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  1. If i had to rank the albums, from worst to best, Coda, Presence, ITTOD, II, Physical, Houses, III, IV, I. This was excruciatingly hard to do.
  2. ITTOD gets shit on far too often. It showcases some heavy ass riffs from Page, deep ass pocket grooves from Bonham, the late 70s roar that Robert developed, and surprisingly tasteful use of electronic instruments by Jones. My favourite song off this album is Carouselambra. Presence is astonishingly less praised than it should be. It was an awesome return to the gritty blues that gave Zep their start. The djent foreshadowing Achilles last stand is my favorite song off this album. Coda is not a Zeppelin album. I don't know what it is. I hate the fact that the songs are not from the same year, or
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