. TTW, GTC followed by hilarious comments by the 3 members on stage, RP leads the audience to the first Bonham chant, on with Tangerine, second Bonham chant- and that is the point where Jimmy presents his alternative memory: Next on the setlist is the electric WIAWSNB, because Bonzo is st
  6. Immediately, I promise. Good one, I like that. Yes, that would be a fair price. Actually, this is not just wishful thinking; about 6 weeks after the initial sale of Deus Ex Machina I purchased EVs jewel case version for $100. As I buy just 1-2 high-priced EV box sets p.a., this is no big issue for me. Usually, I am happy with Graf Zeppelin & Eat A Peach & successor, they are $55 - $75 per 3 CD set and have exceptional sound quality.
  7. I have paid and ordered the Geisha box already, but haven´t got it yet.
  8. Ah, Jesus, how could I have been so blind! Thanks for enlightenment. I summarise: EV is a poorly managed business, they fail to negotiate a good price for the source tape, and of course their prices are ridiculous high, right? Let me ask you two things: What price you would consider to be fair for a complete 929 3 CD set? Please don´t say $20-$30, Mr Gibsonfan 159. Think, the tape owner has to be paid, and he knows what special tape he offers- we are not speaking of an uneven 77 performance, taped with the micro in someones arse. And once again: What is if EV couldn´t afford to buy &
  9. Well, even 20 years ago EV boots weren´t available for $20-$30. Trust me, I am not happy with the intangible high prices these days either, though I clearly understand why they have risen. Just take a look at the current posts regarding the uploading of the 929 SB. That is a completely mad situation- uploaded before regular orders have been shipped. To get anything fast & free (of course!), is that your understanding of the digital age? Do you think the realisation of any new boot is done by a fairy godmother? Anyway, if the sales are low and EV fails to release a complete 929, 928 or
  10. No offense, but this is oversimplified. If 90 percent prefer free downloads, the rest has to buy "luxury" bootlegs, wheter they can afford or not. Boot prices could be a lot cheaper, if............. Jesusmahdi does not provide the fans with unheard live material, nor he is the new Robin Hood.
  11. 1971, no doubt among the very best performances of their entire career. The 1972 concerts are a kind of try-out for the new setlist, sometimes the band sounds tired & under-rehearsed. Still, there are some great moments. Luis Rey stigmatised the whole 72 tour as a "great disappointment", which is neither true nor fair, as he simply compared it to the 71 tour, comparing apples & oranges.......
  12. Nope, no surprises. I guess Record Collector does a good job when the subject is LZ first vinyl pressings.
  13. There is an article "Led Zeppelin- their 50 greatest gigs" in the September issue, nothing special. Just ran over the pages, haven´t noticed a LZ essential boot section. I am afraid, it wouldn´t be breathtaking either.
  14. Graveyard, tomorrow at ARENA, Vienna This will be the fourth time, they are getting better every time, especially since the lead guitarist has switched to a Les Paul and discovered the wah pedal.
  15. Thank you very much, sometimes I think my "technical understanding" is that of a man born 100 years ago. But that sounds manageable- Mr.Page, please start this streaming service NOW!
  16. I don´t think the Winston Remaster is among the best versions of this show, whereas the Eat A Peach is truly a good one. But I´d recommend the recently released Wendy Box, which contains 4 different complete sources plus the partial Rubber Dubber source. Two of the Wendy sources surpass the Eat A Peach version easily, at least to my ears. But maybe there is another nominee for the gold medal, as the Graf Zeppelin Label has released their version of Blueberry Hill just a few days ago. Usually 9/10 Graf Zeppelin relases are blessed with awesome sound.........
  17. Same here, i.e. the Black Crowes offer SB-recordings on CD or flac/mp3 downloads for reasonable price. Anyway, the NON downloadable idea will fail immediately. I guess bootleg companies will sell the shows on silver about 14 days after the their initial streaming.
  18. Many thanks to Chillumpuffer & Chef Free for bringing some light into the dark, sounds good to me.
  19. Haha, live taping right in the living room, with one big advantage: we know when to flip the tape. Goddamn, need to connect the laptop with my amplifier somehow......... The Stones have their live archive releases, why can´t LZ do a proper job as well?
  20. I guess this will make a lot of fans happy. On the other hand, does this mean there will be no physical releases (CD & Vinyl)??? For me this would be a HUGE letdown. I simply can`t enjoy music via my laptop and those shitty sounding speakers. Also, I can´t connect my laptop with my hifi system, which may be a little old but very good, no optical or digital input available. God, I hope they will release CDs & vinyl sets. If not, there is hope that the live-stream will be bootlegged. NON DOWNLOADABLE- I don´t think they get away with that nowadays......
  21. www.oldbuckeye.com/prox/ That was a great fanzine, I have got a few issues.
  22. Wait, let me see: European artists and their performances in Europe, or their perfomances anywhere in the world? Or, e.g. would a hoarder be able to sell a LZ tape of an 69 US concert to an european label? Where is the champagne!?
  23. Don`t panic- one of the best known LZ silver traders, situated in Tokyo, has announced following on 31.8.: "New Mystery Title Coming Soon" Everything is going to be alright.
  24. “There’ll be Led Zeppelin product coming out, for sure, that people haven’t heard,” Page said, “because I’m working on that. Next year will be the fiftieth year so there’s all manner of surprises coming out.” Haha, it took me 10 months to realise this is nothing but a bloody joke! Not to forget "that there will be a number of releases within the next 10 (!!!!!!!) years" For sure, haha.................
  25. Great post! Thanks for your detective work. Maybe I can contribute a little hint about the running time of the first 929 reel: Unfortunately, there is no cut after Black Dog from the 928 SB snippet, the tape runs without a cut while RP is introducing D&C, the fade out starts with the very first notes of D&C. So most likely the first reel ends during D&C. But let us hope the best- man, I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown! Finally, you are damn right, 929 will be the best 50th anniversary release by far.
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