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  1. I like them both. Dark Star and Dazed And Confused are two songs with the most active musical evolution in the rock world. These two groups were maybe the most organic improvisers in rock. Thing is, Grateful Dead never tried a "brutally majestic" approach similar to Led Zeppelin, that's why they never attracted as many fans as Led Zeppelin. They didn't try approach their audiences with an "overlord" attitude, which some people do like. But I love both bands.
  2. According to argenteumastrum base, there are 4 Dusseldorf live recordings, and only one of them is almost the full show (around 120 minutes), most of the rest are 20 to 60 minutes length. The bootleg I listened to was named "Dusseldorf 1970". The quality is quite good, especially on Dazed And Confused and an early Since I've Been Loving You version.
  3. I think the essential live recordings, tour by tour, are these: 10-01-1969 San Francisco 15-03-1969 Brondby 26-04-1969 San Francisco 20-06-1969 Newcastle-upon-Tyne 31-08-1969 Lewisville 10-10-1969 Paris 6-11-1969 San Francisco 12-03-1970 Dusseldorf 27-03-1970 Inglewood 4-09-1970 Inglewood 3-05-1971 Copenhagen 21-08-1971 Inglewood 29-09-1971 Osaka 16-11-1971 Ipswich 25-02-1972 Auckland 25-06-1972 Inglewood 9-10-1972 Osaka 22-12-1972 London 24-03-1973 Offenburg 17-07-1973 Seatt
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