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  1. Yes, that's it. Thanks Strider (aka Aragorn). I'm glad I didn't buy it (if you say the video quality is crap). Ya seeing how it was at Best Buy/Borders/Barnes & Noble you'd think it's an official silver pressed dvd. Well, I guess it could be a silver boot..
  2. Ya same thing happened to me....it was gone. $25 sounds about right. It definitely had more tunes than the 2003 set. Maybe not a full show though? Ya I know I could get a dvd-r of the show(s). It just seems more legit when you buy it at a Big Box store lol. We have a lot of record shows here in Michigan. So that's a good way for me to get a bunch of videos (and records).
  3. Years ago I saw a standalone Earl's Court dvd at either Best Buy or Circuit City. Can't remember which date it was but it had more material than the 2003 2-dvd set. Anyone have any info on this dvd? Boot? Quality? name of the dvd?
  4. I figured out how to burn to a dvd-a Ya Wiki lists GTBT/CB at 4:05 for the download, but my download was only 3:52, just like the time on the cd.
  5. Hello, I'm somewhat of a Download newbie. Couple of questions; [I've already convert the Zip files to FLAC] 1) why are these downloads in FLAC format as opposed to WAV? Since the quantization is the same (24b/96k) you're not saving any space by being FLAC correct? And as far as I know, any old cd player recognizes WAV. I have a cd player from 1988 and it plays my WAV cd-r's fine. 2) (on my Windows 7/64-bit computer) most of my audio programs don't recognize FLAC. The only one that does is Audacity. What's the best way to put these FLAC files onto either a DVD-A or BD? 3) rumor has it the High Res download version of Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown from the Paris 10/10/69 show has a time length of 4:05, but I just downloaded it and it's the same as the cd? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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