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  1. Friends is a good one. I've always loved that track. It's such a unique song. It has a spookiness to it, very haunting. The best instrumental though has to be Pod. It's a pity no vocals were added. It could have been a great song had it been on Presence.
  2. I\'ve never liked Moby Dick not even the album version. But there are some amazing performances of Dazed and Confused out there, I just don\'t like the one on HTWWW. I think it\'s because the other songs on the album are so dynamic that Dazed slows it down a bit. I mean the Immigrant Song, Over The Hills And Far Away, What Is And What Should Never Be and Rock And Roll are so good on HTWWW that a long number like Dazed just seems out of place with the vibe. That being said though, Whole Lotta Love on HTWWW is amazing. I agree with you on the chopping up of TSRTS. It is a strange album to say the least, but not necessarily a bad one.
  3. How the West Was Won is miles better than The Song Remains the same for one reason... Robert Plants voice. On HTWWW he is light years better than on TSRTS. That being said though, Jimmy Page is miles better on TSRTS, so I guess it depends on what you want to hear more. The best songs on TSRTS are No Quarter and Stairway to Heaven. But the best songs on HTWWW are too many to mention. In fact it's easy to name the bad ones: Dazed and Confused and Moby Dick, apart from those two it's near perfect.
  4. You have a good point. I would like to see the release of a later concert like something from the 1977 North American tour. They were on fire during that tour and I know for a fact that decent audio exists of at least three concerts from that period. Also it would be nice to hear something from the 1980 Europe tour. There's a soundboard recording of a concert in Berlin and it's actually a good gig.
  5. I'm amazed how many people have actually defended the companion disks here! While I agree that they are not altogether rubbish. There are a bit lacking. I mean some of the songs have almost no difference between them and the ones that made the original albums. But that being said, the bonus concert on the first album is amazing and Coda is packed with goodies. Plus, the packaging is probably the best of any reissues by any artist yet. I am amazed though that the extended version of All My Love didn't make the In Through the Outdoor companion disc. I thought it was a dead cert that it would be on there. Led Zeppelin aren't the only act to do this with their reissues, though. Whitesnake's reissues from 2007 have some really poor extras and the Rainbow deluxe edition of Down to Earth is laughable. I guess what it boils down to really is what the listener wants from a reissue. For me it has always been the bonus tracks, for others it's better sound quality.
  6. It is true that after late 1972, Robert Plant was never quite as good live, but it seemed to be only on certain tracks. Over the Hills and Far Away, Rock and Roll and Black Dog seemed to be the ones he couldn't do anymore. However, he was fabulous most nights on Since I've Been Loving You, The Rain Song, No Quarter and Trampled Underfoot right up until 1980. Ironically, I personally find Robert Plant's vocals better in the studio from Houses of the Holy onwards. Kashmir would have been crap if Plant had sung it pre 1972.
  7. In the Light is very overlooked. Probably because it wasn't played live. I think after Kashmir, it's the best song on Physical Graffiti.
  8. I got All My Love. Ironically, most of In Through the Outdoor would do for me. Especially I'm Gonna Crawl.
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