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  1. Doubt it, as long as you have your ticket, and something that still vaguely resembles a wrist band you will be fine. The barcodes on the tickets are the important thing; each is unique and can only be scanned once - so if that is kosher, they're unlikely to ask too many other questions.
  2. "i also saw someone who had bought tickets take a friend and then turned round and said im not going; another friend is going instead of me! the staff said fine and gave the 2 wristbands to the friends! how does that work? hope they are ok tomorrow..." That'll be the pair of tickets and wristbands currently on eBay then......
  3. "BTW, tickets are selling today for over £3000.00 at the venue. ". What a complete load of fucking bollocks.
  4. I have not actually been outside yet, I must confess. I may go and have a few beers and think about it - most likely I will go tomorrow lunchtime when things have started to die down a bit. Can't be doing with queues, especially when hungover.
  5. Its absolutely pissing it down here now......I'm going to go and check out the queue later - if its excessive, I'll be collecting tomorrow.
  6. Get on the Northern Line and go to Waterloo - walk along the south bank and go to the Tate Modern - then get the Jubliee back at Waterloo to N Greenwich. A marvellous way to fill in a few hours (apart from the tube travelling).
  7. Greenwich is a really nice area (and I'm not just biased because I live there). You will find plenty to keep you happy by just wandering around. Watch those beers in the Union....a lot of them have been made by Germans.
  8. Go for a walk in the park up to the Observatory, and admire the amazing view. Then go to the maritime museum, which is incredible. They're both free, and two of the best things you can do in London. Either that or go to the Greenwich Union on Royal Hill and enjoy some of the finest beers known to man!
  9. Nirvana, you appear to be convinced that some sort of armageddon will occur at the O2 on Monday. It won't. Its a busy place mate; there are often three events occuring at once there on an evening - that plus the cinema/the King Tut thing etc; crowds are not unusual, and the place is organised to cope with them.
  10. I'm from Cockermouth. Hello. There will be at least two other Cumbrians there....
  11. Black cab from Kings Cross will between £35 and £40 - this I know becuase I live very near the O2 and have done the journey recently. If you want to get a cheaper cab, book a mini cab - should cost about £20. If you want to tube it get the Northern Line to London Bridge then the Jubliee to N Greenwich. Getting a cab after is a nightmare - if you intend to head straight off after the gig, book a mini cab in advance (datacars.com are local and good); either that or drink beer till it all subsides. Tom, where in Cumbria are you from? I am from there originally....
  12. S Yorks to SE London in less that 4 hours will really be pushing it - you're going to hit the M25 and the Blackwall at bad times - if there is any way at all you can set off earlier, do it. For what its worth I think the O2 staff are talking crap (again). My understanding (based on what others have been told) is that tickets can be collected up until any time on the Monday - I'd check the info you have been given.
  13. I'm only 7, but I am tall and can drink beer. Burp.
  14. I think they may have panicked a bit with there still being tickets left only a few days before the gig, and mailed out codes en masse. Looks like they finally have sold all the tickets now, barring single seats, so I guess it did the job. It is however hard to imagine how they could have made a bigger fuck up of the ticket distribution. I see there are still some cheeky bastards trying to sell codes on the 'bay!
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