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  1. Couple things I really regret 1) the PS above - 2) ALSO the "legend/star" thing comes from the Johnny Rogan book and obviously I need to start taking some notes 'cause I'm thinkin' I got some things all F'd UP - but se la vie - better just to say "popular artists are bound to be enigmatic or what's the use?" and "Jimmy Page and Van Morrison are very much of the same high caliber and I can't quite see why that's not immediately obvious to just about anybody" Lol! BTW, I get the sense they're both (early on anyhow) fairly "traditional" or "conservative" in relative terms which sometimes
  2. "I don't know who these people are writing about, but it certainly isn't me." - Van Morrison Nobody's said much anything of this book to my knowledge so it's natural to be a little curious. I fairly recently read No Quarter: Three Three Lives of Jimmy Page and a dozen people here said they suspected it was no good and then the 13th called it boring. I disagree, unless it is boring I think the author tried as hard as he could to present Jimmy Page thoroughly (600+ "pages" not "three" Lol! - sorry.) ... I can't say I felt intimately (truly) acquainted with anybody after reading it, I did
  3. Taylor was more than just a pretty boy - far more in fact - and hope folks are OK with the "was" part - except something like "Sweetheart Like You" which was good I never paid attention after Goats Head Soup. His twin slide solos on "Love In Vain" at the (much smaller) gigs in preparation for the US tour are sheer virtuoso. Or is plural virtuosi? Virtuosity? Let's just say "definitely virtuous." They are, in fact, very blatantly the highlight of those performances, as is (also) obvious from Jaggers' shrieks and wails. Anyhow there's more than one and I suppose that figures. Also, Jagger used
  4. Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy 8-TRACK. God Damn I loved that motherfucker.
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