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  1. The band had already recorded Roxy Roller - changed singers, and Bryan Adams does a cover that sounds almost exactly the same. He did the one album and left - not really sure why he never does live versions of those songs at any of his gigs and he never discusses it in interviews. Those songs show he knew how to rock hard and ride free
  2. I love hearing stories like that!
  3. Same singer - he was 15 and his voice hadn’t cracked yet. He only did the 1 album and moved on
  4. Love the Uk - traveled all over the place for work in recent years and every time I go it feels like a 2nd home. Canada and the UK are tight
  5. This is a show that my son and I are really excited for
  6. That drumming on that song might be the single greatest drumming performance I have ever heard. Plus her vocal rocks on this track - a classic
  7. Again great choice 1 blue collar vocal with a GREAT riff another gem!!!
  8. This is one hat often plays in my car and my Mrs just giggles while I sing it - I do a good impersonation:
  9. Dude I have no idea who you are but you are on my wave length - that tune is a classic in my brain
  10. This is a band that has been forgotten by many but they wrote a bunch of cool stuff:
  11. I’m kind of weirdo when it comes to music - I have sat around over the years and wrote bits and things - who knows maybe in an alternate universe I’m musician or something. Here is another fantastic Harrison track for ya:
  12. That was amazing and in my home you will find a few ukuleles. They are the most under appreciated cousin of the guitar family
  13. https://ottawasun.com/sports/soccer/fury-fc-outguns-halifax-in-canadian-championship-meeting
  14. Imitating people is something I have always done. My parents would ask me to do so at dinner parties when I was young because everyone would get a laugh out of it. The Mrs often starts to giggle when she hears me copy people's vocal mannerisms
  15. Since Jimmy no longer plays the guitar the only battle that can exist between him and Robbie Williams is over construction...
  16. It was a wonderful victory last night 3-2
  17. Now I've got the moon on my mind:
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