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  1. Found it finally spoky tag is inside so idk if its original or reprint. As i mentioned i bought in somewhere in 2000/2001 year
  2. Heh i got ur point , but u dont get mine point. camera cant deliver how good this piece is , so ill quit arguing . its trully gem in my collection i just wanted to share with eevryone serang work but seems u dont understand what art is . And yes serang is picasso and van gogh in 1/6 world for those who dont know.
  3. Hehe guys guys here is promo images of figure if u willing to take a look. maybe my camera and my figure posing cant deliver good story here. U need to understand that serang work is art and he make his own vision and his own personal touch on every figure he created . Like u take oil painting and paint
  4. Yea its Serang Kim work. Its expensive cose its pure art , and his figures nowdays worth a lot cose no possible to find. He disapeared in 2014 early so its even harder to get this figure nowdays . For those who said he dont look like page, camera cant deliver this beauty ill try taking better shots and compare with portraits from that era. i have no clue which pics serang took for reference, but hes known that he research characters he made a lot and than he create his own version dont need to look like from pics . for example he created van gogh and bethoven figure from 0 no actual pictures exist in the world he created his own versions. still its page here for sure
  5. Hi, i thought i had to share this amazing figure with you . its made by korean artist and its extremly realistic and very rare. I think 3-4 had been made. they are all hand maded! Headsculpt, hands, shoes , suit , guitar , necklace all is hand made piece by piece. All sculpted and handpainted by artist. Arist spent 2.000hours researching and checking for suit so he can make identical that jimmy used. its pure art! Enjoy.
  6. Hmmmm i had to take pics and post to figure out if its reprint . i got this shirt somewhere in 2000/2001 period thats what i remember . Bought over some old led zeppelin fan page and it was pricy in that time like 100gbp or smth close to that price . got knebworth poster as well but that was reprint cose it was numbered 1000 pieces existed
  7. Hi, i have led zeppelin stage crew tshirt from their Knebworth show. Same like this one in attachment. i am just curious if you know value and rarity of shirt. should i frame it and keep for eternety on my mancave?
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