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  1. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/67ISI12gZ3UM3n1V58Rtty?si=ltGgaLWbTN-JQS5et7l4QA
  2. Solar powered laser beam guitar might be the greatest line ever written! It's such a perfect rock n roll line
  3. Wow, that is so impressive looking, I ate a bowl of rice and beans mixed together with a side of guacamole - I wish I could what you have there
  4. You gotta love Walmart: https://5newsonline.com/2019/07/02/walmart-announces-rollout-of-electric-vehicle-charging-stations-across-arkansas/
  5. Lotus: https://www.engadget.com/2019/07/16/lotus-evija-hypercar-ev-launch/
  6. This is going to be a beast: https://electrek.co/2019/07/17/porsche-taycan-250-kw-charging-launch-promised-350-kw/
  7. Detailed breakdown of the 2nd Picard trailer
  8. Bon was a real giant among pretenders to the throne of rock
  9. I’m trying to go vegan 🌱 but I like chocolate chips in cookies and I love fish - I’m upset with myself that I can’t just do it on command
  10. I’ve tried forever and a day to get into this band but with no luck
  11. Sir Topham Hat 🎩 when my kids were young toddlers they loved him - it’s a double decker problem
  12. I enjoyed Bruce’s book - was never really into their music though - it never really connected with me - I do love the album covers a lot
  13. The band had already recorded Roxy Roller - changed singers, and Bryan Adams does a cover that sounds almost exactly the same. He did the one album and left - not really sure why he never does live versions of those songs at any of his gigs and he never discusses it in interviews. Those songs show he knew how to rock hard and ride free
  14. I love hearing stories like that!
  15. Same singer - he was 15 and his voice hadn’t cracked yet. He only did the 1 album and moved on
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