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  1. Honestly, I was excluding the Earls Court Shows. The Earls Court Shows definitely had their moments but as a general rule I tend to favor the '75 US tour as opposed to the shows at Earls Court. I am grateful for the film that we have from Earls Court though.
  2. I was reluctant to post this because it's a rumor that I was told and I can't stand by it. I was told this though. I was told that when she was 18 that Louise Ciccone was in the crowd at the '77 Pontiac show. Louise Ciccone would find fame in the '80's under the stage name - Madonna!!
  3. YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!! Thank your sir so much! This was it! This was indeed the poster. Sam, thank you.
  4. Hello. You're about my age. I hope you won't mind me saying that I consider us to be second generation Zep fans. We weren't quite old enough to see the band when they were together and I didn't learn about them until '84. Led Zeppelin is definitely my favorite band, though, and I think I have made up for not discovering them about three years later.
  5. I think that I have said before that The Dallas Mar. 05, 1975, show is my ultimate favorite Zep show. I think I have but I'm not 100% sure. Well, it is. Last night I came home from work and I wasn't in the best of moods. I had been listening to the show and just picked up where I left off. Moby Dick. I swear that this drum solo was complete therapy. I am 50 years old but I head banged like I was 15. All of the anger and want for carnage that I had in me when I arrived home was gone. I don't know if any of you can relate to this or not, and I'm not sure if it's a good thing if you can. Thank You to Zep and a very special posthumous thank you to Bonzo.
  6. Zep Head that is not quite the poster that I saw but it was close. It was a collage like the one you showed but it was actual album covers, as opposed to CD covers, and it was I - ITTOD. It was 3 rows as was that one and it started with I in the top left and ITTOD on the bottom right.
  7. This wasn't the one that I was talking about but thanks for posting this. Very interesting.
  8. Some years ago I was watching a rerun of that old TV Show WKRP In Cincinnati and there was a type of Led Zeppelin promo poster in the background. As I have said, it was many years ago that I saw this episode and it was already a rerun the first time I saw it. The scene in question had Dr. Johnny Fever in the control room and there was a poster on the door and it had pics of the album covers Led Zeppelin I - ITTOD. I couldn't read anything that the poster said and man I tried hard to. I don't see the best but I had my face literally up against the TV screen trying to read that thing. Does anybody know anything about this poster. It just sounds like some kind of promo item to me. I know they could have made something up for the show but I just doubt that they would have gone through that much trouble.
  9. Watching the video of this show has given me a new respect for the whole 1977 tour. Yes the tour had its negatives but I want to focus more on the tour's positives. This was Led Zeppelin at their most visually pleasing. A tour this grand with shows that were that spectacular deserves to have at least one complete show on film. It's a shame that we don't have more. Let's not forget that many of the fans of the day risked their lives getting tickets to the shows and also by actually going to the shows A List Of Five Things I Enjoy About The 1977 Tour: 5. Ten Years Gone - As far as I know this number had never been done live in the US before the '77 tour. I like it. It sets the mood for the acoustic set very well. 4. The Return Of The Acoustic Set: A. Going To California always steals every Zep acoustic set for me B. I love The Battle Of Evermore in the '77 acoustic set. Jonsey taking on Sandy Denny's lines is interesting but it works 3. Jimmy's Feedback Solo - A lot of Zep fans moan about this but I've always liked it. If the '77 version of No Quarter failed to deliver the feeling of gloom and doom that the '73 and '75 versions offered then the Feedback solo gives at least some of it back. 2. Jimmy's White Costume - This has always been my favorite of all of Jimmy's stage costumes. Jimmy didn't wear it at every show on the '77 tour but it will always be the pinnacle of cool to me. 1. Achilles - Arguably Zep's hardest number. This one always brings the house to its knees
  10. Woah man!! Thanks for the info. Very interesting. As I've said, I hope you guys enjoyed the subject some.
  11. OK. A bootleg t-shirt? You learn something new everyday. I know how Zep felt about bootleg recordings and I can't imagine them being any lighter on bootleg anything. I know this was kind of an off the wall post. I hope somebody else kind of found it interesting.
  12. Hello. I am begging for help from the board and all help would be appreciated. In the original Scared Straight from 1978 juvenile offenders were taken into a maximum security New Jersey prison to try to literally scare the young offenders straight. One of the juvenile offenders was wearing a Led Zeppelin tee. This film was from 1978 and so this would make the tee an original Led Zeppelin tee; and by original I mean before Bonzo died. I am going to try to post a ling to Scared Straight on Youtube and give a stopping point that has one of the better views of the Led Zeppelin tee. Does anybody recognize the design of this tee? All help would be appreciated. Stop the movie at 0:15 time.
  13. Was there anything except Black Dog and SIBLY missing from the soundtrack? I will say that it was a different version of No Quarter on the soundtrack than the one in the film and I prefer the one in the film. As a matter of fact, to me the versions of SIBLY and No Quarter in the film are among my favorite live versions of these songs. Once again - Thank you all.
  14. From about three years the soundtrack and the VHS of the film TSRTS were my only means of live Zep. This was in the second half and early third quarter of the 1980's when I was about 18 - 20. My favorite song from the film TSRTS was definately Black Dog and the ending, some better musically educated would likely say the coda, always astonished me. I never understood why Black Dog wasn't on the soundtrack; and I asked several techies how the song could be recorded directly onto cassette. They always said, "That's gone be hard to do."
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